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ACRP 01-09 [Completed]

Airport Performance Indicators

  Project Data
Funds: $400,000
Research Agency: Oliver Wyman, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Jan David Blais & Robert A Hazel
Effective Date: 5/8/2009
Completion Date: 8/7/2010
Comments: Results published in ACRP Report 19A.

Performance measurement systems are a critical challenge for airports today. Many airports do not have them and those that do measure performance can improve their system.  With reduced resources and the other challenges facing airports and the industry today, it is critical that airports have access to best practices to develop a performance measurement system and an extensive list of supporting performance indicators and measures that are linked to the system. ACRP is currently developing a guidebook for preparing airport performance measurement systems. Research is needed to develop an extensive list of supporting performance indicators and measures that are linked to the guidebook. The combination of these will greatly facilitate implementation of performance measurement systems at airports and make possible the comparability of information between airports over time.
The objective of this research is to develop, for a wide variety of types and sizes of airports, a resource manual with a searchable (by airport type and size) CD-ROM that contains an extensive list of airport performance indicators, categorized by functional type, and identifies a subset of fundamental “core” performance indicators within each category. The resource manual will present and define each indicator, suggest methods for collecting relevant data for each indicator, and generally, support the implementation of an airport’s performance measurement system as intended in ACRP Project 01-06, "Guidebook for Developing an Airport Performance Measurement System." 
Status: Research is completed and the final report has been published as ACRP Report 19A.

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