Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
BTSCRP BTS-01Guidance for Employer-Based Behavioral Traffic Safety Programs for Drivers in the WorkplaceActiveResearch underway.
BTSCRP BTS-02Guide for Behavioral Traffic Safety Messaging on Variable Message SignsActiveResearch underway
BTSCRP BTS-03Examining the Implications of Legislation and Enforcement on Electronic Device Use While Driving CompletedRevised final report received 9/14/2020
BTSCRP BTS-04Tracking State Traffic Citation and Adjudication OutcomesActiveResearch underway
BTSCRP BTS-06MPO and SHSO Coordination on Behavioral Traffic SafetyActiveResearch underway.
BTSCRP BTS-07Assessing the Impacts of Connected, Automated, and Autonomous Vehicles on the Future of Transportation Safety (jointly funded with NCHRP 17-91)ActiveResearch underway as NCHRP 17-91
BTSCRP BTS-08Using the SHRP2 Naturalistic Driving Study Database to Improve Teen Driving Safety: Phase 1 Proof of ConceptActiveResearch underway
BTSCRP BTS-09Influence of Infrastructure Design on Distracted DrivingActiveResearch underway
BTSCRP BTS-10E-Scooter Safety: Issues and SolutionsActiveResearch underway
BTSCRP BTS-11Ensuring Child Safety in For-Hire Rideshare VehiclesActiveResearch underway
BTSCRP BTS-12State Practices Promoting Older Driver SafetyActiveResearch underway
BTSCRP BTS-13Communicating Safe Behavior Practices to Vulnerable Road UsersActiveResearch underway
BTSCRP BTS-14Informing the Selection of Countermeasures by Evaluating, Analyzing, and Diagnosing Contributing Factors that Lead to CrashesPending
BTSCRP BTS-15Highway Safety Behavioral Strategies for Rural AreasActiveResearch underway
BTSCRP BTS-16Developing On-road Driver Skills Test and Scoring Guidance for Measuring and Predicting High Safety Risk DriversAnticipated
BTSCRP BTS-17Is Combined High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) Effective?Anticipated
BTSCRP BTS-18Understanding the Effectiveness of Public Awareness Educational Campaigns (non-law enforcement) and the Necessary Components Critical for SuccessAnticipated
BTSCRP BTS-19Moped and Motor Scooter (50 cc or less) Safety: Issues and CountermeasuresAnticipated