Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
NCHRP 14-07Interactive Microcomputer Network for Innovative Maintenance OperationsCompleted
NCHRP 14-08Chip Seal Coats for High-Traffic-Volume Asphalt Concrete PavementsCompleted
NCHRP 14-08AChip Seal Coats for High-Traffic-Volume Asphalt Concrete PavementsCompleted
NCHRP 14-09(1)Effective Maintenance Budget StrategiesCompleted
NCHRP 14-09(2)Incorporation of Maintenance Considerations in Highway DesignCompleted
NCHRP 14-09(3)Maintenance ContractingCompleted
NCHRP 14-09(4)Role of Highway Maintenance in Integrated Management SystemsCompleted
NCHRP 14-09(5)Impacts of Environmental, Health, and Safety Regulations on Highway MaintenanceCompleted
NCHRP 14-09(6)Professional Development of Maintenance Engineers and ManagersCompleted
NCHRP 14-10Improvements in Data Acquisition Technology for Maintenance Management SystemsCompleted
NCHRP 14-11Effective Motivation of Highway Maintenance PersonnelCompleted
NCHRP 14-11(2)Enhancement to Program for Effective Motivation of Highway Maintenance PersonnelCompleted
NCHRP 14-12Highway Maintenance Quality AssuranceCompleted
NCHRP 14-13Customer-Driven Benchmarking for Highway Maintenance ActivitiesCompleted
NCHRP 14-14Guide for Optimal Timing of Pavement Preventive Maintenance Treatment ApplicationsCompleted
NCHRP 14-15Developing a National Database System for Maintenance Actions on Highway BridgesCompleted
NCHRP 14-16Guidelines for Vegetation ManagementCompletedThe final report has been received and provided to AASHTO for ballot.
NCHRP 14-17Manual for Emulsion-Based Chip Seals for Pavement PreservationCompleted
NCHRP 14-18Determining Highway Maintenance CostsCompleted
NCHRP 14-19Culvert Rehabilitation to Maximize Service Life While Minimizing Direct Costs and Traffic DisruptionFinal
NCHRP 14-20Consequences of Delayed Maintenance - Phase ICompleted
NCHRP 14-20AConsequences of Delayed Maintenance of Highway AssetsCompleted
NCHRP 14-21Resource Allocation Framework to Meet Highway Asset Preservation NeedsFinal
NCHRP 14-22Effective Removal of Pavement MarkingsFinalCompleted. Published as NCHRP Report 759
NCHRP 14-23Practical Bridge Preservation Actions and Investment StrategiesFinalA decision was made to discontinue work on the project beyond Phase II. Further research related to bridge preservation actions will be performed under NCHRP Project 14-36.
NCHRP 14-24Guidance for Communicating the Value of Highway System Maintenance and PreservationFinal
NCHRP 14-25Guide for Selecting Level-of-Service Targets for Maintaining and Operating Highway AssetsCompleted
NCHRP 14-26Culvert and Storm Drain System Inspection ManualFinal
NCHRP 14-27A Guide for the Preservation of Highway Tunnel SystemsFinal
NCHRP 14-28Inspection Guidelines for Bridge Post-Tensioning and Stay Cable Systems Using NDE MethodsFinal
NCHRP 14-29Assessing, Coding, and Marking of Highway Structures in Emergency SituationsCompleted
NCHRP 14-30Spot Painting to Extend Highway Bridge Coating LifeFinal
NCHRP 14-31Developing a Pavement-Maintenance Database SystemCompleted
NCHRP 14-32Proposed Revisions to the AASHTO Movable Bridge Inspection, Evaluation, and Maintenance ManualFinal
NCHRP 14-33Pavement Performance Measures that Consider the Contributions of Preservation TreatmentsCompleted
NCHRP 14-34Guide for Performance Measures in Snow and Ice Control OperationsCompleted
NCHRP 14-35Acceptance Criteria of Complete Joint Penetration Steel Bridge Welds Evaluated Using Enhanced Ultrasonic MethodsFinal
NCHRP 14-36Proposed AASHTO Guide for Bridge Preservation ActionsFinalPublished as NCHRP Research Report 950
NCHRP 14-37Guide Specifications for the Construction of Chip Seals and MicrosurfacingCompleted
NCHRP 14-38Guide for Timing of Asphalt-Surfaced Pavements PreservationCompleted
NCHRP 14-39Using Vegetated Compost Blankets to Achieve Highway Runoff Volume and Pollutant ReductionCompletedResearch is complete. Final report under publication review.
NCHRP 14-40Transforming Roadside Management and Technology Practices for the Benefit of Safety, Ecology, and EconomyFinal
NCHRP 14-41Permanent Vegetation Control Treatments for RoadsidesFinal
NCHRP 14-42Determining the Impact of Connected and Automated Vehicle Technology on State DOT Maintenance ProgramsActiveResearch In Progress
NCHRP 14-43Construction Guide Specifications for Cold Central Plant Recycling and Cold In-Place RecyclingCompletedPublication Pending
NCHRP 14-44Guide Specifications for the Construction of Slurry Seals, Scrub Seals, and Tack CoatsCompleted
NCHRP 14-45Guidelines for Response Planning, Assessment, and Rapid Restoration of Service of Bridges in Extreme EventsActive
NCHRP 14-46Guidelines for the Maintenance and Construction of Rumble StripsActive