Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
TCRP B-01Transit Operations for Individuals with DisabilitiesCompleted
TCRP B-02Integrating Market Research into Transit ManagementCompleted
TCRP B-03Demand Forecasting for Rural Passenger TransportationCompleted
TCRP B-04Cost-Effectiveness of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) StrategiesCompleted
TCRP B-05Attracting Paratransit Patrons to Fixed-Route ServicesCompleted
TCRP B-06Improving Transit Connections for Enhanced Suburban MobilityCompleted
TCRP B-07Strategies to Assist Local Transportation Agencies in Becoming Mobility ManagersCompleted
TCRP B-08Effective Methods of Marketing Transit Services to BusinessCompleted
TCRP B-09Market Segmentation Strategies to Increase Transit RidershipCompleted
TCRP B-10Role of Passenger Amenities and Transit Vehicle Characteristics in Building RidershipCompleted
TCRP B-11Customer-Defined Transit Service QualityCompleted
TCRP B-12Update the Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Handbook (DOT-FH-11-9579)Completed
TCRP B-12A, Phase IIUpdate the Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Handbook (DOT-FH-11-9579)Completed
TCRP B-13Low-Cost and Cost-Effective Marketing Techniques for Public Transit AgenciesCompleted
TCRP B-14Analyzing the Costs of Operating Small Transit VehiclesCompleted
TCRP B-15Characteristics of Urban Travel DemandCompleted
TCRP B-16Analysis of the Private-for-Hire Vehicle Industry and Its Role in Public TransitCompleted
TCRP B-17Advanced Rural Transportation Systems: Where Do We Start? How Far Should We Go?Completed
TCRP B-18Improving Public Transportation Access to Large AirportsCompleted
TCRP B-18AImproving Public Transportation Access to Large AirportsCompleted
TCRP B-19Improving Public Transportation Options for Older PersonsCompleted
TCRP B-20Enhancing the Visibility and Image of TransitCompleted
TCRP B-21Effective Approaches to Meeting Rural Intercity Bus Transportation NeedsCompleted
TCRP B-22New Paradigms for Rural and Small Urban Transit Service DeliveryCompleted
TCRP B-23Resource Requirements for Demand-Responsive Transportation ServicesCompleted
TCRP B-24Toolkit for Rural Community Coordinated Transportation ServicesCompleted
TCRP B-25Guidelines for Evaluating, Selecting, and Implementing Suburban Transit Services Final
TCRP B-26Carsharing: Where and How It SucceedsCompleted
TCRP B-27Cost Benefit Analysis of Providing Non-Emergency Medical TransportationCompleted
TCRP B-28Improving ADA Complementary Paratransit Demand EstimationCompleted
TCRP B-28AImproving ADA Complementary Paratransit Demand Estimation--Phase II: Regional Travel Demand ForecastingCompleted
TCRP B-29Transit Market Research: Leveraging ITS and Transit ITS DataFinal
TCRP B-30Optimal Split of Dedicated and Nondedicated Service for Demand-Responsive ParatransitFinal
TCRP B-31Guidebook for Measuring, Assessing, and Improving Performance of Demand-Response TransportationCompleted
TCRP B-31AGuidebook for Measuring, Assessing, and Improving Demand Response Transportation in Rural AreasCompleted
TCRP B-32Understanding How to Motivate Communities to Support and Ride Public TransportationFinal
TCRP B-33Practical Measures to Increase Transit Industry Advertising RevenuesFinal
TCRP B-34Guidebook for Commingling ADA-Eligible and Other Passengers on ADA-Complementary Paratransit ServicesCompleted
TCRP B-35A Guide for Planning and Operating Flexible Public Transportation ServicesFinal
TCRP B-36Methods for Forecasting Demand and Quantifying Need for Rural Passenger TransportationCompleted
TCRP B-37Estimation of Demand for Rural Intercity Bus ServicesFinal
TCRP B-38Guidelines for Providing Access to Public Transportation StationsCompleted
TCRP B-39Audience Measurement for Transit AdvertisingFinalCompleted and published as WEB Document Only 57
TCRP B-40Strategy Guide to Enable and Promote the Use of Fixed-Route Transit by People with DisabilitiesFinal
TCRP B-41Travel Training for Older Adults: A HandbookCompleted
TCRP B-42Community Toolbox for Improving Options and Coordination of Transportation for Military Service Members, Veterans, and their FamiliesFinal
TCRP B-43Use of Web-based Customer Feedback to Improve Public Transit ServicesFinalCompleted- This report has been published as TCRP Report 179
TCRP B-44Examining the Effects of Separate Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Brokerages on Transportation CoordinationCompleted
TCRP B-45Transportation to Dialysis Centers: Health/Transportation Policy IntersectionCompleted
TCRP B-46Tactile Wayfinding in Transportation Settings for Travelers Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired Active
TCRP B-47Impact of Transformational Technologies on Underserved PopulationsActiveResearch in progress. An interim report and interim meeting are anticipated in August 2020.