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NCHRP 03-51 [Completed]

Communications Mediums for Signal, IVHS, and Freeway Surveillance Systems

  Project Data
Funds: $380,000
Research Agency: Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Bruce C. Abernethy, P.E.
Effective Date: 12/15/1993
Completion Date: 4/30/1996

The project report describes many of the alternatives available in designing the communications subsystem of an intelligent transportation system (ITS). The various communication mediums, protocols, and terminals are extensively discussed. A rational approach to communication subsystem design is introduced along with examples of typical systems and information on cost estimating and support considerations. Lastly, perceived barriers to implementation of advanced communication technologies are discussed as well as strategies to overcome them. This report will be extremely useful to those designing a communications system or overseeing the design of one. The report is available for viewing as NCHRP Web Document 2, Communication Mediums for Intelligent Transportation Systems.

The objective of this project was to provide guidance to transportation-related agencies on selection, design, deployment, maintenance, and staffing for advanced communications mediums in transportation-management communication systems. During the project, Kimley-Horn and Associates quantified, qualified, and synthesized the applicability of advanced communications technologies. Factors considered include initial capital costs, maintenance costs, availability of standards, applicability of particular mediums to both existing and future traffic management strategies, and any limitations specific to geographical areas.

In addition to the report, three appendices were developed that may be useful to practitioners. Appendix B contains presentation materials (transparencies) prepared by the contractor. They are available here as Microsoft Word files.
Appendix B1
Appendix B2
Appendix B3

Appendix C contains draft generic communications technology data sheets that may be helpful in developing specifications. The information is available here as Microsoft Word files.
Appendix C1
Appendix C2
Appendix C3

Appendix D is a database of relevant magazine articles found by the researchers. The first file offered below is the database in Microsoft Access format and the second is a Microsoft Word file containing instructions on its use.
Appendix D1

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