Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
TCRP A-01Fare Policies, Structures, and TechnologiesCompleted
TCRP A-02Service-Delivery Systems for Rural Passenger TransportationCompleted
TCRP A-03Aids for Car Side-Door ObservationCompleted
TCRP A-04Electronic On-Vehicle Passenger Information Displays (Visual and Audible)Completed
TCRP A-05Integration of Light Rail Transit into City StreetsCompleted
TCRP A-05A(1) Active Train Coming/Second Train Coming Sign Demonstration ProjectCompleted
TCRP A-05A(2) Active Train Coming/Second Train Coming Sign Demonstration ProjectCompleted
TCRP A-06Computerized Paratransit DispatchingCompleted
TCRP A-07Operational Analysis of Bus Lanes on ArterialsCompleted
TCRP A-07AOperational Analysis of Bus Lanes on Arterials: Extended Field InvestigationsCompleted
TCRP A-08Rail Transit CapacityCompleted
TCRP A-09Signs and Symbols in Transit FacilitiesCompleted
TCRP A-10Location and Design of Bus Stops on Major Streets and HighwaysCompleted
TCRP A-10AAn Evaluation of Bus Bulbs on Transit, Traffic, and Pedestrian OperationsCompleted
TCRP A-11Transit Scheduling ManualCompleted
TCRP A-12Passenger Information ServicesCompleted
TCRP A-13Light Rail Service: Pedestrian and Vehicular SafetyCompleted
TCRP A-14Potential of Multipurpose Fare Media and Cashless Fare CollectionCompleted
TCRP A-15Development of Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Principles, Practices and ProceduresCompleted
TCRP A-15AUpdate of the First Edition, Transit Capacity and Quality of Service ManualCompleted
TCRP A-15CTransit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual, 3rd EditionFinal
TCRP A-16Improved Traffic Signal Priority for TransitCompleted
TCRP A-16AImproved Traffic Signal Priority for TransitCompleted
TCRP A-17Joint Operation of Light Rail Transit or Diesel Multiple Unit Vehicles with RailroadsCompleted
TCRP A-17AUpdate of TCRP Report 52: Joint Operation of Light Rail Transit or Diesel Multiple Unit Vehicles With RailroadsCompleted
TCRP A-18Effective Practices and Programs to Reduce Bus AccidentsCompleted
TCRP A-19Integrating School Bus and Public Transportation Services in Nonurban CommunitiesCompleted
TCRP A-19A(2)Vehicle Guide for Integrating Non-Urban School and Public Transportation ServicesCompleted
TCRP A-20A(1)Strategies for Improved Traveler InformationCompleted
TCRP A-20B(2)Training for New TechnologyCompleted
TCRP A-21Innovations to Improve the Productivity, Efficiency, and Quality of Public Transportation in Rural and Small Urban AreasCompleted
TCRP A-22Evaluation of Simulators as an Effective Training Tool toImprove Bus Safety and Guidelines for Their ApplicationCompleted
TCRP A-23Implementation Guidelines for Bus Rapid Transit SystemsCompleted
TCRP A-23ACost and Effectiveness of Selected Bus Rapid Transit ComponentsFinal
TCRP A-24A Toolkit for Self-Service, Barrier-Free Fare CollectionCompleted
TCRP A-25Fare Policies, Structures and Technologies (Update)Completed
TCRP A-26Smart Card Interoperability Issues for the Transit IndustryFinal
TCRP A-27Shared Use of Railroad Infrastructure with Non-FRA-Compliant Public Transit Rail VehiclesFinal
TCRP A-28Guidebook for Mitigating Fixed-Route Bus-and-Pedestrian CollisionsCompleted
TCRP A-29Controlling System Costs: Basic and Advanced Scheduling Manuals and Contemporary Issues in Transit SchedulingFinal
TCRP A-30Improving Pedestrian and Motorist Safety Along Light Rail Transit Alignments Final
TCRP A-31Transit, Call Centers, and 511: A Guide for Decision MakersCompleted
TCRP A-32Operation of Light Rail Transit through Ungated Crossings at Speeds over 35 MPHCompleted
TCRP A-33Communication with Vulnerable Populations: A Transportation and Emergency Management ToolkitCompleted
TCRP A-33AUsing Pictograms to Make Transit Easier to Navigate for Customers with Communication BarriersCompletedThis project is a continuation of TCRP Project A-33. Such is reflected in the numbering of the tasks.
TCRP A-34Improving Safety-Related Rule Compliance in the Public Transportation Industry Final
TCRP A-35Improving Safety Culture in Public TransportationFinal
TCRP A-36Command-Level Decision Making for Transportation Emergency ManagersCompleted
TCRP A-36ATransportation Emergency Response Application (TERA): Migration Options Beyond 2020Pending
TCRP A-37Paratransit Emergency Preparedness and Operations HandbookCompleted
TCRP A-38Guidebook for Pedestrian Crossings for Public Transit Rail ServicesFinal
TCRP A-39Improving Transportation Network Efficiency Through Implementation of Transit-Supportive Roadway StrategiesCompleted
TCRP A-40Manual to Improve Rail Transit Safety at Platform/Train and Platform/Guideway InterfacesFinal
TCRP A-41Improving the Resiliency of Transit Systems Threatened by Natural DisastersCompleted
TCRP A-42Minutes Matter: A Guide to Bus Transit Service Reliability Completed
TCRP A-43Recent Decline in Public Transportation Ridership: Analysis, Causes, ResponsesFinal
TCRP A-44Strategies for Deterring Trespassing on Rail Transit and Commuter Rail Rights-of-WayFinalComplete - Published as TCRP Research Report 233
TCRP A-45Measuring and Managing Fare EvasionCompleted
TCRP A-46Quantitative Procedures for Designing and Operating Ferry Transit ServicesFinal
TCRP A-47Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual, Fourth EditionActive
TCRP A-48Mitigation Strategies for Deterring Transit AssaultsActiveResearch in Progress
TCRP A-49Fare Policies, Structures, and Technologies -- 2024 UpdatesPending
TCRP A-50Practical Considerations for Developing Transition Plans to Zero-Emission FleetsPending
TCRP A-51Innovative Practices for Technology Implementation at Rural, Small, and Mid-Sized Transit AgenciesPending
TCRP A-52Cyber Vulnerability of Automatic Vehicle Monitoring (AVM) and Health Monitoring Systems (HMS)AnticipatedIn development