Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
ACRP 02-01Alternative Aircraft and Airfield Deicing and Anti-Icing Formulations with Reduced Aquatic Toxicity and Biochemical Oxygen DemandCompletedThe project final report is summarized in ACRP Research Results Digest 9.
ACRP 02-02Managing Runoff From Aircraft and Airfield Deicing and Anti-Icing OperationsFinalResults published in ACRP Report 14.
ACRP 02-03Aircraft and Airport-Related Hazardous Air Pollutants: Research Needs and AnalysisCompleted
ACRP 02-03AMeasurement of Gaseous HAP Emissions from Idling Aircraft as a Function of Engine and Ambient ConditionsFinal
ACRP 02-04Research Needs Associated with Particulate Emissions at AirportsCompleted
ACRP 02-04ASummarizing and Interpreting Aircraft Gaseous and Particulate Emissions DataCompleted
ACRP 02-05Guidebook on Community Responses to Aircraft NoiseFinalResults published in ACRP Report 15.
ACRP 02-06Guidebook on Preparing Airport Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions InventoriesCompleted
ACRP 02-07Handbook for Analyzing the Costs and Benefits of Alternative Turbine Engine Fuels at AirportsCompleted
ACRP 02-08Guidance for Quantifying the Contribution of Airport Emissions to Local Air QualityCompleted
ACRP 02-09A Comprehensive Development Plan for a Multimodal Noise and Emissions ModelCompleted
ACRP 02-10Practical Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Strategies for AirportsFinal
ACRP 02-100Carbon Removal and Reduction to Support Airport Net-Zero GoalsActive
ACRP 02-101Environmental Stewardship and Compliance Training for Airport EmployeesActive
ACRP 02-102A Balanced Look at Local Airport Activity and Climate ChangeActive
ACRP 02-103A Guide for Methods to Transition and Decontaminate PFAS from Firefighting SystemsActive
ACRP 02-11A Handbook for Addressing Water Resource Issues Affecting Airport Capacity Enhancement PlanningCompleted
ACRP 02-12Environmental Optimization of Aircraft Departures: Fuel Burn, Emissions, and NoiseCompleted
ACRP 02-13A Guidebook for Improving Environmental Performance at Small AirportsFinal
ACRP 02-14Guidebook for Selecting Methods to Monitor Airport and Aircraft Deicing MaterialsFinal
ACRP 02-15Recycling Strategies for the Airport IndustryFinalResults published in ACRP Report 100.
ACRP 02-16Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Emission Reduction Strategies, Inventory and Tutorial Final
ACRP 02-17Measuring PM Emissions from Aircraft Auxiliary Power Units, Tires and BrakesFinalResearch is complete. The results are published in ACRP Report 97.
ACRP 02-18Guidelines for Integrating Alternative Jet Fuel into the Airport SettingFinal
ACRP 02-19Winter Design Storm Factors for Airport Stormwater ManagementFinal
ACRP 02-20The Role of Air Travel in the Transmission and Spread of Insect-borne DiseasesFinalDue to technical issues, the tool is no longer available; contact Joe Navarrete ( with questions.
ACRP 02-20AEvaluating and Mitigating the Risk of Disease Transmission at Airports and on AircraftFinalThe guidance document is available as ACRP Report 91.
ACRP 02-21Evaluation of Airport Emissions within State Implementation PlansCompleted
ACRP 02-22Incorporating Sustainability into Traditional Airport ProjectsFinal
ACRP 02-23Alternative Fuels as a Means to Reduce PM2.5 Emissions at AirportsFinal
ACRP 02-24Guidelines for Airport Sound Insulation ProgramsFinal
ACRP 02-25Evaluating Alternatives For Aircraft Ground Power, Heating, and Air ConditioningFinal
ACRP 02-26Assessing Aircraft Noise Conditions Affecting Student LearningFinal
ACRP 02-27Aircraft Taxi Noise Database for Airport Noise ModelingCompleted
ACRP 02-28Airport Sustainability Practices: Tools for Evaluating, Measuring, and ImplementingFinalResults published in ACRP Report 119.
