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NCHRP 20-07 [Final]

Research for AASHTO Standing Committee on Highways

  Project Data
Funds: Complete
Effective Date: 12/2/1968

$100,000 annually

FY '69-'85
$ 56,000 FY '86
$150,000 annually FY '87-'88
$125,000 FY '89
$200,000 FY '90-'91
$300,000 FY '92
$250,000 FY '93
$400,000 annually FY '94-'95
$500,000 annually FY '96-'98
$600,000 annually FY '99-2000

$850,000 annually
$750,000 annually
$1,000,000 annually $1,200,000 annually

FY '01-'03
FY '04
FY '05-08         FY '09-18

Background: The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Standing Committee on Highways is called on continually to rule on engineering and operations policies as a guide for State highway transportation departments to follow. The Committee desires to obtain guidance on a reasonably prompt schedule through a continuing research program geared to the needs and wishes of the Committee in the development of guides, standards, policies, and other AASHTO activities.

The following is a list of all tasks since the inception of the program. Click on the task number to link to the write-up for each task (for tasks completed after 1988). Descriptions of all NCHRP projects including NCHRP Project 20-07 tasks completed prior to 1989 are contained in NCHRP Web Document 7.

20-07/Task 001 The Development of a Cost-Effectiveness Approach to the Programming of Roadside Safety Improvements

20-07/Task 002 The Relation of Side-Slope Design to Highway Safety

20-07/Task 003 The Development of an Effective Earth-Berm Vehicle Deflector

20-07/Task 004 Lateral Acceleration and Lateral Tire-Pavement Forces in a Vehicle Traversing Curves Relating to Available Pavement Skid-Resistant Measures

20-07/Task 005 Effect of Curb Geometry and Location

20-07/Task 006 Development of Impact Attenuators Utilizing Waste Materials

20-07/Task 007 Safety at Narrow Bridge Sites

20-07/Task 008 Energy and Transportation Systems

20-07/Task 009 Review of Highway Management Studies Co-Sponsored by AASHTO and HUFSAM

20-07/Task 010 Review of Vehicle Weight/Horsepower Ratio as Related to Passing-Lane Design Criteria

20-07/Task 011 Longitudinal Occupancy of Freeways by Utilities

20-07/Task 012 Guidelines for Citizen Participation in Transportation Planning

20-07/Task 013 Guidelines for Safety Criteria for Low-Volume Roads

20-07/Task 014 A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets

20-07/Task 015 Development of a Simplified Pavement Management System

20-07/Task 016 Regulation of Movement of Hazardous Cargoes

20-07/Task 017 Evaluation of AASHO Road Test Satellite and Environmental Studies

20-07/Task 018 Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges

20-07/Task 019 The Engineering Aspects of Highway Traffic Safety in an Age of Limited Resources

20-07/Task 020 Vehicle Acceleration and Deceleration Characteristics

20-07/Task 021 Need for Pavement Markings on Low-Volume Roads

20-07/Task 022 Encasement of Pipelines Through Highway and Railroad Roadbeds

20-07/Task 023 Contracting Practices and Payment Procedures

20-07/Task 024 AASHTO Pavement Design Guide

20-07/Task 025 STRS Support Task

20-07/Task 026 Research and Development Needs in Construction Engineering Management

20-07/Task 027 Relationships Between Vehicle Configurations and Highway Design

20-07/Task 028 AASHTO Guide for Design of Pavement Structures - Training Program

20-07/Task 029 Pavement Roughness and Rideability - Field Evaluation

20-07/Task 030 Manual on Subsurface Investigations

20-07/Task 031 Development of Comprehensive Bridge Specifications and Commentary

20-07/Task 032 Design and Construction Specifications for Segmental Concrete Bridges

20-07/Task 033 AASHTO Evaluation of FHWA Research Program

20-07/Task 034 AASHTO/AWS Bridge Welding Code Commentary and Draft Fracture Control Plan

20-07/Task 035 Review of Traffic Signal Intensity Standards

20-07/Task 036 Assessment of Research on High Pressure Truck Tires - Pavement Performance Interaction

20-07/Task 037 Development of an Asphalt Paving Handbook

20-07/Task 038 AASHTO Guidelines for Pavement Management Systems

20-07/Task 039 Revision of AASHTO Pavement Overlay Design Procedures

20-07/Task 040 AASHTO Contribution to Support of the Highway Research Coordinating Council

20-07/Task 041 AASHTO Guide for Recruitment and Retention of Transportation Professionals

20-07/Task 042 Truck Size and Weight Research and Policy

20-07/Task 043 Revision of the AASHTO Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets

20-07/Task 044 Division 100 Revision of the AASHTO Guide Specifications for Highway Construction

20-07/Task 045 Revision to the AASHTO

20-07/Task 046 AASHTO Guidelines for Bridge Management Systems

20-07/Task 047 Support for the Joint Committee on Truck Size and Weight

20-07/Task 048 Development of a System for the Uniform Location of Subject Matter Within Standard Specifications

