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ACRP 01-23 [Final]

Mitigating Disruptive WiFi Interference at Airports

  Project Data
Funds: $350,000
Research Agency: System Planning Corporation
Principal Investigator: Mike Caroll
Effective Date: 5/2/2013
Completion Date: 8/1/2014

ACRP Report 127: Mitigating Disruptive WiFi Interference at Airports is a guidebook written for airport leadership and other stakeholders that describes the WiFi interference problems at airports and offers solutions to mitigate disruptions. Interference is addressed in the context of the business and regulatory structure within which airports operate. The guidebook is designed to provide practical assistance for improving WiFi performance by enhancing the ability of airport authorities to identify when radio frequency interference is occurring and then how to eliminate, reduce or at least minimize its impact. The guidebook addresses issues at a variety of types and sizes of U.S. airports with the following considerations:
  • Quantification of the extent and magnitude of the interference problems;
  • Best technical and business practices to provide accessible, secure service with adaptable band width to meet the needs of all stakeholders;
  • Communication and collaboration efforts among parties to maximize the benefits of a cooperative approach;
  • Reference designs, adaptable to different airport environments (small, medium, large, dominant carrier, no dominant carrier, and other tenant mix), including security requirements for all stakeholders;
  • Techniques for identifying and resolving interference issues outside reference designs;
  • Strategic vision that addresses potential impacts due to increasing demand, rapidly evolving technologies, and new uses (e.g., 802.11 ac, HD video, 4G backhaul); and
  • Total cost of ownership and return on investment, including intangibles.
STATUS: The final report has been published as Report 127   

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