ACRP 02-29Guidance for Treatment of Deicing-Impacted Airport StormwaterFinalGuidance published as ACRP Report 99.
ACRP 02-30Enhancing the Airport-Industry SAGA WebsiteCompleted
ACRP 02-30ASustainability Website Ownership and OperationPending
ACRP 02-31Assessment of Sound Insulation TreatmentsFinal
ACRP 02-32Understanding Microbial Biofilms in Receiving Waters Impacted by Airport Deicing ActivitiesFinalResearch complete. Results published as ACRP Report 115.
ACRP 02-33Guidance for Estimating Airport Construction EmissionsFinal
ACRP 02-34Quantifying Aircraft Lead Emissions at AirportsFinal
ACRP 02-35Research Methods for Understanding Aircraft Noise Annoyance and Sleep DisturbanceFinalResults published as ACRP Web-Only Document 17.
ACRP 02-36Assessing Opportunities for Alternative Fuel Distribution ProgramsFinal
ACRP 02-37Integrated Noise Model Accuracy for General Aviation AircraftFinalResearch complete. Results published as ACRP Web-Only Document 19.
ACRP 02-38Guidebook for Energy Facilities Compatibility with Airports and AirspaceFinal
ACRP 02-39Applying Whole Effluent Toxicity Testing to Airport Deicing RunoffFinalResearch complete. Results published in ACRP Report 134.
ACRP 02-40Climate Change Adaptation Planning: Risk Assessment for AirportsCompletedResults published as ACRP Report 147.
ACRP 02-41Estimating Takeoff Thrust Settings for Airport Emissions InventoriesFinalResearch completed. Results published as ACRP CD-161.
ACRP 02-42Understanding Air Quality and Public Health Studies Related to AirportsFinalResearch complete. Results published in ACRP Report 135.
ACRP 02-43Development of a NOx Chemistry Module for EDMS/AEDT to Predict NO2 ConcentrationsFinalResearch complete. Results published in ACRP Web-Only Document 30.
ACRP 02-44Helicopter Noise Modeling GuidanceFinalResearch results published in ACRP Research Results Digest 24
ACRP 02-45Methodology to Improve EDMS/AEDT Quantification of Aircraft Taxi/Idle EmissionsFinalResearch complete. Results published as ACRP Web Only Document 26
ACRP 02-46Improving Ground Support Equipment Operational Data for Airport Emissions Modeling Final
ACRP 02-47Assessing Aircraft Noise Conditions Affecting Student Achievement--Case StudiesCompleted
ACRP 02-48Assessing Community Annoyance of Helicopter NoiseFinalResults published in ACRP Research Report 181.
ACRP 02-49Addressing Significant Weather Impacts on Airports Final
ACRP 02-50Deriving Benefits from Alternative Aircraft-Taxi SystemsCompleted
ACRP 02-51Evaluating Methods for Determining Interior Noise Levels Used in Airport Sound Insulation ProgramsFinalResearch complete. Results provided in ACRP Research Report 152
ACRP 02-52Improving AEDT Noise Modeling of Hard, Soft, and Mixed Ground SurfacesFinalResearch complete. Results published in ACRP Web-Only Document 32.