20-07/Task 049 Follow-up on USA Asphalt Study Tour of Europe

20-07/Task 050 White Paper on the Feasibility of Longer Combination Vehicles (LCV)

20-07/Task 051 Synthesis of the Impacts of Truck Size and Weight on the Transportation System and the Economy

20-07/Task 052 Support for the Joint Committee on Domestic Freight Policy

20-07/Task 053 Profilograph Limitations, Correlation, and Calibration for Effective Performance Based Specifications

20-07/Task 054 Impacts of Conversion to the Metric System

20-07/Task 055 Support for National Quality Initiatives

20-07/Task 056 Review of AASHTO

20-07/Task 057 Joint Task Force on Pavements' Workshop on SHRP LTPP Data and Analysis

20-07/Task 058 Information and Evaluation of Asphalt Rubber Research

20-07/Task 059 Transportation Investment and Economic Expansion: Case Studies

20-07/Task 060 Support for Implementing the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990

20-07/Task 061 Assessment of AASHTO Needs for Metric Conversions & Design of Metrication Clearinghouse

20-07/Task 062 Rewrite of AASHTO Construction Guide Specifications into Imperative Mood and Metric

20-07/Task 063 Development of a Manual for State Transportation Research

20-07/Task 064 Review and Update of the AASHTO Guide for Bridge Maintenance Management, the AASHTO Manual for Bridge Maintenance, and the AASHTO Maintenance Manual

20-07/Task 065 Recommended Practices for Sampling, Handling, and Testing of Pavement Samples

20-07/Task 066 Development and Training of Pavement Engineering Personnel

20-07/Task 067 AASHTO Publications in CD-ROM Format

20-07/Task 068 Polyethylene Pipe Specifications

20-07/Task 069 Recommended Revisions to Construction Specifications for Highway Bridges

20-07/Task 070 Developing Commentary for the ANSI / AASHTO / AWS D1.5-95 Bridge Welding Code Including the Fracture Control Plan

20-07/Task 071 Co-Sponsorship of Winter Maintenance Program

20-07/Task 072 Materials Characterization for Input to AASHTO Guide for Design of Pavement Structures

20-07/Task 073 High Strength Metric Fasteners for Bridge Applications

20-07/Task 074 Manual for Scientific Inquiry into Transportation Problems: Research Methodologies

20-07/Task 075 Geometric and Roadside Safety for Very Low Volume Roads

20-07/Task 076 Installation of Fiber Optic Facilities on Highway and Freeway Rights of Way

20-07/Task 077 Improved Pavement Design Workshop

20-07/Task 078 Developing a Measurement System for the AASHTO/TRAC Program

20-07/Task 079 Incorporating Canadian Projects into TRIS

20-07/Task 080 Information Clearinghouse for Continuous Quality Improvement

20-07/Task 081 Effect of Headlamp Design on Retroreflective Signs and Pedestrian Safety

20-07/Task 082 Enhancement to the Special Products Evaluation List

20-07/Task 083 Guide for Snow and Ice Control

20-07/Task 084 Developing a Model for Effective Transfer of Innovative Technologies

20-07/Task 085 Report on Forum on Economic Returns of Transportation Investments

20-07/Task 086 Potential Credit Reform: Accessing Unobligated Highway Trust Fund Balances

20-07/Task 087 Investigate the Need for Research on the Performance of Portland Cement Concrete

20-07/Task 088 LRFD Specifications for Retaining Walls

20-07/Task 089 LRFD Specifications for Plastic Pipe and Culverts

20-07/Task 090 The Next Generation of TRAC PAC - A Hands-On Educational Program

20-07/Task 091 Transportation Implications of Proposed Changes to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards

20-07/Task 092 Durability of Precast Segmental Bridges

20-07/Task 093 AASHTO Subcommittee Process Evaluation

20-07/Task 094 Mitigating Nighttime Construction Noise, Vibrations, and Other Nuisances

20-07/Task 095 Support for the AASHTO 350 Task Force

20-07/Task 096 Techniques for Acquiring ITS Software

20-07/Task 097 Bridge Performance Measures

20-07/Task 098 Shear Design Methodology for Prestressed Concrete

20-07/Task 099 LRFD Design Criteria for Cotton Duck Pad (CDP) Bridge Bearings

20-07/Task 100 Safety Appraisal of Suspension Bridge Main Cables

20-07/Task 101 Lead States Web Site

20-07/Task 102 Project-Development Policies and Practices

20-07/Task 103 Development of AASHTO Committee Web Sites

20-07/Task 104 Support for the Year 2000 National Conference on Pavements

20-07/Task 105 Planning, Design, and Operation of Pedestrian Facilities

20-07/Task 106 Thermal Movement Design Procedure for Concrete

20-07/Task 107 Shear Design Guidelines for Skewed Multi-Beam Bridges

20-07/Task 108 Geometric Design Policy for Very Low-Volume Local Roads (<400 ADT)

20-07/Task 108A Geometric Design Policy for Very Low-Volume Local Roads (<400 ADT)

