Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
ACRP 03-01Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) Deployment for Airport Obstructions SurveysFinal
ACRP 03-02U.S. Airport Passenger-Related Processing RatesFinal
ACRP 03-03Enhancing Airport Land Use CompatibilityCompletedResults published as ACRP Report 27: Volumes 1 and 2.
ACRP 03-04Guidebook for Conducting Airport User Surveys Final
ACRP 03-05Passenger Level of Service and Spatial Planning for Airport TerminalsCompleted
ACRP 03-06Guidebook for Planning and Implementing Automated People Mover Systems at AirportsCompleted
ACRP 03-07A Guidebook for Measuring Performance of Automated People Mover Systems at AirportsCompleted
ACRP 03-08Passenger Air Service Development TechniquesCompletedResults published as ACRP Report 18.
ACRP 03-09Guidebook for Strategic Planning in the Airport IndustryCompletedResults published as ACRP Report 20.
ACRP 03-10Innovative Approaches to Addressing Aviation Capacity Issues in Coastal Mega-RegionsFinal
ACRP 03-11A Guidebook for the Preservation of Public-Use AirportsFinal
ACRP 03-12Guidebook for Preparing Peak-Period and Operational Profiles to Improve Airport Facility Planning and Environmental AnalysesCompleted
ACRP 03-13Understanding Airspace, Objects, and Their Effects on AirportsFinal
ACRP 03-14Airport Passenger Conveyance Systems Planning GuidebookCompleted
ACRP 03-15Impact of Jet Fuel Price Uncertainty on Airport Planning and DevelopmentCompleted
ACRP 03-16Estimating the Economic Impact of Air Cargo Operations at Airports, Part 1: User’s Guidebook and Part 2: Research ReportCompleted
ACRP 03-17 Evaluating Airfield CapacityFinal
ACRP 03-18Operational and Business Continuity Planning for Prolonged Airport DisruptionsFinal
ACRP 03-19Passenger Value of Time, Benefit-Cost Analysis, and Airport Capital Investment DecisionsCompleted
ACRP 03-20Defining and Measuring Aircraft Delay and Airport Capacity ThresholdsFinalResults published as ACRP Report 104
ACRP 03-21Developing and Maintaining Support for New Airport CapacityFinalThe guidance document is available as ACRP Report 85.
ACRP 03-22Addressing Uncertainty about Future Airport Activity Levels in Airport Decision MakingFinal
ACRP 03-23Integrating Aviation and Passenger Rail Planning Final
ACRP 03-24Guidelines for Air Cargo Facility Planning and DevelopmentCompleted
ACRP 03-25The Impact of Regulatory Compliance Costs on Small AirportsFinal
ACRP 03-26Understanding Airline and Passenger Choice in Regions with Multiple AirportsFinalResults available in ACRP Report 98.
ACRP 03-27Evaluating Methods for Counting Aircraft Operations at Non-Towered AirportsFinalResearch complete. Results published in ACRP Report 129.
ACRP 03-28The Role of U.S. Airports in the National EconomyFinal
ACRP 03-29Effects of Airline Industry Changes on Small- and Non-Hub AirportsCompleted
ACRP 03-30Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) at Airports: A Primer Final
ACRP 03-31Aligning Community Expectations with Airport RolesFinal
ACRP 03-32Guidance for Preparing and Using Airport Design Day Flight SchedulesFinal
ACRP 03-33NextGen—Airport Planning and DevelopmentFinalResearch complete. Results published as ACRP Report 150, Vol. 5
ACRP 03-34NextGen—Understanding the Airport's Role in Performance-Based Navigation (PBN)Completed
ACRP 03-35Improving Airport Services for International CustomersFinal
ACRP 03-36Using Disaggregated Socioeconomic Data in Air Passenger Demand StudiesFinal
ACRP 03-37Using GIS for Collaborative Land Use Compatibility Planning Near AirportsFinal
ACRP 03-38Understanding FAA Grant Assurance ObligationsCompleted
ACRP 03-39Generating Revenue from Commercial Development On or Adjacent to AirportsFinal
ACRP 03-40Air Demand in a Dynamic Competitive Context with the AutomobileCompleted
ACRP 03-41Common Performance Metrics for Airport Infrastructure and Operational Planning Final
ACRP 03-42Airports and UASCompleted
ACRP 03-43Integrating Airport Ground Access and Metropolitan Surface Transportation Planning EffortsCompleted
ACRP 03-44Building and Maintaining Air Service Through Incentive ProgramsActive
ACRP 03-45Collecting and Sharing of Operational and Safety DataActive
ACRP 03-46Implementing Airport Privatization: Guidance for Airport Decision Makers Active
ACRP 03-47Rethinking Airport Parking Facilities to Protect and Enhance Non-Aeronautical Revenue Active
ACRP 03-48Advanced Ground Vehicle Technologies (AGVT) for Airside OperationsActive
ACRP 03-49Effective Collaboration to Plan and Respond to Communicable Disease ThreatsActive
ACRP 03-50An Airport-Centric Study of the Urban Air Mobility MarketActive
ACRP 03-51Electric Aircraft on the Horizon -- An Airport Planning PerspectiveActive
ACRP 03-52Airport Common Use Program Development GuidebookAnticipated
ACRP 03-53Development of Baggage Handling System Decision Making Framework Based on Total Cost of OwnershipAnticipated
ACRP 03-54General Aviation Airports Runway Length AnalysisAnticipated
ACRP 03-55Airport Biometrics--A PrimerAnticipated
ACRP 03-56Airside Planning, Design and Operations: Electronic Resource LibraryAnticipated
ACRP 03-57Understanding Coming Improvements and Transformations in Wireless Connectivity: Concepts for Smarter AirportsAnticipated
ACRP 03-58Measuring the Effect of Changes in Air Service Connectivity on Regional Economic DevelopmentAnticipated