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NCHRP 20-07/Task 371 [Final]

DOT Technical Assistance in Using the HFG
[ NCHRP 20-07 (Research for AASHTO Standing Committee on Highways) ]

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Comments: The project is canceled


The project is canceled

The objective of this research is to provide technical assistance to state DOT’s on applying and using the HFG in new project designs, in the upgrading of existing roadways, and in the conduct of road safety audits. It is envisioned that these funds would permit the training of 3-6 additional state staff to use the HFG as part of their design process.


Specific work tasks will be structured around the needs of the individual states. It is expected the contractor will be able to adapt to these needs as required. It is envisioned the following types of technical assistance will be acceptable:


1. Provide in-person training sessions to state DOT staff on the HFG to identify road user problems and to select appropriate counter measures for selected projects using the HFG.

2. Provide a review of the previously five completed pilot studies, how they were conducted, and the results obtained.

3. Provide information about the states having the completed pilot studies and how they incorporated the HFG in their design and review process.

4. Illustrate how the HFG has been used in roadway safety audits to identify user problems and for selecting appropriate solutions to existing road-user design and/or operational problems.

5. Provide limited on-going support for specific DOT project issues and questions.

6. Provide funds for the contractor to travel to various technical meetings, i.e., states, AASHTO, TRB, ITE, ATSSA, NCUTCD, to present information on using the HFG for highway safety.

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