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NCHRP 14-37 [Completed]

Guide Specifications for the Construction of Chip Seals and Microsurfacing

  Project Data
Funds: 150,000
Research Agency: Shuler Consultants, LLC
Principal Investigator: Scott Shuler
Effective Date: 8/15/2016
Completion Date: 7/13/2018

BACKGROUND: Pavement preservation provides a means for maintaining and improving the functional condition of an existing highway system. Although pavement preservation is not expected to substantially increase structural capacity, it generally leads to improved pavement performance and longer service life. Chip seals, microsurfacing, and fog seals are frequently used as pavement preservation treatments on flexible pavements. Although a great deal of information on the design, materials, and construction practices of these treatments is available, there is no nationally accepted guidance on their construction. There was a need to develop guide construction specifications to help highway agencies apply chip seal, microsurfacing, and fog seal treatments more effectively and achieve the most benefit of their application.
OBJECTIVE: The objective of this research was to develop recommended guide specifications for the construction of chip seals, microsurfacing, and fog seals.


STATUS: Research is complete. The research produced proposed guide specifications for chip seals, microsurfacing, and fog seals. These guide specifications will be considered by the appropriate AASHTO committees for possible incorporation in the AASHTO Guide Specifications for Highway Construction.The contractor's final report is available at



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