Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
NCHRP 23-02Secure Information Environments for Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing: Guidance for State DOTsAnticipated
NCHRP 23-03Targeted Guidance and Information Support to State DOT CEOs on Cybersecurity Issues and Protection StrategiesAnticipated
NCHRP 23-04Cost-Savings Analysis of Statewide Insurance Pooling for Public TransitAnticipated
NCHRP 23-05Addressing Construction Inspector Qualifications for the Future: Best Practices for Education, Training and CertificationAnticipated
NCHRP 23-06Developing an AASHTO Guide to System-Level Asset Valuation in Support of Transportation Asset Management Decision MakingAnticipated
NCHRP 23-07Guidebook for Identifying and Implementing Forecasting Techniques for Effective Target SettingAnticipated
NCHRP 23-08Guidelines for Incorporating Maintenance Costs into a Transportation Asset Management PlanAnticipated