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ACRP 02-96 [Active]

Update ACRP Report 99: Guidance for Treatment of Airport Stormwater Containing Deicers

  Project Data
Funds: 150,000
Staff Responsibility: Theresia H. Schatz
Research Agency: Gresham Smith
Principal Investigator: Tim Arendt
Effective Date: 11/3/2021
Completion Date: 11/2/2022

ACRP Report 99: Guidance for Treatment of Airport Stormwater Containing Deicers offers a process to help airports identify, select, and implement technologies for treating stormwater affected by deicing materials. The guidance also includes suggestions for the design, operation, and maintenance of different treatment technologies, including 11 fact sheets available for download that cover activated sludge; aerated gravel beds; aerated lagoons; anaerobic fluidized bed reactors; distillation; mechanical vapor recompression; moving bed biofilm reactors; passive facultative treatment systems; public wastewater treatment systems; private recycling systems; and reverse osmosis. At the time of its publication in 2013, the report contained new and emerging technologies and practices. Many of these treatment options are now commonplace, which affords an opportunity to provide lessons learned, identify new technologies, and develop new airport deicer treatment system summaries.  
The objective of this research is to update ACRP Report 99: Guidance for Treatment of Airport Stormwater Containing Deicers to reflect the latest information on deicer treatment technologies, designing and implementing treatment systems, and determining costs associated with deicer treatments.
The research should include, but not be limited to: 
  • A review of lessons learned from implementation of treatment systems per ACRP Report 99 and how can these lessons learned be applied to other airports with different constraints;
  • Identification, evaluation, and assessment of any new or emerging deicing treatment technologies including lessons learned from user implementation;
  • A review of the various total project costs (design, construction, operations & maintenance (O&M), longevity);
  • Addressing the regulatory elements of any current or updated guidelines of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Effluent Limit Guidelines (ELG);
  • Both airside and landside surface deicing and their associated run-off management systems; and 
  • Considerations for resiliency and adaptability of the treatment technologies (e.g., changing regulatory requirements, variability of weather, changes in airline operations, modification to deicer application). 

The ACRP is seeking the insights of proposers on how best to achieve the research objective. Proposers are asked to develop and include a detailed research plan for accomplishing the project objective. Proposers are expected to describe research plans that can realistically be accomplished within the constraints of available funds and contract time. Proposals must present the proposers' current thinking in sufficient detail to demonstrate their understanding of the issues and the soundness of their approach to meeting the research objective. The work proposed must be divided into tasks and proposers must describe the work proposed in each task in detail.

The research plan should include appropriate deliverables, for ACRP approval, that include at a minimum:
1. A survey of airports for updates to the lessons learned for the treatment summaries in ACRP Report 99, Appendix D;
2. Development of at least four new airport deicer treatment system summaries of different treatment technologies consistent with the content and format in ACRP Report 99, Appendix D. Preference is provided to any new technologies not identified in ACRP Report 99; and

3. An interim report that describes work done in early tasks, and an updated work plan for remaining tasks. All of this should demonstrate to the panel the thought process behind how the final deliverables will address the components outlined in the objective.
The research plan should include other appropriate checkpoints with the ACRP panel, including at a minimum (1) a kick-off teleconference meeting to be held within 1 month of the Notice to Proceed and (2) one face-to-face interim deliverable review meeting, as well as web-enabled teleconferences tied to the panel review and ACRP approval of other interim deliverables deemed appropriate.
The final deliverables will include: (1) An updated guidance document and optionally an additional end product to assist in delivering the update that meets the objective; and (2) (a) a Summary of Key Findings; (b) a Further Recommended Research Memo; and (c) a technical memo titled, “Implementation of Research Findings and Products”.

  Research is underway. 

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