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TCRP B-18A [Completed]

Improving Public Transportation Access to Large Airports

  Project Data
Funds: $200,000
Research Agency: Leigh Fisher Associates
Principal Investigator: Matthew A. Coogan
Effective Date: 6/20/2000
Completion Date: 5/17/2002

Air travel is the fastest growing mode in the United States, tripling over the past 25 years. One outcome of this growth is greater demand on surface transportation to airports. Traffic congestion near large airports is particularly problematic because, in most instances, it is compounding already high congestion levels and poor air quality in large metropolitan areas. Because current rates of growth in air travel are likely to continue, pressure on surface transportation services near airports will also increase. In response to this congestion, many airports are involved in intermodal activities to encourage efficient alternatives to low-occupancy cars. Presently, more than 20 U.S. metropolitan areas are considering rail and other guideway investments to improve access to airports.

Research is needed to develop viable strategies for improving public transportation to large airports in the United States. Transportation improvements are essential not only to serve airline passengers and associated employees, but also to serve the major economic growth and job creation centers that surround airports in many metropolitan areas (e.g., the Dallas/Fort Worth, the Washington Dulles, the Orlando International Airports). It is important that these centers be accessible by convenient and affordable transportation services.

The objective of TCRP Project B-18A, Improving Public Transportation Access to Large Airports: Phase II, is to continue the research initiated by TCRP Project B-18 and to present additional information on rubber-tired public transportation services to airports. More specifically, TCRP Project B-18A will integrate the findings from Phases I and II to provide guidance for planning improved public transportation access to large airports.

Status: The final report is available as TCRP Report 83.

TCRP Report 83, Part A
TCRP Report 83, Part B

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