20-07/Task 109 Improved Contracting Methods for Highway Construction Projects

20-07/Task 110 Support AASHTO Participation in Forum on Transportation Investments and Economic Growth

20-07/Task 111 Support for the AASHTO Task Group on Retroreflectivity Standards

20-07/Task 112 Geosynthetic Reinforcement in Roadway Sections

20-07/Task 113 Corrosion of Metals Above the Ground Surface: Transportation Related Issues

20-07/Task 114 Context Sensitive Design for Integrating Highway and Street Projects with Communities and the Environment

20-07/Task 115 Effective Practices in Consultant Usage by State Departments of Transportation

20-07/Task 116 User's Guide for Evaluating Sign Retroreflectivity

20-07/Task 117 Benefit/Cost Study of RWIS and Anti-icing Technologies

20-07/Task 118 A Supplemental Guideline for Highway Design to Accommodate Older Drivers and Pedestrians

20-07/Task 119 Environmental Best Practices Competition

20-07/Task 120 Asset Management

20-07/Task 121 Strategic Plan for Bridge Engineering Research

20-07/Task 122 Load Rating by Load and Resistance Factor Evaluation Method

20-07/Task 123 Production of a U.S. Customary System of Units Version of the Year 2000 Highway Capacity Manual

20-07/Task 124 Cost/Benefits of Constructability Reviews

20-07/Task 125 Summary of Research Peer Exchange Findings and Recommendations

20-07/Task 126 Production of the Year 2000 AASHTO Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets

20-07/Task 127 A Strategic Plan (Road Map) for Pavement Research

20-07/Task 128 Partnerships in Highway Development and Design for Shaping and Enhancing Communities

20-07/Task 129 Synthesis of Project Delivery Times

20-07/Task 130 Development of a Detailed Test Procedure by FTIR Identification for Structural Steel Coatings

20-07/Task 131 AASHTO Internet Applications Infrastructure

20-07/Task 131A AASHTO Model Committee Web Site

20-07/Task 131C AASHTO Transportation Web Portal Concepts

20-07/Task 132 Final Review and Acceptance of LRFD Specification for Walls

20-07/Task 133 Improved Live Load Deflection Criteria for Steel Bridges

20-07/Task 134 Asset Management Education and Communication Materials

20-07/Task 135 Geometric Design Guide for Transit Facilities on Highways and Streets - Phase I

20-07/Task 136 Support for SCOH Task Force on Forest Development Roads

20-07/Task 137 Synthesis of R&T Partnership Working Group Reports

20-07/Task 138 Recommended Procedures for the Testing of Rock-Fall Barriers

20-07/Task 139 Application of European 2+1 Roadway Designs

20-07/Task 140 TEA-21 Stewardship Report

20-07/Task 141 Conformity Problems Caused by the Mismatch in SIP/Transportation Plan Timeframe

20-07/Task 142 Scoping Study for a National Strategic Plan for Managing Transportation Information

20-07/Task 143 Synthesis of Practice: AASHTO's National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP)

20-07/Task 144 Delegations of Authority to Expedite Environmental Streamlining

20-07/Task 145 Update of the AASHTO Guide for Transportation Landscape and Environmental Design

20-07/Task 146 Development of a Standard Protocol for Evaluating Hydrologic and Hydraulic Engineering Software Models

20-07/Task 147 Update of the Design Guidelines for the Control of Blowing and Drifting Snow

20-07/Task 148 Evaluation of Potential Impacts on the State DOTs of the US Access Board's Recommendations on Public Rights-of-Way

20-07/Task 149 Evaluation of 3D Computer Modeling and Electronic Information Transfer for Efficient Design and Construction of Steel Bridges

20-07/Task 150 Electronic NTPEP Report: A First Generation Query-Based Program to Aid in the Assessment of Pavement Markings and Sign Sheeting Materials

20-07/Task 151A Transportation Security: Highway Emergency Response Handbook

20-07/Task 151B Transportation Security: Highway Vulnerability Assessment Guide

20-07/Task 151C Transportation Security: Sharing Information & Task Force Support

20-07/Task 152 Project Cost Estimating A Synthesis of Highway Practice

20-07/Task 153 Update of the AASHTO Transportation Glossary

20-07/Task 154 Update of the HOV and Park-and-Ride Facilities Design Guides

20-07/Task 155 Signing Standards for Two-Lane Exit Ramps with an

20-07/Task 156 Finalize Two Design Examples for AASHTO Guide Specifications for Horizontally Curved Steel Highway Bridges

20-07/Task 157 Materials Information Management System Software Review

20-07/Task 158 Survey of State DOT Practice: Outsourcing and Private Sector Utilization

20-07/Task 159 Privatization and Commercial Use of Public Rights-of-Way

20-07/Task 160 Two-Lane Road Analysis Methodology in the Highway Capacity Manual

20-07/Task 161 Revision of the Draft AASHTO Guide for the Planning, Design, and Operation of Pedestrian Facilities

20-07/Task 162 Guidelines for the Correlation of Test Results from Bench-Scale and Large-Scale Testing on Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECP)

