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NCHRP 17-18(14) [Completed]

Lane Departure Video

  Project Data
Funds: $31,000
Research Agency: Van Ryan Banks, Inc.
Principal Investigator: David Banks
Effective Date: 5/6/2005
Completion Date: 9/5/2005

Background: NCHRP Project 17-18(3) developed several guides on reducing lane departure crashes. Sixteen states are participating in the "Lead State" effort to develop a plan and implement the strategies outlined in the guides. A Video News Release (VNR) is proposed to assist the states in their implementation efforts. The purpose of the VNR is to make citizens in the states that are participating in the NCHRP 17-18 "Lead State" initiative (1) aware of the significant contribution of "Lane Departure" crashes to the state's highway crash mortality and morbidity problem, and (2) inform them of the state's efforts to craft a comprehensive highway safety plan to reduce road departure crashes, deaths and injuries statewide.

Objective: The objective of this project is to produce a video news release for distribution by state DOTs to television stations in their state.

Tasks: To accomplish the objective, the following tasks are envisioned: (1) Participate in a pre-production meetings and consultation with the NCHRP staff. (2) Develop the script conceptualization and prepare the draft script. (3) After approval of the script by NCHRP conduct the location videotaping. (4) Submit the work edit tape for review by the NCHRP. (5) Based on the Task 4 review make changes as needed to work edit tape.
(6) Submit the 16 finished VNR's, B-roll of interviews, statistics, images, other video materials, audio sound bites, and script material for each state for local station lead-ins and production.

Status: The video news release has been distributed by AASHTO to the state DOTs.

Product Availability: No products are available.

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