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NCHRP 14-11(2) [Completed]

Enhancement to Program for Effective Motivation of Highway Maintenance Personnel

  Project Data
Funds: $165,000
Research Agency: University of Maryland
Principal Investigator: Everett Carter
Effective Date: 5/1/1998
Completion Date: 11/15/2000

The project developed a training course for motivating highway maintenance personnel.

Highway maintenance organizations are expected to provide rapid, high-quality service for an aging, expanding roadway system that requires substantial maintenance. However, the personnel and financial resources available to these organizations are in short supply and have not been increased to keep pace with demand. Recognizing the public's expectation of service from public agencies and the limited resources available to deal with highway maintenance requirements, it is critical that employees at all levels be productive; strive for high-quality workmanship; and demonstrate increased commitment, dependability, and adaptability. Maintenance managers and supervisors need effective tools and training to assist them in creating a work climate that is conducive to the development of such attitudes. Therefore, there is a need to build on the findings of the initial phase of research that was conducted under NCHRP Project 14-11 and to develop training material to assist maintenance managers and supervisors with this task.

The research reviewed relevant material, developed a detailed outline and preliminary enhanced course materials, conducted pilot presentations, prepared enhanced course materials, and packaged the course materials on a CR-ROM. The CD-ROM, which contains a participant workbook and instructor's manual, has been distributed to all state highway agencies and T2 centers. A synopsis of the research is provided in
NCHRP Research Results Digest 257. The CD-ROM is available as an ISO image and as a ZIP file.

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