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TCRP A-07A [Completed]

Operational Analysis of Bus Lanes on Arterials: Extended Field Investigations

  Project Data
Funds: $70,000
Research Agency: Wilbur Smith Associates
Principal Investigator: Kevin St. Jacques
Effective Date: 6/16/1997
Completion Date: 8/31/1999

TCRP Report 26, "Operational Analysis of Bus Lanes on Arterials," presented a new method of analyzing the operational performance of arterial bus lanes. TCRP Research Results Digest 38, "Operational Analysis of Bus Lanes on Arterials: Application and Refinement," shows how the method was applied to six existing bus lane study sites and recommends refinements to the method. This digest will help readers apply the analysis method by seeing how its developers used it in the real world.

TCRP Report 26 was produced by TCRP Project A-7 based largely on the results of simulation models. During that project, limited field data were collected to test the methods. TCRP Project A-7A expanded the field testing of the methods and allowed refinements while furthering communications with the transit industry on their needs for and format of such end-user information.

This project had three objectives: (1) to expand the field testing of the bus lane capacity and flow level-of-service relationships developed in TCRP A-7; (2) to refine as necessary the analysis methods; and (3) to communicate with transit industry end users the results and format of the TCRP A-7 information and refine as necessary.

This project has produced TCRP Research Results Digest 38, which is available in portable document format (PDF). Double-click on the link below to access this RRD. (A free copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader is available at https://www.adobe.com.) NOTE: Because of the very large size of this file, it will take some time to download. We regret the inconvenience.

TCRP Research Results Digest 38

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