Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
NCHRP 15-10Development of a Design/Graphics Interface SystemCompleted
NCHRP 15-11Computer-Aided Analysis of Highway Encroachments on Mobile Boundary StreamsCompleted
NCHRP 15-11ABRI-STARS Maintenance Support and EnhancementCompleted
NCHRP 15-12Roadway Widths for Low Traffic Volume RoadsCompleted
NCHRP 15-13Long-Term Performance of Geosynthetics in Drainage ApplicationsCompleted
NCHRP 15-14(1)Intersection Sight DistanceCompleted
NCHRP 15-14(2)Median Intersection DesignCompleted
NCHRP 15-15Collection and Presentation of Roadway Inventory DataCompleted
NCHRP 15-16Superelevation Distribution Methods and Transition DesignsFinal
NCHRP 15-16ASuperelevation Distribution Methods and Transition DesignsFinal
NCHRP 15-17Geometric Design Consistency on Higher-Speed, Non-Urban, Two-Lane RoadsFinal
NCHRP 15-18Design Speed and Operating SpeedFinal
NCHRP 15-19Application of Context-Sensitive Design PrinciplesFinal
NCHRP 15-20Planning, Design, and Operation of Pedestrian FacilitiesFinal
NCHRP 15-21Review of Truck Characteristics as Factors in Roadway DesignCompleted
NCHRP 15-22Safety Consequences of Flexibility in Highway DesignCompleted
NCHRP 15-23Recommended Unit Conversions and Updates of the AASHTO Model Drainage Manual and Highway Drainage Guidelines CompletedUpdated versions of the AASHTO Highway Drainage Guidelines and the AASHTO Model Drainage Guidelines delivered to AASHTO
NCHRP 15-24Hydraulic Loss Coefficients for CulvertsCompletedNCHRP Report 734 Hydraulic Loss Coefficients for Culverts
NCHRP 15-25Alternatives to Design Speed for Selection of Roadway Design CriteriaCompleted
NCHRP 15-26Passing Sight Distance CriteriaFinal
NCHRP 15-27Safety Impacts of Design Element Trade-OffsCompletedThe final report is available as NCHRP Report 633.
NCHRP 15-28Modernize and Upgrade CANDE for Analysis and Design of Buried StructuresCompleted
NCHRP 15-29Recommended Design Specifications for Live Load Distribution to Buried StructuresFinal
NCHRP 15-30Median Intersection Design for Rural High-Speed Divided HighwaysFinal
NCHRP 15-31Design Guidance for Freeway Mainline Ramp TerminalsCompletedContinued as NCHRP 15-31A
NCHRP 15-31ADesign Guidance for Freeway Mainline Ramp TerminalsFinal
NCHRP 15-32Context Sensitive Solutions: Quantification of the Benefits in TransportationCompletedThe project final report is available as NCHRP Report 642: Quantifying the Benefits of Context Sensitive Solutions.
NCHRP 15-32AFacilitating Implementation of the Guidelines for Quantifying the Benefits of Content Sensitive SolutionsCompleted
NCHRP 15-33Guide for Transportation Landscape and Environmental DesignCompletedThe final report has been received and is being held for further revision.
NCHRP 15-34Performance-Based Analysis of Geometric Design of Highways and StreetsCompleted
NCHRP 15-34APerformance-Based Analysis of Geometric Design of Highways and StreetsFinal
NCHRP 15-35Geometric Design of DrivewaysCompletedNCHRP Report 659: Guide for the Geometric Design of Driveways and the Contractor's Final Report NCHRP Web-Only Document 151: Geometric Design of Driveways are available.
NCHRP 15-36Estimating Joint Probabilities of Design Coincident Flows at Stream ConfluencesFinalCompleted. Published as NCHRP Web Only Report 199
NCHRP 15-37Revising the AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycle FacilitiesCompletedThe final report has been distributed to AASHTO for ballot.
NCHRP 15-38Structural Design Requirements for Culvert JointsFinalThe contractor's final report available online as NCHRP Web-Only Document 190
NCHRP 15-39Superelevation Criteria for Sharp Horizontal Curves on Steep GradesFinalCompleted. Published as NCHRP Report 774.
NCHRP 15-40Design Guidance for High-Speed to Low-Speed Transition Zones for Rural HighwaysFinal
NCHRP 15-41Sag Vertical Curve Design Criteria for Headlight Sight DistanceFinal
NCHRP 15-42Recommended Bicycle Lane Widths for Various Roadway CharacteristicsCompleted
NCHRP 15-43Second Edition of the TRB Access Management ManualFinalCompleted. Published by TRB as the Second Edition of the TRB Access Management Manual
NCHRP 15-44Guidelines for the Use of Mobile LIDAR in Transportation ApplicationsCompletedThe guide is available as NCHRP Report 748.
