Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
NCHRP 17-06AService Vehicle Lighting and Traffic Control Systems for Short-Term and Moving Work Zones (Phase II)Completed
NCHRP 17-07Guidelines for Converting STOP to YIELD Control at IntersectionsFinal
NCHRP 17-08Traffic Barrier and Control Treatments for Restricted Work ZonesCompleted
NCHRP 17-09Effect of Highway Standards on SafetyCompleted
NCHRP 17-09(2)Impacts of Resurfacing Projects With and Without Additional Safety ImprovementsCompleted
NCHRP 17-10Structural Supports for Highway Signs, Luminaires, and Traffic SignalsCompleted
NCHRP 17-10(2)Structural Supports for Highway Signs, Luminaires, and Traffic SignalsCompleted
NCHRP 17-100Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to Enhance Safety AnalysisActive
NCHRP 17-101Applying the Safe System Approach to Transportation Planning, Design, and Operations in the United StatesActive
NCHRP 17-11Determination of Safe/Cost Effective Roadside Slopes and Associated Clear DistancesCompleted
NCHRP 17-11(02)Development of Clear Recovery Area GuidelinesCompleted
NCHRP 17-12Improved Safety Information to Support Highway DesignCompleted
NCHRP 17-13Strategic Plan for Improving Roadside SafetyCompleted
NCHRP 17-14Improved Guidelines for Median SafetyFinal
NCHRP 17-15Accident Mitigation on Congested Rural and Exurban Two- and Three-Lane HighwaysFinal
NCHRP 17-16Accident Warrant for Traffic SignalsFinal
NCHRP 17-17Development of Guidelines for Nighttime Road Work to Improve Safety and OperationsCompleted
NCHRP 17-17(2)Development of Guidelines for Nighttime Road Work to Improve Safety and OperationsCompleted
NCHRP 17-18AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan Implementation SupportCompleted
NCHRP 17-18(02)Web Site DevelopmentCompleted
NCHRP 17-18(03)Guidance for Implementation of the AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety PlanCompleted
NCHRP 17-18(04)Highway Safety ManualCompleted
NCHRP 17-18(05)Integrated Management Process to Reduce Highway Injuries and Fatalities StatewideCompleted
NCHRP 17-18(05)BIntegrated Safety Management Process - Technical SupportCompleted
NCHRP 17-18(07)AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan--Technology Transfer PlanCompleted
NCHRP 17-18(08)Comprehensive Human Factors Guidelines for Road SystemsCompleted
NCHRP 17-18(09)ACoordination of Safety ResearchCompleted
NCHRP 17-18(10)Safe Landscape Awareness CourseCompleted
NCHRP 17-18(11)Implementation Plan and ProductsCompleted
NCHRP 17-18(14)Lane Departure VideoCompleted
NCHRP 17-18(15)Local Highway Agency Safety GuidesCompleted
NCHRP 17-18(19)White Paper on Alternate Strategies for Safety Improvement InvestmentsCompleted
NCHRP 17-20Technical Support for the AASHTO Task Force on Roadside Safety (TFRS)Completed
NCHRP 17-21Safety of U-Turns at Unsignalized Median OpeningsCompleted
NCHRP 17-22Identification of Vehicular Impact Conditions Associated with Serious Ran-Off-Road CrashesCompleted
NCHRP 17-23Safety Impacts and Other Implications of Raised Speed Limits on High-Speed RoadsCompleted
NCHRP 17-24Use of Event Data Recorder (EDR) Technology for Roadside Crash Data AnalysisCompleted
NCHRP 17-25Crash Reduction Factors for Traffic Engineering and ITS ImprovementsCompleted
NCHRP 17-26Methodology to Predict the Safety Performance of Urban and Suburban ArterialsCompleted
NCHRP 17-27Parts I and II of the Highway Safety ManualCompleted
NCHRP 17-28Pavement Marking Materials and Markers: Safety Impact and Cost-EffectivenessCompleted
