Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
ACRP 01-01Guidebook for Managing Small AirportsFinalResults published in ACRP Report 16 and Web-Only Document 5.
ACRP 01-02Guidebook for Developing and Managing Airport ContractsFinal
ACRP 01-03Analysis and Recommendations for Developing Integrated Airport Information SystemsFinalResults published in ACRP Report 13 and Web-Only Document 1.
ACRP 01-04Marketing Techniques for Small AirportsFinal
ACRP 01-05Guidebook for Airport Capital Project Delivery SystemsFinalResults published in ACRP Report 21 and Web-Only Document 6.
ACRP 01-06Guidebook for Developing an Airport Performance-Measurement SystemFinalResults published in ACRP Report 19.
ACRP 01-07Airport/Airline Agreements and Rate Methodologies—Practices and CharacteristicsFinalResults published in ACRP Report 36.
ACRP 01-08Guidebook on Best Management Practices for Leasing and Developing Airport PropertyFinal
ACRP 01-09Airport Performance IndicatorsCompletedResults published in ACRP Report 19A.
ACRP 01-10A Handbook for Developing, Implementing, and Overseeing Airport Capital PlansFinal
ACRP 01-11Understanding Airport In-Terminal Concession ProgramsFinal
ACRP 01-12A Primer for Information Technology Systems at AirportsCompletedResults published in ACRP Report 59.
ACRP 01-13Developing a Database-Driven Web Application for Benchmarking Airport PerformanceCompleted
ACRP 01-14Considering and Evaluating Airport PrivatizationFinal
ACRP 01-15Assessing and Implementing Innovative Revenue Strategies--A Guide for AirportsCompleted
ACRP 01-16Asset and Infrastructure Management for AirportsFinal
ACRP 01-17Guidebook for Developing General Aviation Airport Business PlansFinal
ACRP 01-18Application of Enterprise Risk Management at AirportsFinal
ACRP 01-19Airport Capital Improvements: Developing a Cost-Estimating Model and DatabaseCompleted
ACRP 01-20Procuring and Managing Professional Services for AirportsFinal
ACRP 01-21A Guidebook for Airport-Airline ConsortiumsFinal
ACRP 01-22Guidebook for Successfully Assessing and Managing Risks for Airport Capital and Maintenance ProjectsFinal
ACRP 01-23Mitigating Disruptive WiFi Interference at AirportsFinal
ACRP 01-24Renewable Energy as an Airport Revenue SourceFinalComplete. Results published in ACRP Report 141
ACRP 01-25A Guidebook for Increasing Diverse and Small Business Participation in Airport Business Opportunities Final
ACRP 01-26Improving the Airport Customer ExperienceFinal
ACRP 01-27NextGen––A PrimerCompleted
ACRP 01-28NextGen—Engaging Airport Stakeholders Guideboook Final
ACRP 01-29Design and Development of a State Aviation Information DatabaseFinal
ACRP 01-30Airport Management Guide for Providing Aircraft Fueling ServicesFinal
ACRP 01-31Innovative Solutions to Facilitate Accessibility for Airport Travelers with DisabilitiesCompleted
ACRP 01-32Updating ACRP Report 16: Guidebook for Managing Small AirportsFinal
ACRP 01-33A Primer to Prepare for the Connected Airport and the Internet of ThingsFinal
ACRP 01-34Developing Innovative Strategies for Aviation Education and ParticipationCompleted
ACRP 01-35Transportation Network Companies (TNCs): Impacts to Airport Revenues and OperationsCompleted
ACRP 01-36Advancing the Practice of State Aviation System PlanningActive
ACRP 01-37Performance Measures for State Aviation AgenciesActive
ACRP 01-38Market Value Characteristics for Property at Small AirportsActive
ACRP 01-39Creative Marketing Techniques to Improve Revenue Generation PartnershipsActive
ACRP 01-40Evaluating the Traveler's Perspective to Improve the Airport Customer Experience Active
ACRP 01-41Blockchain Technology and Airports - A PrimerAnticipated
ACRP 01-42Guidance for Evaluating Airport Governance StructuresActive
ACRP 01-43Update ACRP Report 26: Guidebook for Conducting Airport User SurveysActive
ACRP 01-44Airport Insurance RequirementsAnticipated
ACRP 01-45Updated Guidebook for Airport Project Delivery SystemsAnticipated
ACRP 01-46Geospatial Data Governance--Organizational Factors and Best PracticesAnticipated
ACRP 01-47Guide to Airport Innovation--Creating an Organizational Fit for the FutureAnticipated
ACRP 01-48Assessing the Effectiveness of Airport Services/Programs for Passengers with DisabilitiesAnticipated