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NCHRP 17-18(10) [Completed]

Safe Landscape Awareness Course

  Project Data
Funds: $38,000
Research Agency: University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center
Principal Investigator: Kevin Lacy
Effective Date: 3/21/2003
Completion Date: 4/21/2004

Background: With the increasing interest in context sensitive design there is a need to develop materials to assist landscape architects in designing safe highway roadsides and median landscapes. A training course to address the consequences of good and poor practices, from a safety viewpoint, is needed. The course will primarily address local landscape designers but it should also be beneficial to state department of transportation landscape designers. The effective approach to presenting this course will be to state the problem with diagrams and then clearly demonstrate the problem with video and photographs.

Objective: The objective of this research is to develop a safe landscaping awareness course for professionals designing highway roadsides and median landscapes.

Tasks: To accomplish these objectives, the following tasks are envisioned: (1) Develop a power point presentation and written document in accordance with the attached outline. (2) Provide photographs and amateur video, from the driver and other roadway user's perspective, showing good and bad examples of the concepts covered in Task 1. (3) Include interviews with local people familiar with the sites and professionals concerning the health of plants placed near the roadway.

Status: Project has been completed.

Product Availability: CD-ROM, "Safe Landscaping Awareness Course/Landscape Architect Training"

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