The National Academies

NCHRP 23-11 [Anticipated]

Transportation Emergency Management/Security Summit and Exchange

  Project Data
Funds: $250,000
Staff Responsibility: Stephan A. Parker
Fiscal Year: 2020

This project has been tentatively selected and a project statement (request for proposals) is expected to be available on this website. The problem statement below will be the starting point for a panel of experts to develop the project statement.

In October 2018, TRB/NCHRP, FHWA, and AASHTO held the Resilient Innovations Summit and Exchange (RISE) in Denver, Colorado. Attendees at RISE included senior-level state department of transportation (DOT) representatives including CEOs and deputy directors, academia, private sector, FHWA, TRB, AASHTO, and other federal agency representatives. The goal of the RISE conference was to provide an opportunity for key stakeholders to meet and discuss a range of resilience issues encompassing both man-made and natural disasters. A report summarizing the outcomes of the conference was developed to communicate the topics addressed during RISE and set a framework for state DOTs as they worked to improve transportation system resilience within their agencies.
The proposed Transportation Emergency/Security Summit and Exchange will provide a similar opportunity for state DOT emergency/security managers. Much has changed in this field and these practitioners would benefit from having a focused, in-person meeting to discuss best practices, lessons learned, and hear from one another and key stakeholders on the current state of practice. 
Project Objectives
There are two objectives for this research project. First, is to organize and hold a Transportation Security/Emergency Managers Summit & Exchange for state DOT practitioners, federal agency partners, academia, and private sector to share advances in this field and best practices and lessons learned. Second, based on the discussions during the Summit & Exchange, produce a summary report to capture lessons learned and best practices shared during the Summit & Exchange. 

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