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ACRP 02-61 [Final]

Airport Stormwater Management Electronic Resource Library and Training Materials

  Project Data
Funds: $489,056
Research Agency: Mead & Hunt, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Dean Mericas
Effective Date: 5/11/2015
Completion Date: 7/31/2017



Airports are required to manage stormwater discharges in a manner that does not contribute to the pollution of waters of the United States. Because the management of stormwater is a significant and costly issue for airports, subject to national and state policies and regulations, and often requires a substantial amount of technical understanding, ACRP and others have conducted a considerable amount of stormwater-related research focused on providing guidance, best management practices, and pollution prevention. Until now, these efforts have focused on specific topics and have been geared to particular segments of the airport practitioner audience. While this research has provided significant benefits, many practitioners still may not be aware of available resources and may have to spend considerable time locating specific material that is spread throughout the various products. In addition, there remain research gaps and outdated material. Lastly, while there is training material focused on stormwater pollution prevention, there are few resources to help practitioners manage contaminated stormwater. Research is needed to consolidate ACRP and other research results related to stormwater management, update ACRP research, and develop training materials to assist airport practitioners in effectively managing their stormwater.




The objectives of this research are to:

1. Update ACRP stormwater-related products (e.g., reports, guidebooks, tools) based on a prioritized list.

2. Create a searchable, updatable Airport Stormwater Management Electronic Resource Library that contains:

  • All ACRP and available non-ACRP airport-related stormwater management products;
  • Factsheets summarizing federal and state stormwater regulations;
  • A minimum of 5 individual training modules that provide guidance addressing planning, design, monitoring and testing, treatment, and data interpretation;
  • Templates to allow for the creation of airport-specific training modules; and
  • “Train-the-trainer” syllabus.

3. Develop promotional materials (e.g., brochure, scripted PowerPoint presentation) to increase industry awareness and use of the Resource Library

4. Identify and evaluate options for incorporating the Resource Library in an existing or future industry continuing education program (e.g., AAAE Continuing Education Units) focused on airport stormwater management.




Research is complete. The Clean Water Act guidebook is published as ACRP Research Report 169.

***Note: Original hard-copy printings of ACRP Research Report 169 contain a typographical error.  On page 6, under the discussion of the deicing ELGs, the sentence should read: To be subject to the NSPS, a new airport must be in an area with more than 3000 annual heating degree days and have an anticipated 1,000 or more annual departures with 5 years of commencing operations.  The original publication incorrectly said 10,000 annual departures.  This error has been corrected in the electronic version of the publication.***


The web resource library is available as ACRP WebResource 3.

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