NCHRP 17-29Methodology to Predict the Safety Performance of Rural Multilane HighwaysCompleted
NCHRP 17-30Traffic Safety Evaluation of Nighttime and Daytime Work ZonesCompleted
NCHRP 17-31Human Factors Guidelines for Road Systems--Phase 2Completed
NCHRP 17-32Guidance for the Design and Application of Shoulder and Centerline Rumble StripsCompleted
NCHRP 17-33Effectiveness of Behavioral Highway Safety CountermeasuresCompleted
NCHRP 17-34Prepare Parts IV and V of the Highway Safety ManualCompleted
NCHRP 17-35Evaluation of Safety Strategies at Signalized IntersectionsCompleted
NCHRP 17-36Production of the First Edition of the Highway Safety ManualCompleted
NCHRP 17-37Pedestrian Predictive Crash Methodology for Urban and Suburban ArterialsCompleted
NCHRP 17-38Highway Safety Manual Implementation and Training MaterialsCompleted
NCHRP 17-40Model Curriculum for Highway Safety Core CompetenciesCompleted
NCHRP 17-41Human Factors Guidelines for Road Systems - Phase IIICompleted
NCHRP 17-42Development of Information and Data to Support Improved Safety Management and Communication of Safety NeedsCompleted
NCHRP 17-43Long-Term Roadside Crash Data Collection ProgramCompleted
NCHRP 17-44Factors Contributing to Median Encroachments and Cross-Median CrashesFinal
NCHRP 17-45Enhanced Safety Prediction Methodology and Analysis Tool for Freeways and InterchangesFinal
NCHRP 17-46Comprehensive Analysis Framework for Safety Investment DecisionsFinal
NCHRP 17-47Human Factors Guidelines for Road SystemsFinal
NCHRP 17-48Highway Infrastructure and Operations Safety Research NeedsCompletedPublished as NCHRP Report 756.
NCHRP 17-49Guide for Effective Tribal Crash Reporting CompletedFinal report published as NCHRP Report 788.
NCHRP 17-50Lead States Initiative for Implementing the Highway Safety ManualFinal
NCHRP 17-51(03)Communication Plan for the National Highway Safety StrategyCompleted
NCHRP 17-51(04)Development of a National Strategy on Highway Safety TZD FrameworkCompleted
NCHRP 17-52Using Peer Exchanges to Improve the Effectiveness of a State's Strategic Highway Safety PlanFinal
NCHRP 17-53Evaluation of the 13 Controlling Criteria for Geometric DesignFinal
NCHRP 17-54Consideration of Roadside Features in the Highway Safety ManualFinal
NCHRP 17-55Guidelines for Slope TraversabilityFinalPublished as NCHRP Research Report 911
NCHRP 17-56Development of Crash Modification Factors for Uncontrolled Pedestrian Crossing TreatmentsActive
NCHRP 17-57Development of a Comprehensive Approach for Serious Traffic Crash Injury Measurement and Reporting SystemsFinal
NCHRP 17-58Safety Prediction Models for Six-Lane and One-Way Urban and Suburban ArterialsFinal
NCHRP 17-59Safety Impacts of Intersection Sight DistanceCompleted
NCHRP 17-60Benefit-Cost Methodology for Behavioral Highway Safety CountermeasuresActive
NCHRP 17-61Work Zone Crash Characteristics and Countermeasure GuidanceFinal
NCHRP 17-62Improved Prediction Models for Crash Types and Crash SeveritiesFinal
NCHRP 17-63Guidance for the Development and Application of Crash Modification FactorsFinal
NCHRP 17-64Guidance for the Implementation of the Toward Zero Deaths National Strategy on Highway SafetyFinal
NCHRP 17-65Improved Analysis of Two-Lane Highway Capacity and Operational Performance Final
NCHRP 17-66Guidance for Selection of Appropriate Countermeasures for Opposite Direction CrashesFinal
NCHRP 17-67Identification of Factors Contributing to the Decline of Traffic Fatalities in the United StatesActive
