Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
ACRP 10-01Optimizing the Use of Aircraft Deicing and Anti-Icing FluidsCompletedThe project final report is available as ACRP Report 45.
ACRP 10-02Planning Guide for Offsite TerminalsCompletedResults published as ACRP Report 35.
ACRP 10-03Evaluating Airport Parking Strategies and Supporting TechnologiesFinal
ACRP 10-04Airports and the Newest Generation of General Aviation AircraftFinal
ACRP 10-05Understanding Common-Use Approaches at AirportsFinal
ACRP 10-06A Handbook to Assess Impacts of Constrained Airport ParkingFinal
ACRP 10-07Decision-Making Tool for Evaluating Passenger Self-taggingFinal
ACRP 10-08Guidebook for Implementing Intelligent Transportation Systems Elements to Improve Airport Traveler Access InformationCompleted
ACRP 10-09Elimination or REduction of Baggage Recheck for Arriving International PassengersFinal
ACRP 10-10Guidebook for Airport Irregular Operations (IROPS) Contingency PlanningFinal
ACRP 10-11Creating a Collaborative Environment Between Airport Operations and Maintenance DepartmentsFinal
ACRP 10-12Guidebook for Managing Through-the-Fence (TTF) OperationsFinal
ACRP 10-13Integrating NIMS for Personnel and Resources at AirportsFinal
ACRP 10-14Being Prepared for IROPS: A Business Planning and Decision-Making ApproachFinal
ACRP 10-15A Guidebook for Airport Winter OperationsFinal
ACRP 10-16Commercial Ground Transportation at Airports: Best PracticesFinal
ACRP 10-17Implementing Integrated Self-Service at AirportsFinal
ACRP 10-18Guidebook on Preventative Maintenance at General Aviation AirportsFinal
ACRP 10-19Advancing Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) at AirportsFinal
ACRP 10-20Guidance for Planning, Design, and Operations of Airport CommunicationsFinal
ACRP 10-21Complying with Federal Regulations: An Integrated ApproachFinal
ACRP 10-22Improving Stakeholder Engagement in Aircraft Accident PlanningFinal
ACRP 10-23IROPS Stakeholder Communication and Coordination Final
ACRP 10-24Guidance for Developing Ramp Control FacilitiesFinal
ACRP 10-25Public-Notification Programs at AirportsFinalResearch is complete and published as ACRP Research Report 170.
ACRP 10-26Airport Microgrid Implementation ToolkitFinal
ACRP 10-27Airport Collaborative Decision Making (ACDM) to Manage Adverse ConditionsFinal
ACRP 10-28Practical Guide for Integrating Crisis Management and Business ContinuityCompleted
ACRP 10-29Aircraft Jet Blast Estimation ToolActive
ACRP 10-30Program Evaluation Report Card Tool for Wildlife Hazard Management Plans: User GuideFinal
ACRP 10-31Guidebook for Virtual Airport Ramp Control Operations Facilities Final
ACRP 10-32U.S. Airport Industry Adoption of Automated Ground Vehicle SystemsActive
ACRP 10-33Incorporating Emerging Transportation and Ground Access Technologies at AirportsCompleted
ACRP 10-34Migrating ACRP Research Report 228 Toolkit to an ACRP WebResourceCompleted
ACRP 10-35Readiness and Feasibility of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Data for Airport Use CasesActive
ACRP 10-36Review and Update of ACRP Products Related to Airport OperationsRFP