The National Academies

ACRP 01-44 [Anticipated]

Airport Insurance Requirements

  Project Data
Funds: $300,000
Staff Responsibility: Marci A. Greenberger
Fiscal Year: 2020

This project has been tentatively selected and a project statement (request for proposals) is expected to be available on this website. The problem statement below will be the starting point for a panel of experts to develop the project statement.

Airports have diverse insurance requirements for themselves and for those with whom they do business, including contractors, airlines, concessionaires, and other tenants. These diverse insurance needs require airports to address numerous issues, such as identifying legal risks that should be insured against, determining appropriate types and limits of coverage, and balancing protecting the airport with being fair and reasonable with contracted parties. Airports would benefit from guidance on these and related issues, such as coordinating with counsel, handling client confidentiality, and managing public perception when claims arise.

The objective of this research is to develop a guidebook that airport staff can use to set policy with respect to insurance requirements.

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