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NCHRP 03-126 [Final]

Transportation Operations Manual

  Project Data
Funds: $749,964
Research Agency: WSP USA
Principal Investigator: Les Jacobson
Effective Date: 8/2/2019
Completion Date: 11/2/2022

The objective of this research is to develop the first edition of a “Transportation Operations Manual,” for publication by AASHTO under the auspices of the TSO Committee. The manual should be an authoritative companion to the AASHTO Green Book and should take a holistic view of the operation and management of the transportation system, both in urban and rural settings and for people and goods. The primary audiences will be staff at state, regional, and local transportation agencies.

The AASHTO Transportation Operations Manual (1st Edition) has been published by AASHTO. This manual was created as a resource for transportation agencies to develop and sustain the operational capabilities and strategies needed to preserve and optimize transportation system performance. It is designed to guide transportation leaders and practitioners as they define and support their transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) efforts. The manual incorporates all levels of TSMO—strategic, programmatic, and tactical—and expands current TSMO practice through a more cohesive approach that helps agencies and their partners gain familiarity with generally accepted operational improvements, as well as develop appropriate future applications. For more details please check here.

A contractor report that documents the entire research effort and any lessons learned is available here. A stand-alone technical memorandum titled “Implementation of Research Findings and Products.” is available here. In addition, there is a Power Point presentation for the NCHRP Project 03-126. 

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