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NCHRP 20-07/Task 403 [Final]

Develop Detailed Elements for Movable Bridge Inspection and Management
[ NCHRP 20-07 (Research for AASHTO Standing Committee on Highways) ]

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Comments: The project is canceled


The project is canceled

Under the guidance of the Movable Bridges technical committee (T-8) of the Highway
Subcommittee on Bridges and Structures (SCOBS) of the American Association of State Highway

Transportation Officials (AASHTO), the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Project 14-32, titled Proposed Revisions to the AASHTO Movable Bridge Inspection, Evaluation, and Maintenance Manual provided a recommended update to the AASHTO Movable Bridge Inspection, Evaluation and Maintenance Manual. Part 3 of the manual provides movable bridge element descriptions at a major component or system level. Comments provided during review of the draft manual indicated state agencies desire more detailed elements that will allow more advanced management of their movable bridges. The elements and inspection procedures need to be consistent with element level inspections of fixed type bridges, and the elements and inspection procedures and reporting methods need to be consistent with the AASHTOWare BrM software.


The intent of the research is to provide additional guidance for state agencies wanting to collect more detailed element condition ratings to manage their movable bridges.

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