Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
NCHRP 23-01Assessing and Communicating the Economic and Quality of Life Benefits of Transportation Infrastructure InvestmentFinal
NCHRP 23-02Guidelines on Collaboration and Information Security for State DOTsFinal
NCHRP 23-03Guidelines for State Transportation Agency Chief Executive Officers on Cybersecurity Issues and Protection StrategiesCompletedResearch complete. Publication decision pending.
NCHRP 23-04Statewide Insurance Pooling for Public TransitActive
NCHRP 23-05Guidance for Training and Certification of Construction Inspectors for Transportation InfrastructureFinal
NCHRP 23-06A Guide to Computation and Use of System Level Valuation of Transportation AssetsFinal
NCHRP 23-07Effective Methods for Setting Transportation Performance TargetsCompleted
NCHRP 23-08A Guide for Incorporating Maintenance Costs into a Transportation Asset Management PlanCompleted
NCHRP 23-09Scoping Study to Develop the Basis for a Highway Standard to Conduct an All-Hazards Risk and Resilience AnalysisCompleted
NCHRP 23-10Evaluation and Synthesis of Connected Vehicle Communication TechnologiesFinal
NCHRP 23-11Transportation Emergency Management and Security Summit and ExchangeRFP
NCHRP 23-12Artificial Intelligence Opportunities for State and Local DOTs A Research RoadmapActive
NCHRP 23-13Active
NCHRP 23-13(01)Telecommuting, Remote Work, and Hybrid Schedules: Managing the Shift to a Flexible Work Future Active
NCHRP 23-13(02)Employee Safety during COVID-19Final
NCHRP 23-13(03)Guide on Truck Rest and Service Areas for Critical Supply Chain DeliveryRFP
NCHRP 23-13(04)Scoping Supply Chain Challenges and Solutions amid COVID-19Pending
NCHRP 23-13(05)Regulatory Relief of Commercial Vehicle Weight Requirements for Emergency Transportation of Critical CommoditiesActive
NCHRP 23-13(06)Assessing the Equity and Workforce Mobility Implications of the Expansion of E-Commerce and Direct-to-Consumer Delivery ServicesActive
NCHRP 23-14Research Roadmap for Knowledge ManagementActive
NCHRP 23-15Guidance on Risks Related to Emerging and Disruptive Transportation TechnologiesActive
NCHRP 23-16Implementing and Leveraging Machine Learning at State Departments of TransportationActive
NCHRP 23-17Assessing and Measuring the Business Value of Knowledge ManagementPending
NCHRP 23-18Incorporating Knowledge Management into DOT Business PracticesFinalThis project has been combined with NCHRP 23-21 and is being conducted as NCHRP 23-17
NCHRP 23-19Practices for Transportation Agency Procurement and Management of Advanced TechnologiesActiveResearch in progress.
NCHRP 23-20Guidebook for Implementation of UAS Operational CapabilitiesActive
NCHRP 23-21Enabling Knowledge Management through Leadership Strategy and CultureFinalThis project has been combined with NCHRP 23-18 and is being conducted as NCHRP 23-17