20-07/Task 163 Innovative Practices in Workforce Development for State Departments of Transportation

20-07/Task 163A Innovative Practices in Workforce Development for State Departments of Transportation

20-07/Task 164 Revision of AASHTO R9-97

20-07/Task 165 A Policy Synthesis on the Economic Benefits of NTPEP

20-07/Task 166 Acceleration of Environmental Stewardship Best Practices for Maintenance and Construction

20-07/Task 167 Development of Recommended Revisions to Draft ADA Guidelines for Accessible Rights-of-Way

20-07/Task 168 Determination of Appropriate Railing Heights for Bicyclists

20-07/Task 169 Resolution of Comments submitted on the Draft AASHTO Guide for Context Sensitive Design

20-07/Task 169B Resolution of Comments submitted on the Draft AASHTO Guide for Context Sensitive Design: Liability Chapter

20-07/Task 170 Review and Revision of the AASHTO Maintenance Manual for Roadways and Bridges

20-07/Task 171 Identification of Conflicts with AASHTO Publications Related to Clear Zone

20-07/Task 172 Recommended AASHTO Design-Build Procurement Guide

20-07/Task 173 Measuring and Communicating the Effects of Incident Management Improvements

20-07/Task 174 Use of Positive Protection in Work Zones

20-07/Task 176 Update of Exhibits for the AASHTO Green Book

20-07/Task 177 Synthesis of Maintenance and Durability Information for Detectable Warnings on Sidewalks

20-07/Task 178 Evaluation and Update of NCHRP Project 24-08,

20-07/Task 179 Development of Operating Procedures for the Standing Committee on Highways

20-07/Task 180 Summary of International Practice on Bridge Girder and Deck Strengthening with Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites

20-07/Task 181 Multi-State Transportation Operations Program: Status & Critical Issues

20-07/Task 182 Evaluation of Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC)

20-07/Task 183 LRFD Foundation Design Implementation and Specification Development

20-07/Task 184 Development of a Pavement Preservation Synthesis, Research Plans, and Initiatives

20-07/Task 185 Implementation of Flashing Yellow Arrow Display for Protected/Permissive Left Turn Control

20-07/Task 186 Updating the Calibration Report for the AASHTO LRFD Code

20-07/Task 187 Updating the AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities

20-07/Task 188 Mainstreaming Operations in State DOTs

20-07/Task 189 Advancing Strategic Highway Safety Plans: Safety Leadership Forum II

20-07/Task 190 Develop Strategy for the Testing and Evaluation of Durable Striping Materials for High Traffic Areas and Mountain Passes

20-07/Task 191 Product Evaluation and Plant Certification of HDPE Pipe

20-07/Task 192 Update of Barrier Hardware Guide

20-07/Task 193 LRFD Guidelines for the Seismic Design of Highway Bridges, Version 2

20-07/Task 194 Consistency of Titles for AASHTO Publications

20-07/Task 195 Development and Performance of Web Based Joint Salary Survey

20-07/Task 196 Development of a Guide to Crashworthy Bridge Rail Systems

20-07/Task 197 Development of a Test Method for Optical Sizing and Roundness Determination of Glass Beads Utilized in Traffic Marking

20-07/Task 198 Standard Practice for Independent Assurance Programs

20-07/Task 199 Update of the Strategic Plan for Bridge Engineering

20-07/Task 200 Synthesis of Vehicle Based Winter Maintenance Technologies

20-07/Task 201 Use of Warranties in Highway Construction

20-07/Task 202 Guide to Benchmarking Operations Performance Measures

20-07/Task 203 Update of AASHTO Maintenance Manual to Include Systems Operations and Management

20-07/Task 204 Pavement Noise Intensity Testing in Europe for Comparison to the United States

20-07/Task 205 Project Delivery Workforce Management Review

20-07/Task 206 A Model Guide for Condition Assessment Systems

20-07/Task 207 Update of the AASHTO Guide Specifications for Highway Construction

20-07/Task 208 Update of Recommendations on Crest Vertical Curves

20-07/Task 209 Incorporation of Research Findings into AASHTO's Standard Specifications for Structural Supports for Highway Signs, Luminaries and Traffic Signals

20-07/Task 210 Guidelines for the Selection of Cable Barrier Systems

20-07/Task 211 Scoping study for an AASHTO Guide on Accelerating Project Delivery

20-07/Task 212 Development of a Model Drivers License Handbook

20-07/Task 213 Requirements for Minimum Maintained Retroreflectivity of Pavement Marking

20-07/Task 214 Update of A Guide to Small Sign Support Hardware

20-07/Task 215 Statewide Incident Reporting Systems

20-07/Task 216 Application of LRFD Bridge Design Specifications to High-Strength Structural Concrete: Final Project – Phase I

20-07/Task 217 Verification and Implementation of Strut-and-Tie Model in LRFD Bridge Design Specifications

20-07/Task 218 Performance-Based Maintenance Contracting

20-07/Task 219 Testing American Traffic Marking Systems on the Spanish (AETEC) Traffic Marking Wear Simulator

