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ACRP 03-21 [Final]

Developing and Maintaining Support for New Airport Capacity

  Project Data
Funds: $299,980
Research Agency: Mead & Hunt / Futterman Consulting
Principal Investigator: Evan Futterman
Effective Date: 6/3/2010
Completion Date: 3/29/2013
Comments: The guidance document is available as ACRP Report 85.


Successful delivery of new airport capacity projects (including new runways and runway extensions, airspace improvements, terminal expansion, and ground access improvements) can take many years. Such projects are most likely to succeed with steady support from airport sponsors, political constituencies, airport users, interest groups, regulatory agencies, and nearby communities. Not only is it critical for project proponents to identify, mobilize, maintain, and broaden support, they also need to deal constructively with project opposition. These efforts should start early and occur at every critical stage (i.e., conception, planning, design, regulatory approval, and financing) to the point at which project development is assured. Research is needed to examine some of the many past and ongoing airport capacity projects to identify useful lessons on developing and maintaining project support and to provide guidance for airports based on these lessons. 

The objective of this research is to prepare a guidebook for airports that provides strategies for developing and maintaining stakeholder support when undertaking new airport capacity initiatives. The guidebook should contain specific suggestions and checklists that can be used by airports to develop and maintain such stakeholder support.

Research is complete. The results are available in ACRP Report 85.

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