NCHRP 17-68Intersection Crash Prediction Methods for the Highway Safety ManualFinal
NCHRP 17-69A Strategic Approach to Transforming Traffic Safety Culture to Reduce Deaths and InjuriesFinalThe contractor's report is available as NCHRP Web-Only Document 252
NCHRP 17-70Development of Roundabout Crash Prediction Models and MethodsFinal
NCHRP 17-71Proposed AASHTO Highway Safety Manual, Second EditionFinalBeing completed by NCHRP Project 17-71A
NCHRP 17-71AProposed AASHTO Highway Safety Manual, Second EditionActiveResearch underway
NCHRP 17-72Update of Crash Modification Factors for the Highway Safety ManualCompleted
NCHRP 17-73Systemic Pedestrian Safety AnalysisFinal
NCHRP 17-74Application of Crash Modification Factors for Access ManagementFinalFinal report has been published as NCHRP Research Report 974 Volumes 1 and 2
NCHRP 17-75Leveraging Big Data to Improve Traffic Incident ManagementFinalPublished as NCHRP Research Report 904.
NCHRP 17-76Guidance for the Setting of Speed LimitsFinal
NCHRP 17-77Guide for Quantitative Approaches to Systemic Safety AnalysisFinal
NCHRP 17-78Understanding and Communicating Reliability of Crash Prediction ModelsFinal
NCHRP 17-79Safety Effects of Raising Speed Limits to 75 mph and HigherFinal
NCHRP 17-80Expansion of Human Factors Guidelines for Road Systems, Second EditionCompleted
NCHRP 17-81Proposed Macro-Level Safety Planning Analysis Chapter for the Highway Safety ManualCompleted
NCHRP 17-82Proposed Guidance for Fixed Objects in the Roadside Design GuideFinal
NCHRP 17-83Briefings and Training Materials for Implementation of the Highway Safety Manual, Second EditionActiveProject on-hold due to the development of HSM 2 stage
NCHRP 17-84Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Performance Functions for the Highway Safety ManualCompletedResearch is complete. Final report under review.
NCHRP 17-85Development and Application of Crash Severity Models for the Highway Safety ManualCompleted
NCHRP 17-86Estimating Effectiveness of Safety Treatments in the Absence of Crash DataActive
NCHRP 17-87Enhancing Pedestrian Volume Estimation and Developing HCM Pedestrian Methodologies for Safe and Sustainable CommunitiesFinalPublished as NCHRP WOD 312 and NCHRP Research Report 992
NCHRP 17-88Roadside Encroachment Database Development and AnalysisActive
NCHRP 17-89Safety Performance of Part-Time Shoulder Use on FreewaysCompleted
NCHRP 17-89AHOV/HOT Freeway Crash Prediction Method for the Highway Safety ManualCompletedPublication decision pending.
NCHRP 17-90Evaluation of Roadside Crash Injury Metrics in MASHCompletedPublication Pending
NCHRP 17-91Assessing the Impacts of Automated Driving Systems (ADS) on the Future of Transportation SafetyFinalPublished as NCHRP Research Report 1001/BTSCRP Research Report 2
NCHRP 17-92Developing Safety Performance Functions for Rural Two-Lane Highways that Incorporate Speed MeasuresActive
NCHRP 17-93Updating Safety Performance Functions for Data-Driven Safety AnalysisActiveResearch In Progress
NCHRP 17-95Crash Modification Factors (CMFs) for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) ApplicationsActive
NCHRP 17-96Traffic Safety Culture Research RoadmapActive
NCHRP 17-97Strategies to Improve Pedestrian Safety at NightActive
NCHRP 17-98Guide for Intersection Control EvaluationActive
NCHRP 17-99Assessing Safety Effectiveness of Treatments and Technologies at Highway-Rail Grade CrossingsActive