20-07/Task 220 Update of the AASHTO Guide Specifications for Highway Construction

20-07/Task 221 Traffic Incident Management + Program for Worker Safety

20-07/Task 222 Evaluation of the Field Implementation of the Flashing Yellow Arrow Permissive Left-Turn Indication

20-07/Task 223 Update Business Needs for Pavement Engineering

20-07/Task 224 Update of the AASHTO Guide for Contracting, Selecting, and Managing Consultants in Preconstruction Engineering

20-07/Task 225 Best Practices in the Management of Design Errors and Omissions

20-07/Task 226 Review and Update of Human Factors and Operations Issues in the AASHTO Green Book

20-07/Task 227 Technology Transfer Guidebooks for Implementation of Innovative Technologies

20-07/Task 228 Update the United States Numbered Highways (1989 Edition) and Document Current U.S. Routes

20-07/Task 229 Bridge Construction Practices Using Incremental Launching

20-07/Task 230 Safety and Security in Roadway Tunnels

20-07/Task 231 Laboratory Testing of Proposed Roundabout Traffic Control Options

20-07/Task 232 Development of a Guide to Update ADA Transition Plans

20-07/Task 233 Development of a Toolkit to Assist State DOTs and Contractors in Uniformly Handling DBE requirements

20-07/Task 234 Guidelines for Selection of Bridge Deck Overlays, Sealers, and Treatments

20-07/Task 235 Development of Testing Protocols for Surface Applied Concrete Sealers Treatments

20-07/Task 236 Modification and Stabilization of Soils and Base for Use in Pavement Structures

20-07/Task 237 Incorporation of Lane Management and Toll Plaza Design Issues in the AASHTO Green Book

20-07/Task 238 Conceptual Development of an AASHTO Guide to Systems Operations and Management

20-07/Task 239 Identification and Delineation of Incident Management and Multi-Agency Emergency Response Functions

20-07/Task 240 Update of AASHTO Roadside Design Guide

20-07/Task 241 Capacity Creation Through Innovative Design

20-07/Task 242 Cost Analysis of Rehabilitation/Reconstruction of the Nation's Highway Infrastructure

20-07/Task 243 Development of a Test Method for Optical Sizing and Roundness Determination of Glass Beads Utilized in Traffic Markings

20-07/Task 244 Modifications for AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications to Incorporate or Update the Guide Specifications for Design of Pedestrian Bridges

20-07/Task 245 Updating AASHTO Design and Construction Specifications ffor Temporary Works used in Bridge Construction

20-07/Task 246 Replacement Process for LED (Light Emitting Diode) Traffic Signals

20-07/Task 247 Outdoor Advertising Sign Regulation Study

20-07/Task 248 Guidelines for Utility Encasement Policy for Highway Crossings

20-07/Task 249 Asset Management Approaches to ADA Compliance

20-07/Task 250 Update AASHTO ''Guide for Snow and Ice Control''

20-07/Task 251 Consideration of Pavement Preservation in the AASHTO Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide

20-07/Task 252 Guidelines for Implementing Quality Control and Quality Assurance for Bridge Inspection

20-07/Task 253 Subcommittee on Systems Operations and Management Strategic Plan Update

20-07/Task 254 Vehicle Size and Weight Management (VSW) Technology Transfer/Best Practices

20-07/Task 255 Development of a Test Method To Determine the Ability of Adhesive Anchors To Resist Sustained Tensile Load

20-07/Task 256 Safety Impacts of the Emerging Digital Display Technology for Outdoor Advertising Signs

20-07/Task 257 Crash Tested Precast Concrete Barrier Designs and Anchoring Methods

20-07/Task 258 Identification of Cross-Cutting Issues Related to the Development, Management, and Delivery of Transportation Projects and Programs

20-07/Task 259 Assessment of State-of-the-Practice for Identifying Earth Retaining Structure (ERS)

20-07/Task 260 Development of Guidelines for Conducting Effective Customer Surveys Related to Highway Maintenance Operations

20-07/Task 261 Best Practices for Implementing Quality Control and Quality Assurance for Tunnel Inspection

20-07/Task 262 Review and Update of the AASHTO Guide Specifications for Seismic Isolation Design

20-07/Task 263 Update of the AASHTO Guide for the Planning, Design, and Operation of Pedestrian Facilities

20-07/Task 264 Guidance for Design and Selection of Pipes

20-07/Task 265 Electronic Publications Delivery System: AASHTO’s Next Step

20-07/Task 266 Development of an Alternative Calibration Method for AASHTO T 153

20-07/Task 267 Potential for Saving Lives with Various Countermeasures to Meet AASHTO’s New Safety Goal

20-07/Task 268 SCOM Strategic Planning Workshop

20-07/Task 269 Feasibility of Using Incentives to Facilitate Utility Relocations

20-07/Task 270 Application of AASHTO LRFD Specifications to Design of Sound Barriers

