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NCHRP 15-11A [Completed]

BRI-STARS Maintenance Support and Enhancement

  Project Data
Funds: $99,827
Research Agency: Hydrau-Tech, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Dr. Albert Molinas
Effective Date: 6/1/1991
Completion Date: 4/20/1994

In response to the original Project 15-11 objective, which was to develop and test a practical computer model that is based on sound physical principles of flow and sediment interaction and is designed to estimate water-surface profiles, aggradation, degradation, scour, and bank widening due to bridges and longitudinal encroachments located on mobile boundary streams," BRI-STARS (Bridge Stream Tube Model for Alluvial River Simulation) and an expert type system for stream classification were created. The NCHRP Project Panel concluded that Project 15-11 was successful, but that further work was necessary to ensure fully operational computer software packages in realistic work environments and to provide desired enhancements. Specifically, the NCHRP defined four areas: (a) enhancements, (b) maintenance support, (c) a pilot workshop, and (d) final documentation for further development.

The contractor prepared a final report to include documentation of the research effort, the final version of all software, and a user's manual suitable for general distribution.

Research has been completed and the software and a user's manual distributed to each state highway agency. The findings of this project have been published as "NCHRP Research Results Digest Number 201, BRI-STARS (Bridge Stream Tube Model for Alluvial River Simulation) ". The program can currently be purchased from McTrans as Software Product No. BRI-STARS, the documentation is available as Document Product No. BRI-STARS.D; both are listed under the title "Highway Engineering Hydraulics".

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