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NCHRP 03-138 [Final]

Application of Big Data Approaches for Traffic Incident Management (TIM)

  Project Data
Funds: $490,000
Research Agency: AEM
Principal Investigator: Kelley Pecheux
Effective Date: 7/28/2020
Completion Date: 3/28/2023
Comments: Published as NCHRP Research Report 1071.

NCHRP Research Report 1071 applies the guidelines presented in NCHRP Research Report 904: Leveraging Big Data to Improve Traffic Incident Management to validate the feasibility and value of the big data approach for Traffic Incident Management (TIM) among transportation and other responder agencies. NCHRP Research Report 1071 also documents application challenges and provides tools and techniques to overcome these challenges. This report will be of immediate interest to state and local transportation planners and decision-makers as they seek to understand big data approaches and associated tools.

Big data is evolving and maturing rapidly, and much attention has been focused on the opportunities that big data may provide state departments of transportation (DOTs) in managing their transportation networks. Using big data could help state and local transportation officials achieve system reliability and safety goals, among others. However, challenges for DOTs include how to use the data and in what situations, such as how and when to access data, acquire staff resources to prepare and maintain data, or integrate data into existing or new tools for analysis. Research was needed to document issues and demonstrate the feasibility and value of big data approaches for state DOTs and other agencies to enhance operations and TIM programs.

Under NCHRP Project 03-138, “Application of Big Data Approaches for Traffic Incident Management (TIM),” AEM Corporation was asked to (1) demonstrate the feasibility and practical value of big data approaches to improve TIM and (2) provide guidelines, including techniques and tools, to address the findings and recommendations of NCHRP Research Report 904. The research team developed four use cases that exhibit applications of big data in TIM, as well as guidelines on how transportation officials might anticipate and navigate known challenges. 

In addition to the final report, published as NCHRP Research Report 1071: Application of Big Data Approaches for Traffic Incident Management, Appendices A through P on assessments of the use cases, a research results presentation, and an implementation memo are available on the National Academies Press website at https://doi.org/10.17226/27300.

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