NCHRP 15-45Completed
NCHRP 15-46Design-Management Guide for Design-Build and Construction Manager/General Contractor ProjectsFinal
NCHRP 15-47Developing an Improved Highway Geometric Design ProcessFinal
NCHRP 15-48Guidelines for Designing Low- and Intermediate-Speed Roadways that Serve All UsersFinal
NCHRP 15-49Guidelines for Implementing Managed Lanes Completed
NCHRP 15-50Guidelines for Integrating Safety and Cost-Effectiveness into Resurfacing, Restoration, and Rehabilitation ProjectsFinalPublished as NCHRP Report 876
NCHRP 15-50(01)Implementation Assessment of 3R Design GuidelinesFinalPublished as NCHRP Report 876
NCHRP 15-51Pre-construction Services Cost Estimating GuidebookFinal
NCHRP 15-52Developing a Context-Sensitive Functional Classification System for More Flexibility in Geometric DesignFinalPublished as NCHRP Report 855
NCHRP 15-53Roadside Barrier Designs Near Bridge Ends with Restricted Rights of WayFinalThis project was published as NCHRP Research Report 1013 and NCHRP WOD 334.
NCHRP 15-54Proposed Modifications to AASHTO Culvert Load Rating SpecificationsFinalAvailable as NCHRP Web-only Document 268 in January 2020
NCHRP 15-55Guidance to Predict and Mitigate Dynamic Hydroplaning on RoadwaysFinal
NCHRP 15-56Guidelines for Selecting Ramp Design SpeedsFinalPublished as NCHRP Web-Only Document 313
NCHRP 15-57Highway Capacity Manual Methodologies for Corridors Involving Freeways and Surface StreetsFinal
NCHRP 15-58An Assessment of Safety and Geometric Design Criteria for Diverging Diamond InterchangesFinalPublished as NCHRP Report 959
NCHRP 15-59Horizontal Sightline Offset Design Criteria, Exceptions, and Mitigation StrategiesFinalPublished as NCHRP Research Report 910.
NCHRP 15-60Proposed Update of the AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycle FacilitiesCompletedIn AASHTO balloting process.
NCHRP 15-61Applying Climate Change Information to Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design of Transportation InfrastructureCompleted
NCHRP 15-61AHydrologic and Hydraulic Design Guide to Incorporate Climate Science in Transportation InfrastructurePendingContract pending.
NCHRP 15-62Design and Access Management Guidelines for Truck RoutesFinalPublished as NCHRP Research Report 943.
NCHRP 15-63Guidance to Improve Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety at IntersectionsFinalPublished as NCHRP Research Report 926
NCHRP 15-64Guidelines for the Design of Unsignalized Median Openings in Close Proximity to Signalized IntersectionsFinal
NCHRP 15-66Operational Performance and Safety Effects of Arterial Weaving SectionsCompleted
NCHRP 15-67Wind Drag Coefficients for Highway Signs and Support StructuresFinalThe final deliverable has been published as NCHRP Report 1012
NCHRP 15-68Effective Low-Noise Rumble StripsFinalThe remaining tasks will be completed under NCHRP 15-68(01).
NCHRP 15-68(01)Effective Low-Noise Rumble Strips CompletedTo be published as NCHRP Research Report 1107.
NCHRP 15-69Utility Conflict Impacts During Highway ConstructionCompletedResearch is complete. Publication decision is pending.
NCHRP 15-70Valuation and Compensation for Accommodating Utility and Communications Installations in Public Rights of WayFinal
NCHRP 15-71Contingency Factors to Account for Risk in Early Construction Cost Estimates for Transportation Infrastructure ProjectsFinal
NCHRP 15-72Identification of AASHTO Context ClassificationsFinalThis project was published as NCHRP Research Report 1022.
NCHRP 15-73Design Options to Reduce Turning Motor Vehicle Bicycle Conflicts at Controlled IntersectionsActiveResearch underway
NCHRP 15-74Safety Evaluation of On-Street Bicycle Facility Design FeaturesCompleted
NCHRP 15-75Update of the Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets Guidance on Acceleration/Deceleration and Stopping Sight Distance CriteriaCompleted
NCHRP 15-76Designing for Target SpeedCompletedInactive. To be continued as NCHRP 15-76(01)
NCHRP 15-77Aligning Geometric Design with Roadway ContextFinal
NCHRP 15-78Guidebook for Urban and Suburban Roadway Cross-Sectional ReallocationFinal
NCHRP 15-79Development of Guidance for Non-Standard Roadside Hardware InstallationsActive
NCHRP 15-80Design Guide and Standards for Infrastructure ResilienceActiveResearch in progress.
NCHRP 15-81Guideline for Depicting Existing and Proposed Utility Facilities in Design PlansActive
NCHRP 15-82Relationship of Speed, Roadway Geometrics, and Crashes on High-Speed Rural HighwaysPending