The National Academies

NCHRP 23-15 [Active]

Guidance on Risks Related to Emerging and Disruptive Transportation Technologies

  Project Data
Funds: $500,000
Staff Responsibility: Zuxuan Deng
Research Agency: The RAND Corporation
Principal Investigator: Nidhi Kalra
Effective Date: 10/1/2021
Completion Date: 6/30/2023

The objectives of this research are to (1) develop a register of risks to state and local transportation agencies and their constituents posed by the emerging technologies of CAVs, electric vehicles, Mobility on Demand/Mobility as a Service, and Advanced Air Mobility, (2) recommend approaches agencies can use to prioritize those risks, and (3) identify policies and actions to address the risks along with the potential impacts of those policies and actions. Risks shall include those to the public (e.g., safety, privacy, security, inclusion, equity, mobility, public health, and acceptance) and the agency (e.g., workforce, budget, tort liability, data governance, and changes in mission or role).


Research in progress.
Task 1. Activation of Knowledge and Networks. For each technology, the research team will assemble the latest information on the technology risks, their effects on transportation goals, and potential agency actions and strategies to mitigate those risks. The team will also catalog multi-criteria risk management approaches. This work will draw upon the team’s subject matter expertise, a structured literature review, and peer exchanges and expert interviews.
Task 2. Synthesis of State of Knowledge and State of Practice. The knowledge gained in Task 1 will be synthesized to identify issues and themes both within each technology domain and across them.
Task 3. Risk Management Tools and Resources. The first drafts of project deliverables will be developed, including a register or risks, primers on policies and high-level strategies, and a guidebook to multi-criteria approaches for risk management. Guidance on their use will also be developed.
Task 4. Interim Report and Meeting. Submit an interim report documenting the results of Tasks 1-3 and presenting an updated plan for the remaining tasks. Meet with the NCHRP to review the report and obtain approval for subsequent tasks.
Task 5. Practitioner Red-Team. The research team will engage DOTs and MPOs in a series of exercises to vet and red-team the resources and tools produced in Task 3 and to examine how they can be incorporated into agency planning processes. The Task 3 products will be revised based on these exercises.
Task 6. Final Deliverables. Submit the final deliverables including (1) a final report describing the entire research effort; (2) Registers of Risks; (3) Primers on Policies and High-Level Strategies; (4) Guidebook to Multi-Criteria Approaches to Risk Management; (5) a PowerPoint presentation, suitable for a webinar, describing the project; and (6) a stand-alone memorandum titled “Implementation of Research Findings and Products.” The research team will revise the deliverables based on the NCHRP review and provide a point-by-point response to all comments.

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