Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
NCHRP 03-100Evaluating the Performance of Corridors with RoundaboutsFinal
NCHRP 03-101Costs and Benefits of Public-Sector Deployment of Vehicle to Infrastructure TechnologiesFinal
NCHRP 03-102Design Guidance for Intersection Auxiliary LanesFinal
NCHRP 03-103Update of the Signal Timing ManualFinal
NCHRP 03-104Unsignalized Intersection GuideFinal
NCHRP 03-105Design Guidance for Interchange Loop RampsFinal
NCHRP 03-106Traffic Control Device Guidelines for CurvesCompleted
NCHRP 03-107Work Zone Capacity Methods for the Highway Capacity ManualCompleted
NCHRP 03-108Guidance on Quantifying Benefits of TIM StrategiesFinal
NCHRP 03-109Potential MUTCD Criteria for Selecting the Type of Control for Unsignalized IntersectionsFinal
NCHRP 03-110Estimating the Life-Cycle Cost of Intersection DesignsFinal
NCHRP 03-111Effectiveness of Work Zone Transportation Management Plan (TMP) StrategiesFinal
NCHRP 03-112Operational and Safety Considerations in Making Lane Width Decisions on Urban and Suburban ArterialsFinalFurther work will be conducted under NCHRP 03-112A in 2019
NCHRP 03-112AGuidelines for Selecting Lane Widths on Urban and Suburban ArterialsFinalNCHRP canceled this project and reallocated project funds to NCHRP Program
NCHRP 03-113Guidance for Traffic Signals at Diverging Diamond Interchanges and Adjacent IntersectionsFinalPublished as NCHRP Report 959
NCHRP 03-114Planning and Evaluating Active Traffic Management StrategiesFinalFurther work will be conducted under NCHRP Project 03-114(01)
NCHRP 03-115Production of a Major Update to the 2010 Highway Capacity ManualFinal
NCHRP 03-117Traffic Control Devices and Measures for Deterring Wrong-Way MovementsFinal
NCHRP 03-118Decision-Making Guide for Traffic Signal PhasingFinal
NCHRP 03-119Application of MASH Test Criteria to Breakaway Sign and Luminaire Supports and Crashworthy Work-Zone Traffic Control DevicesActiveResearch in progress.
NCHRP 03-120Assessing Interactions Between Access Management Treatments and Multimodal UsersFinal
NCHRP 03-121Incorporating Freight, Transit, and Incident Response Stakeholders into Integrated Corridor Management (ICM): Processes and Strategies for ImplementationFinal
NCHRP 03-122Performance-Based Management of Traffic SignalsFinalPublished as NCHRP Report 954
NCHRP 03-123Proposed Practices for the Application of Dynamic Lane Use ControlFinal
NCHRP 03-124Principles and Guidance for Presenting Drivers with Dynamic Information on Active Traffic ManagementFinal
NCHRP 03-125Evaluation of Change and Clearance Intervals Prior to the Flashing Yellow Arrow Permissive Left-Turn IndicationActive
NCHRP 03-126Transportation Operations ManualActive
NCHRP 03-127Cybersecurity of Traffic Management SystemsFinal
NCHRP 03-128Business Intelligence Techniques for Transportation Agency Decision MakingActiveThe draft final deliverables are expected in December 2022.
NCHRP 03-129Essential Communications: A Guide to Land Mobile Radio (LMR) CompletedPublication Pending
NCHRP 03-130Guide for RoundaboutsCompleted
NCHRP 03-131Guidance for Planning and Implementing Multimodal, Integrated Corridor ManagementFinalPublished as NCHRP Web-Only Document 287
NCHRP 03-132Guidance for Safe and Effective Temporary Traffic Control for Mobile Operations on Two-Lane Two-Way RoadwaysCompletedFinal deliverables pending.
NCHRP 03-133Traffic Signal Control Strategies for Pedestrians and BicyclistsFinalPublished as NCHRP Research Report 969: Traffic Signal Control Strategies for Pedestrians and Bicyclists
NCHRP 03-134Determination of Encroachment Conditions in Work ZonesCompletedResearch completed
NCHRP 03-135Wrong-Way Driving Solutions, Policy, and GuidanceCompletedResearch completed
NCHRP 03-136Evaluating the Performance of Right-Turn-On-Red Operation at Signalized Intersections (with single and dual right-turn lanes)CompletedPublication pending
NCHRP 03-137Algorithms to Convert Basic Safety Messages into Traffic MeasuresFinalResearch is Complete. Published report number is NCHRP Research Report 997
NCHRP 03-138Application of Big Data Approaches for Traffic Incident Management (TIM)Active
NCHRP 03-139Next Generation of the USLIMITS2 Speed Limit Setting Expert SystemActiveResearch in progress.
NCHRP 03-140Guidelines for Applications of RFID and Wireless Technologies in Highway Construction and Asset ManagementActiveThe draft final deliverables have been received.
