Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
BTSCRP BTS-01Guidance for Employer-Based Behavioral Traffic Safety Programs for Drivers in the WorkplaceFinalPublished as BTSCRP Web-Only Document 3
BTSCRP BTS-02Behavioral Traffic Safety Messaging on Variable Message SignsFinalPublished as BTSCRP Research Report 3
BTSCRP BTS-03Examining the Implications of Legislation and Enforcement on Electronic Device Use While Driving FinalPublished as BTSCRP Research Report 1
BTSCRP BTS-04Tracking State Traffic Citation and Adjudication OutcomesFinalPublished as BTSCRP Research Report 5
BTSCRP BTS-06MPO and SHSO Coordination on Behavioral Traffic SafetyFinalPublished as BTSCRP Research Report 7
BTSCRP BTS-07Assessing the Impacts of Automated Driving Systems (ADS) on the Future of Transportation SafetyFinalPublished as NCHRP Research Report 1001/BTSCRP Research Report 2
BTSCRP BTS-08Using the SHRP2 Naturalistic Driving Study Database to Improve Teen Driving Safety: Phase 1 Proof of ConceptFinalPublished as BTSCRP Web-Only Document 2
BTSCRP BTS-09Influence of Infrastructure Design on Distracted DrivingFinalPublished as BTSCRP Web-Only Document 1
BTSCRP BTS-11Ensuring Child Safety in For-Hire Rideshare VehiclesFinalPublished as BTSCRP Research Report 6
BTSCRP BTS-12State Practices Promoting Older Driver SafetyFinalPublished as BTSCRP Research Report 4
BTSCRP BTS-14Informing the Selection of Countermeasures by Evaluating, Analyzing, and Diagnosing Contributing Factors that Lead to CrashesActiveResearch underway
BTSCRP BTS-15Highway Safety Behavioral Strategies for Rural AreasFinalPublished as BTSCRP Research Report 8
BTSCRP BTS-16Developing Driver Skills Examination and Scoring Guidance for Evaluating and Predicting High Safety Risk DriversActiveResearch underway
BTSCRP BTS-17Determining the Effectiveness of Combined High Visibility EnforcementCompletedResearch completed
BTSCRP BTS-18Objectives, Components, and Measures of Effective Traffic Safety Public Awareness and Education EffortsActiveResearch underway
BTSCRP BTS-19Moped and Motor Scooter (50 cc or less) Safety: Issues and CountermeasuresCompletedResearch completed
BTSCRP BTS-20Strategies to Address Misreporting of Impaired and Distracted Driving in Motor Vehicle CrashesActiveResearch underway
BTSCRP BTS-21Assessing and Mitigating Racial Disparities in the Enforcement of Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Micromobility Traffic-Related LawsActiveResearch underway
BTSCRP BTS-22Guidelines for Selecting Communication Channels to Deliver Traffic Safety MessagingActiveResearch underway
BTSCRP BTS-23Outcomes of Variability in Teen Driving Experience and Exposure: Evidence from the Naturalistic Driving StudyActiveResearch underway
BTSCRP BTS-25Cost-Benefit Evaluations of Detection Methods for Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID)ActiveResearch underway
BTSCRP BTS-26Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Education and OutreachActiveResearch underway
BTSCRP BTS-27Evaluation of Motorcycle Licensing and Training RequirementsActiveResearch underway
BTSCRP BTS-28Teen Driving Performance Associated with Distraction, ADHD, and Other Risk FactorsActiveResearch underway
BTSCRP BTS-29Method to Link Crash, Emergency Medical Service, and Trauma Registry DataCompletedThis project has been combined and managed by NCHRP Project 17-120
BTSCRP BTS-30Engaging Underserved Communities and Populations in Child Passenger SafetyRFP
BTSCRP BTS-31Quantifying Impacts of Traffic Enforcement Activity Levels on SafetyPending
BTSCRP BTS-32Formative Research and Resources to Prevent Cannabis Impaired Driving Among Teens and Young AdultsPending
BTSCRP BTS-33Optimizing Parent-Teen Supervised Drives to Reduce Teen Crash RatesPending
BTSCRP BTS-34Enhancing Behavioral Traffic Safety Efforts to Engage Underserved CommunitiesPending
BTSCRP BTS-35Strategies to Reach the Last U.S. Seat Belt Use HoldoutsRFP
BTSCRP BTS-36Effectiveness of Speed Reduction in Work ZonesFinalThis project has been combined and managed by NCHRP Project 17-124