The National Academies

NCHRP 17-110 [Pending]

Vehicle-Based Telemetric Data for State and Local Transportation Agencies

  Project Data
Funds: $200,000
Contract Time: 18 months
Staff Responsibility: Camille Crichton-Sumners




The collection and aggregation of data directly from vehicles has introduced a new set of tools for state and local transportation agencies to fill gaps in their existing understanding of roadway system performance. State and local departments of transportation (DOTs) are heterogeneous, and their needs and uses for telemetric data are nuanced. Telemetric data are defined here as data generated or collected by vehicles and in-vehicle devices. Private sector entities that provide telemetric data and related analytics are still relatively new and may be reluctant to share their data. Advancing technologies are changing the landscape relative to an agency’s ability to improve safety, operations, and other DOT business practices. However, new technological capabilities uncover challenges related to telemetric data availability, accessibility, integration, privacy, and use.




The research objectives are to (1) determine what telemetric data is available to state and local DOTs; (2) determine how telemetric data is being used by state and local DOTs; and (3) identify challenges and opportunities for the use of telemetric data.




The research plan should:


  1. Include a kick-off teleconference with the research team and NCHRP convened within 1 month of the contract’s execution;
  2. Address the manner in which the proposer intends to satisfy the project objectives;
  3. Be divided logically into detailed tasks necessary to fulfill the research objectives and include appropriate milestones and interim deliverables;
  4. Include one face-to-face meeting to review an interim report and a web-conference meeting (NCHRP will provide teleconference services); and
  5. Include opportunities for the project panel to review, comment on, and approve milestone deliverables.


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