NCHRP 03-141Guidance on Midblock Pedestrian Signals (MPS) Completed
NCHRP 03-28Effects of Quality of Traffic Signal Progression on DelayFinal
NCHRP 03-32Temporary Pavement Markings for Work ZonesFinal
NCHRP 03-33Capacity and Level-of-Service Procedures for Multilane Rural and Suburban HighwaysFinal
NCHRP 03-35Speed-Change LanesFinal
NCHRP 03-36Development of a Low-Cost Bridge Weigh-In-Motion SystemCompleted
NCHRP 03-37Capacity and Level of Service at Ramp-Freeway JunctionsFinal
NCHRP 03-37(2)Capacity and Level of Service at Ramp-Freeway Junctions (Phase II)Final
NCHRP 03-38(1)Assessment of Advanced Technologies for Relieving Urban Traffic CongestionFinal
NCHRP 03-38(1)AA Study to Assess Advanced Vehicle and Highway TechnologiesFinal
NCHRP 03-38(2)Travel Characteristics of Large-Scale Suburban Activity CentersFinal
NCHRP 03-38(3)Traffic Adaptive Control (Phase 1)---Critical Intersection Control Strategies; (Phase 2)---OPAC Control StrategiesCompleted
NCHRP 03-38(4)Traffic Signal Control for Saturated ConditionsCompleted
NCHRP 03-38(5)Effective Utilization of Street WidthFinal
NCHRP 03-38(6)Cost Sharing for Transportation Improvements Near Major Suburban Employment CentersFinal
NCHRP 03-38(7)Access Management Policies and Guidelines for Activity CentersFinal
NCHRP 03-39Evaluation and Calibration Procedures for Weigh-In-Motion SystemsCompleted
NCHRP 03-39(2)On-Site Evaluation and Calibration Procedures for Weigh-In-Motion SystemsCompleted
NCHRP 03-40Single Point Urban Interchange Design and Operations AnalysisFinal
NCHRP 03-41Procedure for Determining Work Zone Speed LimitsCompleted
NCHRP 03-41(2)Effectiveness and Implementability of Procedures for Work Zone Speed LimitsCompleted
NCHRP 03-42Determination of Stopping Sight DistancesCompleted
NCHRP 03-43Use of Shoulders and Narrow Lanes to Increase Freeway CapacityFinal
NCHRP 03-44Improved Traffic Control Device Design and Placement to Aid the Older DriverCompleted
NCHRP 03-45Speed-Flow Relationships for Basic Freeway SegmentsFinal
NCHRP 03-46Capacity and Level of Service at Unsignalized IntersectionsFinal
NCHRP 03-47Capacity Analysis of Interchange Ramp TerminalsFinal
NCHRP 03-48Capacity Analysis for Actuated IntersectionsFinal
NCHRP 03-49Capacity and Operational Effects of Midblock Left-Turn LanesFinal
NCHRP 03-50Driver Information OverloadCompleted
NCHRP 03-50(2)Additional Investigations on Driver Information OverloadCompleted
NCHRP 03-51Communications Mediums for Signal, IVHS, and Freeway Surveillance SystemsCompleted
NCHRP 03-52Impacts of Access-Management TechniquesFinal
NCHRP 03-52AImpacts of Access-Management TechniquesFinal
NCHRP 03-53Development of a HOV Systems ManualCompleted
NCHRP 03-54Uniform Traffic Signal Displays for Protected/Permissive Left Turn ControlFinal
NCHRP 03-54(2)Evaluation of Traffic Signal Displays for Protected/Permissive Left Turn ControlFinal
NCHRP 03-55A Highway Capacity Manual for the Year 2000Final
NCHRP 03-55(2)Techniques to Estimate Speeds and Service Volumes for Planning ApplicationsFinal
NCHRP 03-55(2)APlanning Applications for the Year 2000 Highway Capacity ManualCompleted
NCHRP 03-55(3)Capacity and Quality of Service for Two-Lane HighwaysCompleted
NCHRP 03-55(4)Performance Measures and Levels of Service in the Year 2000 Highway Capacity ManualFinal
NCHRP 03-55(5)Capacity and Quality of Service of Weaving AreasCompleted
NCHRP 03-55(6)Production of the Year 2000 Highway Capacity ManualFinal
NCHRP 03-56Systemwide Impact of Safety and Traffic Operation Design Decisions for Resurfacing, Restoration, or Rehabilitation (RRR) ProjectsCompleted
NCHRP 03-57Recommended Traffic-Control Devices for Railroad-Highway Grade CrossingsCompleted
NCHRP 03-58Assessing Traffic Control Signal Installations Using Capacity Analysis and SimulationCompleted
NCHRP 03-59Assessment of Variable Speed Limit Implementation IssuesCompleted
NCHRP 03-60Capacity and Quality of Service of Interchange Ramp TerminalsCompletedResults incorporated into the HCM
NCHRP 03-60AValidation and Enhancement of the Highway Capacity Manualís Interchange Ramp Terminal MethodologyFinal
NCHRP 03-61Communicating Changes in Horizontal AlignmentCompleted
NCHRP 03-62Guidelines for Accessible Pedestrian SignalsCompleted
NCHRP 03-63Assessment of Sharing Information Between Public Safety and Transportation Agencies for Traffic-Incident ManagementCompleted
NCHRP 03-64Highway Capacity Manual Applications GuideFinal
NCHRP 03-65Applying Roundabouts in the United StatesFinal
NCHRP 03-65AUpdate of 'Roundabouts: An Informational Guide'Final
NCHRP 03-66Traffic Signal State Transition Logic Using Enhanced Sensor InformationCompleted
NCHRP 03-67Expert System for Recommending Speed Limits in Speed ZonesCompleted
NCHRP 03-68Guide to Effective Freeway Performance MeasurementCompleted
NCHRP 03-69Design of Construction Work Zones on High-Speed HighwaysCompleted
NCHRP 03-70Multimodal Level of Service Analysis For Urban StreetsCompleted
NCHRP 03-71Innovative Pedestrian Treatments at Unsignalized CrossingsCompleted
NCHRP 03-72Lane Widths, Channelized Right Turns, and Right-Turn Deceleration Lanes in Urban and Suburban AreasFinal
NCHRP 03-73Separation of Vehicles - CMV Only LanesFinalCompleted. Published as NCHRP Report 649/NCFRP Report 3.