ACRP 02-53Interpreting Airport Water Monitoring ResultsCompleted
ACRP 02-54Measuring and Understanding Emission Factors for General Aviation (GA) AircraftFinal
ACRP 02-55Enhanced AEDT Modeling of Aircraft Arrival and Departure ProfilesFinal
ACRP 02-56Developing a Business Case for Renewable Energy at Ariports Final
ACRP 02-57Reducing the Impact of Lead Emissions at AirportsFinal
ACRP 02-58Dispersion Modeling Guidance for Airports Addressing Local Air Quality Health ConcernsFinal
ACRP 02-59Water Efficiency Management Strategies for Airports Final
ACRP 02-60Use and Potential Impacts of AFFF Containing Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) at AirportsFinalResults published in ACRP Research Report 173
ACRP 02-61Airport Stormwater Management Electronic Resource Library and Training MaterialsFinal
ACRP 02-62Green Stormwater Infrastructure Strategies for AirportsFinal
ACRP 02-63Quantifying Airport Ground Access Vehicle Activity for Emissions ModelingFinal
ACRP 02-64Guidance for Usage of Permeable Pavement at Airports Final
ACRP 02-65Tracking Alternative Jet FuelFinal
ACRP 02-66Commercial Space Operations Noise and Sonic Boom Modeling and AnalysisFinal
ACRP 02-67Airport Air Quality Management Guidebook and Resource LibraryFinal
ACRP 02-68Strategies for Reducing Local Stormwater Utility Fees for AirportsFinal
ACRP 02-69Integrating Airport Sustainability and the NEPA ProcessFinal
ACRP 02-70Wetland Mitigation--A Guidebook for AirportsCompleted
ACRP 02-71Guidebook and Decision Tool for Managing Airport Stormwater Containing DeicersFinal
ACRP 02-72Developing a Comprehensive Renewable Resources StrategyFinal
ACRP 02-73Interactive Tool for Understanding NEPA at General Aviation AirportsFinal
ACRP 02-74Using Existing Airport Management Systems to Manage Climate Risk Final
ACRP 02-75Benefit-Cost Analyses Guidebook for Airport StormwaterFinal
ACRP 02-76Optimizing the Use of Electric Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA) and Ground Power Systems at Airports Final
ACRP 02-77Revolving Funds for Sustainability Projects at AirportsFinal
ACRP 02-78Climate Resilience and Benefit Cost Analysis--A Handbook for AirportsCompleted
ACRP 02-79Improving AEDT Modeling for Aircraft Noise Reflection and Diffraction from Terrain and Manmade StructuresFinal
ACRP 02-80Quantifying Emissions Reductions at Airports from the Use of Alternative Jet FuelsFinal
ACRP 02-81Commercial Space Operations Noise and Sonic Boom MeasurementsFinal
ACRP 02-82Developing a Roadmap to Achieve Zero Emissions at AirportsFinal
ACRP 02-83Measuring Quality of Life in Communities Surrounding AirportsFinal
ACRP 02-84Evaluating the Use of Spatially Precise Diurnal Population Data in Aviation Noise StudiesFinal
ACRP 02-85Commercial Space Vehicle Emissions ModelingFinal
ACRP 02-86Understanding Impacts to Airports from Temporary Flight RestrictionsFinal
ACRP 02-87Determining Airfield Pavement Deicer and Anti-Icer Contributions to Airport StormwaterCompleted
ACRP 02-88Techniques for Modifying NextGen Flight Track Design to Reduce Noise Exposure and AnnoyanceAnticipatedThis project was canceled.
ACRP 02-89A Primer and Framework for Considering an Airport Noise and Operations Monitoring System (NOMS)Final
ACRP 02-90Development of Airport Construction Emission Inventory Tool (ACEIT) Version 2.0Active
ACRP 02-91Development of PFAS Source Differentiation Guidelines for AirportsFinal
ACRP 02-92Creating Self-Directed Resiliency Plans at GA AirportsCompleted
ACRP 02-93Guidebook for PFAS Management at AirportsCompleted
ACRP 02-94Update ACRP WebResource 4: Airport Air Quality Resource LibraryActive
ACRP 02-95Understanding Airport Air Quality and Public Health Studies Related to Airports: An Update to ACRP Report 135Active
ACRP 02-96Update ACRP Report 99: Guidance for Treatment of Airport Stormwater Containing DeicersFinal
ACRP 02-97Update to the Guidelines, Tools, and Resources Related to ACRP Reports 11, 147, and 160Completed
ACRP 02-97AUpdate ACRP Report 43: Improving Environmental Performance at Small AirportsActive
ACRP 02-98Airport Energy Resiliency Primer and RoadmapActive
ACRP 02-99Incorporating Environmental Justice and Equity Principles and Data into Airport Decision-MakingCompleted