20-07/Task 271 Graphical Traffic Signal Design Aid Based on the MUTCD

20-07/Task 272 Rheological Characterization of Flow Table Reference Material

20-07/Task 273 Update of the AASHTO Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets (Green Book)

20-07/Task 274 Price Indexing in Transportation Construction Contracts

20-07/Task 275 SCOH Strategic Plan Support

20-07/Task 276 Development of Guidelines for Rehabilitation of Existing highway and Rail Transit Tunnels

20-07/Task 277 Update to AASHTO 'Pavement Management Guide'

20-07/Task 278 Production of the new AASHTO Guide to Estimating

20-07/Task 279 Development of a Work Plan for the 2nd Edition of the Highway Safety Manual


20-07/Task 281 Strategic Plan for the Development and Maintenance of AASHTO Standards by AASHTO Member Departments

20-07/Task 282 Research Needs Assessment for Roadside Workers and Vehicle Safety

20-07/Task 283 Evaluation of the Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) Permissive Left Turn in Shared Yellow Signal Sections

20-07/Task 285 Recalibration of the LRFR Load Factors in the AASHTO Manual for Bridge Evaluation

20-07/Task 286 Finalization of a new AASHTO Drainage Manual - Volume 1, Policy; Volume 2, Procedures

20-07/Task 287 Roadmap for Winter Maintenance Research

20-07/Task 288 National Calibration of MEPDG Rigid Pavement Models Based on Corrected CTE Values

20-07/Task 289 Comparative Performance Evaluation of Pavement Marking Materials at the NTPEP Test Facility

20-07/Task 290 Highway Safety Training Synthesis/Roadmap

20-07/Task 291 Transportation Operations Research Communications, Awareness Needs Assessment & Implementation Plan for State DOTs

20-07/Task 292 SCOH Strategic Plan: Completion, implementation planning, and governance

20-07/Task 294 Continuation of Funding of 20-07 Task 245 - Update Bridge Temporary Works

20-07/Task 295 Survey of Existing XML Schemas for Incorporation into TransXML

20-07/Task 296 Alignment of the Draft AASHTO Transit Guide with the AASHTO Green Book

20-07/Task 297 Analysis of usRAP

20-07/Task 298 Operations Center of Excellence

20-07/Task 299 Resolution of Comments on the Draft AASHTO Bike Guide

20-07/Task 300 Methods for Estimating the Benefits for Winter Maintenance Operations

20-07/Task 301 Measuring Cement Particle Size and Surface Area by Laser Diffraction

20-07/Task 302 Value Analysis for Linear Referencing Systems

20-07/Task 303 Synthesis of Truck Size and Weight Research

20-07/Task 304 AASHTO Publications - Future Road Map

20-07/Task 305 Analysis of New Highway Lighting Technologies

20-07/Task 306 Revision of Strut-and-Tie Provisions in the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications

20-07/Task 307 Updated Research for Collision Damage and Repair of Prestessed Concrete Beams

20-07/Task 308 Completion of the new AASHTO A Practical Guide to Estimating, Part 2

20-07/Task 309 Challenges and Opportunities: A Strategic Plan for Equipment Management Research

20-07/Task 310 Determination of Current Levels of Retroreflectance Attained and Maintained by the State Departments of Transportation

20-07/Task 311 Development of a Warm Mix Asphalt Technology Evaluation Program

20-07/Task 312 Successful Practices for Automating Utility Permits

20-07/Task 313 Safety Checklists and Design Guidelines for Evaluation of Outdoor Advertising Signs and Permit Locations by Departments of Transportation (DOTs)

20-07/Task 314 Recommended Protocol for Developing Crash Modification Factors

20-07/Task 315 Transportation Asset Management for Ancillary Structures

20-07/Task 316 Establishment of Appropriate Guidelines for Use of the Direct and Indirect Design Methods for Reinforced Concrete Pipe

20-07/Task 317 Update of AASHTO Publication MEPDG-1

20-07/Task 318 Revised Chapter 8, Winter Maintenance Operations and Salt, Sand, and Chemical Management, of the Final Report on NCHRP Project 25-25(04)

20-07/Task 319 Evaluating Applicability of the Dual-Ring Test Procedure for Assessing the Cracking Tendency of Repair Materials

20-07/Task 320 Advanced GIS Visualization Techniques for Geospatial Business Intelligence and Information Integration

20-07/Task 321 Developing a Framework for Emergency Responder/Roadside Worker Struck-by/Near-miss Database

20-07/Task 322 State of Readiness of the Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Spectrum for Early deployment of Connected Vehicle Transportation Systems

20-07/Task 323 Developing a Long-Range Strategic Plan for the MUTCD

20-07/Task 324 NCHRP's Role in Maintaining AASHTO Guidelines and Specifications

20-07/Task 325 Updating the AASHTO LRFD Wind Loads Provisions

20-07/Task 326 Review and Update of the AASHTO Movable Bridge Inspection, Evaluation and Maintenance Manual, 1st Edition - Scoping Study

20-07/Task 327 Developing Recalibrated Concrete Pavement Performance Models for the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design