NCHRP 03-74Guidelines for Selection of Speed Reduction Treatments at High-Speed IntersectionsCompleted
NCHRP 03-75Analysis of Freeway Weaving SectionsCompleted
NCHRP 03-76AHighway Traffic Signal Warrant For Intersections Near Highway-Rail Grade CrossingsCompletedResults incorporated into the MUTCD
NCHRP 03-76BLow-Cost Active Warning Systems for Highway-Rail Grade CrossingsFinal
NCHRP 03-77Guide to Contracting Intelligent Transportation System ProjectsFinal
NCHRP 03-78Crossing Solutions at Roundabouts and Channelized Turn Lanes for Pedestrians with Vision DisabilitiesCompleted
NCHRP 03-78ACrossing Solutions at Roundabouts and Channelized Turn Lanes for Pedestrians with Vision DisabilitiesCompleted
NCHRP 03-78BGuidelines for the Application of Crossing Solutions at Roundabouts and Channelized Turn Lanes to Assist Pedestrians with Vision DisabilitiesCompleted
NCHRP 03-78CTraining and Technology Transfer for Accessability Guidelines for Roundabouts and Channelized Turn Lanes Completed
NCHRP 03-79Measuring and Predicting the Performance of Automobile Traffic on Urban StreetsFinal
NCHRP 03-79AArterial Performance MeasuresFinal
NCHRP 03-80Traffic Enforcement Strategies for Work ZonesFinal
NCHRP 03-81Strategies for Integrated Operation of Freeway and Arterial CorridorsCompleted
NCHRP 03-82Default Values for Capacity and Quality of Service AnalysesCompletedPublished as NCHRP Report 599
NCHRP 03-83Low-Cost Improvements for Recurring Freeway BottlenecksFinal
NCHRP 03-84Guide for Multistate Transportation Operations ProgramsCompletedReport delivered to AASHTO for publication.
NCHRP 03-85Guidance for the Use of Alternative Traffic Analysis Tools in Highway Capacity AnalysesFinal
NCHRP 03-87Proactive Ramp Management Under the Threat of Freeway-Flow BreakdownCompleted
NCHRP 03-88Guidelines for Ramp and Interchange SpacingCompletedThe revised final report has been received and is being prepared for publication.
NCHRP 03-89Design Guidance for Channelized Right-Turn LanesFinal
NCHRP 03-90Operation of Traffic Signal Systems in Oversaturated ConditionsFinal
NCHRP 03-91Left-Turn Accommodations at Unsignalized IntersectionsFinal
NCHRP 03-92Production of the Year 2010 Highway Capacity ManualFinal
NCHRP 03-93Automated Enforcement for Speeding and Red Light RunningCompletedNCHRP Report 729: Automated Enforcement for Speeding and Red Light Running
NCHRP 03-94Transportation Systems Operations and Management GuideFinal
NCHRP 03-95Guidelines for Timing Yellow and All-Red Intervals at Signalized IntersectionsCompletedNCHRP Report 731: Guidelines for Timing Yellow and All-Red Intervals at Signalized Intersections
NCHRP 03-96Analysis of Managed Lanes on Freeway FacilitiesFinal
NCHRP 03-96AAnalysis of Oversaturated Traffic Flow Conditions on Freeway FacilitiesFinalThe project is canceled
NCHRP 03-97Traffic Signal Analysis with Varying Demands and CapacitiesCompleted
NCHRP 03-98Guidelines on the Use of Auxiliary Through Lanes at Signalized IntersectionsFinalFinal Report published as NCHRP Report 707
NCHRP 03-99Development and Application of Access Management GuidelinesFinal