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NCHRP 20-07/Task 092 [Completed]

Durability of Precast Segmental Bridges
[ NCHRP 20-07 (Research for AASHTO Standing Committee on Highways) ]

  Project Data
Funds: 30000
Research Agency: Whitlock Dalrymple Poston
Effective Date: 9/1/1997
Completion Date: 5/31/1998

Task 92, FY 1997, "Durability of Precast Segmental Bridges" (Whitlock Dalyrmple Poston & Associates). A significant number of important bridges in the United States are precast segmental construction post tensioned with grouted-duct internal tendons. In-service experience with such bridges in this country has been excellent, but questions continue to be voiced about inspectability, reparability, and long-term durability. For this project the research agency collected information world wide on materials, design, construction, performance data, inspection, structural evaluation, repair and rehabilitation, and corrosion protection of internal tendons across segmental joints. Based on this information it was concluded that properly grouted tendons surrounded by match-cast epoxy joints provide a corrosion resistant detail. Six recommendations are provided to ensure the future good durability performance of precast segmental bridges. The report is available as NCHRP Web Document 15. (NCHRP Staff: D.B. Beal)

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