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ACRP 02-02 [Final]

Managing Runoff From Aircraft and Airfield Deicing and Anti-Icing Operations

  Project Data
Funds: $265,000
Research Agency: CH2M Hill of Austin, Texas
Principal Investigator: Dean Mericas
Effective Date: 10/9/2006
Completion Date: 12/12/2008
Comments: Results published in ACRP Report 14.

U.S. airports face increasing public and regulatory attention and technical challenges in managing runoff from aircraft and airfield deicing and anti-icing operations. This attention, coupled with the consideration of effluent guidelines by the U.S. EPA, affects a large community of airports. Of particular concern is how requirements affect smaller airports, which have more limited resources than large hub airports.

Developing successful technical solutions for management of aircraft and airfield deicing and anti-icing fluids (ADAF) runoff poses significant challenges. Because stormwater management regulations affecting airports (e.g., multi-sector general permits, individual state National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits, and Phase I and II stormwater regulations) are varied and evolving, airports of all sizes need an array of best management practices (BMPs) for controlling ADAF-affected stormwater runoff.

Development of planning guidelines and BMPs for ADAF runoff management systems will assist airports of all sizes and operational levels in designing (or re-designing) site-specific solutions. The proposed planning guidelines and BMPs will serve as tools for airports to evaluate and select from among options and promote the use of sustainable, efficient management systems that reduce the potential presence of ADAF in stormwater runoff.

The objective of this project is to develop planning guidelines incorporating an array of BMPs for the practical, cost-effective control of runoff from aircraft and airfield deicing and anti-icing operations. These planning guidelines and BMPs will (1) be consistent with the laws and regulations for protecting water quality and ensuring flight safety; (2) provide practical technical guidance to airports and local, state, and federal regulators; and (3) support the U.S. EPA's ongoing efforts to gain better information on how airports manage ADAF-affected stormwater runoff.

Status:  The final report has been published as ACRP Report 14.

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