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NCHRP 15-28 [Completed]

Modernize and Upgrade CANDE for Analysis and Design of Buried Structures

  Project Data
Funds: $450,000
Research Agency: Michael Baker, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Mark Mlynarski

First introduced in 1976 under the sponsorship of FHWA, CANDE (Culvert ANalysis and DEsign) is a design and analysis tool for all types and sizes of buried structures. CANDE is a public-domain finite element program that is used worldwide. CANDE provides an elastic solution (Level 1), automated finite element mesh generation for common configurations (Level 2), and a user-defined finite element mesh (Level 3).

Under NCHRP Project 15-28 CANDE-2007 was developed. Enhancements over earlier versions include an updated finite element analysis engine and graphical tools for interpreting the CANDE output. The CANDE analysis solver was enhanced to include an automated bandwidth minimizer, an algorithm for predicting large deformations, and LRFD design methodology. In addition to the solver enhancements, an integrated environment was developed to allow input through a menu driven Windows interface, a viewer to plot the FEM mesh geometry and results, an output report generator, a graph viewer to review and plot culvert element responses, and a context-sensitive help system.

STATUS: The research is complete. The product of this research is CANDE-2007.

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: The final report is published as NCHRP Report 619. The draft final report as submitted by the research agency can be downloaded .
In 2011, the CANDE-2007 software was updated to run on current versions of Windows. The updated CD can be downloaded here: CANDE-2007 2011 Update
(The previous version is available here: CANDE-2007 .)

This is an ISO file. Click here for information on burning ISO images. Users without administrative privileges on networks may need to follow the instructions in this

The three addenda to the report, User Manual and Guideline, Solution Method and Formulations, and Tutorial of Applications are included on the CANDE-2007 CD and will be installed with the program.

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