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ACRP 02-16 [Final]

Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Emission Reduction Strategies, Inventory and Tutorial

  Project Data
Funds: $600,000
Research Agency: CDM Smith
Principal Investigator: John Pehrson, P.E.
Effective Date: 6/18/2010
Completion Date: 6/30/2012

Increased levels of demand at airports in the United States may result in a growth in airport ground support equipment (GSE) activity and an associated increase in airport surface emissions.  Local air quality and global climate change concerns, regulatory pressures, and the desire to be environmentally responsible have resulted in a growing number of airport programs around the United States looking to assess and reduce airport emissions. Although much is known about aircraft fleets, operations, and emissions, comparatively little is known about GSE. The available GSE data are outdated, unreliable, and limited. Accurate GSE data are needed by the FAA and airport sponsors to plan adequately and to balance the growing demands of air travel with air quality concerns.  Proactive strategies that reduce surface emissions may help airports address air quality concerns.  As such, research is needed to obtain additional information on GSE equipment and to identify programs and best practices that could reduce GSE emissions for GSE owners, operators, and airports.

The objectives of this research are to (1) develop a tutorial that describes GSE operations and identifies potential strategies to reduce emissions from powered GSE for use by GSE owners and operators and (2) conduct a representative inventory of powered GSE at airports to help the industry assess the contribution of GSE to air quality impacts at airports.  

 The research has been published as Report 78

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