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TCRP B-10 [Completed]

Role of Passenger Amenities and Transit Vehicle Characteristics in Building Ridership

  Project Data
Funds: $200,000
Research Agency: Project for Public Spaces, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Fred Kent
Effective Date: 2/1/1996
Completion Date: 11/30/1998

This research identifies passenger amenities and transit vehicle characteristics that attract ridership, evaluates their relative impact on ridership, determines their relative cost-effectiveness, and provides the industry with practical tools that will assist transit professionals and policy makers in analyzing investment decisions.

The intended audience includes transit agency personnel, planners, designers, general managers, and project managers; transportation policy makers; and city and regional planners. In addition, the intended audience includes suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers.

Status: The final report has been published as TCRP Report 46, "The Role of Transit Amenities and Vehicle Characteristics in Building Transit Ridership: Amenities for Transit Handbook and The Transit Design Game Workbook." The report presents a methodology for analyzing possible investments in transit vehicle and passenger amenities and is designed as a tool to obtain customer input as to needs and priorities for amenities. TCRP Report 46 is also available in portable document format (PDF). (A free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader is available at https://www.adobe.com.) Double-click on the links below to access the report.

TCRP Report 46:

Amenities for Transit Handbook
Part A (Front Matter, Part 1)
Part B (Part 2, 3)
Part C (Part 4, Conclusions, End Notes)
Part D (Appendix A, B, C)

The Transit Design Game Workbook
Part E (Part 1, 2)
Part F (Part 3)
Part G (Part 3 con't)
Part H (Part 3 con't)
Part I (Part 3 con't, Appendix)

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