20-07/Task 328 Update of the 1995 AASHTO/AGC/ARTBA ‘A Guide to Standardized Highway Barrier Hardware’ (1995 Guide)

20-07/Task 329 Alternative Delivery Methods for Winter Operations

20-07/Task 330 Waterproofing of Bridge Decks Using Pavement Preservation Products

20-07/Task 331 Report On the Methods and Standards to Measure the Permeability of Concrete

20-07/Task 332 User’s Guide to Develop Highway Safety Manual Safety Performance Function Calibration Factors

20-07/Task 333 Comparing the Corrosion Protection of Hot Dip Versus Continuously Galvanized W-Beam Guardrail Sections

20-07/Task 334 Primer on the Joint Use of the HSM and HFG

20-07/Task 335 Updating the Strategic Plan for the AASHTO Highway Subcommittee on Bridges and Structures

20-07/Task 336 Emergency Exit Signs Within Highway Tunnels

20-07/Task 337 Proposed AASHTO Guidelines for Complex Bridge Inspection

20-07/Task 338 Hydrology for Water Quality Analysis and Design

20-07/Task 339 Best Practices for Cracking Sealing and Crack Filling of Asphalt Pavements

20-07/Task 340 National Training: Challenges and Opportunities

20-07/Task 341 Guidelines for the Development HSM Part C Predictive Methods Chapters

20-07/Task 342 Wind Turbulence-Structure Interaction and Aeroelastic Instability for Long-Span Flexible Girder Systems

20-07/Task 343 An Update to AASHTO’s Guidelines for Geometric Design of Very Low-Volume Local Roads

20-07/Task 344 Practical Cost Estimating: Development of Training

20-07/Task 345 Planning for Transportation System Management & Operations

20-07/Task 346 Completion of the Update to the AASHTO Guide for Transportation Landscape and Environmental Design

20-07/Task 347 Test Methods of Watertightness of Culvert Joints

20-07/Task 348 Review of the AASHTO LRFD Movable Highway Bridge Design Specifications for future updates

20-07/Task 349 Guidelines for Developing Materials Acceptance Plans for Alternative Contracting Methods

20-07/Task 350 U.S. Bicycle Route Guide Signing

20-07/Task 351 Update to AASHTO’s Visualization in Transportation: A Guide for Transportation Agencies

20-07/Task 352 Next Generation AASHTO Transportation System Management & Operations Strategic Direction

20-07/Task 353 Development of a Strategic Research Plan for SCOHTS

20-07/Task 354 Work Zone Speed Limits and Crash Data Practices

20-07/Task 355 Guidelines for Reliable Fit-Up of Steel I-Girder Bridges

20-07/Task 356 Strategic Plan for Prioritization and Selection of Research Proposals for Hydrology and Hydraulics

20-07/Task 357 Guidelines for Collecting, Processing, and Managing Roadway Asset Inventory Data

20-07/Task 358 Reducing Risks to Worker Safety in Work Zones Due to Distracted Drivers

20-07/Task 359 Next Generation National Transportation System Management & Operations (TSM&O) Research Framework

20-07/Task 360 Development of a Strategic Plan for the Technical Committee on Roadside Safety (TCRS)

20-07/Task 361 Hamburg Wheel-Track Test Equipment Requirements and Improvements to AASHTO T 324

20-07/Task 362 Quantifying the Costs and Benefits of Partnering on Projects Delivered Using Traditional and Alternative Contracting Methods

20-07/Task 363 Guidelines for Emergency Ventilation Smoke Control in Roadway Tunnels

20-07/Task 364 Revision of AASHTO PP-74 Test Method for Optical Sizing and Roundness Determination of Glass Beads Utilized in Traffic Markings

20-07/Task 365 Strategic Transportation Systems Management & Operations Program Planning Lead States Initiative Development & Evaluation

20-07/Task 366 Accessing Information about Transportation Systems Management and Operations Performance Measurement

20-07/Task 367 Analysis of Crash Contributing Factors to Determine Appropriate Countermeasures

20-07/Task 368 Development of a Roadmap for Use of SHRP2 Safety Data to Enhance Existing Publications

20-07/Task 369 Update of SCOH Strategic Plan

20-07/Task 370 Development of a Strategic Plan for the Subcommittee on Traffic Engineering (SCOTE)

20-07/Task 371 DOT Technical Assistance in Using the HFG

20-07/Task 372 Evaluation of MASH Test Vehicles

20-07/Task 373 Utility Coordination Best Practices for Design-Build and Alternative Contracting Projects

20-07/Task 374 Guidelines for Selecting Sign Sheeting Materials for AASHTO M268

20-07/Task 375 Improvements to the Dry Back Procedure of AASHTO T 209

20-07/Task 376 Transportation Agency ITS Infrastructure Decisions Considering V2I Deployment

20-07/Task 377 Standardized Format for Bridge and Structure Information Models

20-07/Task 378 Assessing Risk for Bridge Management

20-07/Task 379 AASHTO Highway Subcommittee on Maintenance Strategic Plan Update

20-07/Task 380 Proposed AASHTO Manual for the Maintenance of Roadways and Bridges

