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ACRP 03-74 [Anticipated]

ACRP WebResource to Support Research into Air Traveler Choice Models

  Project Data
Funds: $350,000
Staff Responsibility: Edward K. McDonald III
Comments: In development
Fiscal Year: 2023

This project has been tentatively selected and a project statement (request for proposals) is expected to be available on this website. The problem statement below will be the starting point for a panel of experts to develop the project statement.

Air traveler airport choice and ground access mode choice models provide key analytical techniques used in a variety of airport planning studies.  Decisions involving billions of dollars of capital investment in infrastructure supporting airport ground transportation, such as rail links or automated people movers, and the implications of these projects for airport revenue, rest on the ability to forecast how air traveler ground access mode and airport choice decisions will change in response to these types of projects, as well as to changes in the user fees charged for different airport ground transportation services.  Yet often these analyses use inconsistent assumptions and modeling approaches and methods.  Having this data readily available will encourage researchers to explore improved model specifications by reducing the work involved in assembling the necessary data and will facilitate comparison of models developed in different studies by enabling those studies to base their models on consistent underlying data.  Research is needed to develop a repository of ground access-related datasets and to identify best practices in developing and applying mode choice models.

The objective of this research is to develop an ACRP WebResource containing publicly available data sets for use by researchers to develop and explore improved airport ground access/egress mode choice and airport choice models.

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