20-07/Task 381 Rating Concrete Permeability Based on Resistivity Measurements

20-07/Task 382 Longer Pavement Life from Increased In-Place Density of Asphalt Pavements

20-07/Task 383 Review and update of the AASHTO Roadside Design Guide

20-07/Task 384 Core Competencies for Key Safety Analyses

20-07/Task 385 Traffic Incident Management Technical Advisory Group (TIMTAG) Business Plan

20-07/Task 386 Update to AASHTO “Guide Specifications for Highway Construction”

20-07/Task 387 Maintenance Actions to Address Fatigue Cracking in Steel Bridge Structures

20-07/Task 388 Guidelines for Design and Construction of Temporary Bridges

20-07/Task 389 Implications of State Departments of Transportation (DOTs) Participation in the One Call Process as an Underground Facility Operator

20-07/Task 390 Parametric Study & Cost Effects for the USDOT Truck Size & Weight Study Vehicles

20-07/Task 391 Energy Criteria for Maintaining Fully Animated Particles of Loose Asphalt in AASHTO T 209 Testing

20-07/Task 392 Plan for an AASHTO Operations Guide

20-07/Task 393 Motor Vehicle Safety Countermeasures: Impacts on Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety

20-07/Task 394 Development of Performance-Based Geometric Design Content for the Next Edition of the AASHTO Green Book

20-07/Task 395 MASH Equivalency of NCHRP 350-Approved Bridge Railings

20-07/Task 396 Updating the AASHTO Seismic Hazard Maps and Site Coefficients

20-07/Task 397 Characteristics of Decommissioned Bridges

20-07/Task 398 Development of Performance-Based Geometric Design Content for the Next Edition of the AASHTO Green Book

20-07/Task 399 Identifying Bridge Maintenance and Preservation Activities which Minimize Environmental Impact

20-07/Task 400 Effect of Elevation on Rolling Thin Film Oven Aging of Asphalt Binders

20-07/Task 401 Addressing Roadside Safety: A Systemic Approach to Hardware Replacement Analysis to Support MASH Implementation

20-07/Task 402 Proposed Modification to AASHTO LRFD Reinforced Concrete Interface Shear Design and Detailing

20-07/Task 403 Develop Detailed Elements for Movable Bridge Inspection and Management

20-07/Task 404 Reevaluation of the Side Friction Values used to Determine Horizontal Curve Radii Using Crash Data

20-07/Task 405 Reevaluation of the Perception and Reaction Time and Deceleration Rates for Stopping

20-07/Task 406 Development of a Framework for Balanced Asphalt Mixture Design

20-07/Task 407 Utility Coordination Efficiency, Safety, Cost, and Schedule Impacts using various Contracting Methods

20-07/Task 408 Transportation System Management and Operations (TSMO) Workforce: Skills, Positions, Recruitment, Retention, and Career Development

20-07/Task 409 ITS Communications Integration Needs for Legacy and Emerging Programs Including

20-07/Task 410 Load Rating for the Fast Act Emergency Vehicles Ev-2 and Ev-3

20-07/Task 411 Review and Update of AASHTO Standard Practice R 87

20-07/Task 412 Adjustments to the Superpave Volumetric Mixture Design Procedure for Selecting Optimum Asphalt Content

20-07/Task 413 Relocation and Acquisition of Outdoor Advertising Signs Impacted by State Highway Projects: Time and Cost Comparison

20-07/Task 414 Benefits of Adaptive Traffic Control Deployments -- A Review of Evaluation Studies

20-07/Task 415 Proposed AASHTO Guidelines for Bottom Flange Limits of Steel Box Girders

20-07/Task 416 Alternative Technologies for Mitigating the Risk of Injuries and Deaths in Work Zones

20-07/Task 417 Reorganization and Strategy to Update the AASHTO Drainage Manual

20-07/Task 418 An Impact and Value Analysis of Requiring Geo-spatial Locations for Utility Installation As-builts

20-07/Task 419 Accommodation of Small Cell Sites within Public Rights-of-Way (ROW)

20-07/Task 420 Road User Understanding of Bicycle Signal Symbol Indications

20-07/Task 421 Review and Update of AASHTO Standard Methods of Test T27 and T30

20-07/Task 422 User Review of the AASHTO Guide for Local Calibration of the MEPDG

20-07/Task 423 Planning for a Comprehensive Update and Restructuring of AASHTO’s A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets (8th Edition)

20-07/Task 424 AASHTO Guidelines for the Operation of Movable Bridges from Remote Locations

20-07/Task 425 Emerging LED Technologies and Use within Tunnels

20-07/Task 426 Challenges and Opportunities: A Strategic Plan for Equipment Management Research

20-07/Task 427 Developing a Recommended AASHTO Standard Practice for Selection of Temperature-Measuring Devices

20-07/Task 428 Update of the 2012 AASHTO Guide Specification for Design of Bonded FRP Systems for Repair and Strengthening of Concrete Bridge Elements

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