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ACRP 10-08 [Completed]

Guidebook for Implementing Intelligent Transportation Systems Elements to Improve Airport Traveler Access Information

  Project Data
Funds: $350,000
Research Agency: Gresham ,Smith and Partners
Principal Investigator: R. Marshall Elizer
Effective Date: 8/6/2009
Completion Date: 4/30/2012

Many airports have developed elaborate and often highly sophisticated programs for providing travelers with ground access information, but there is no common format for presenting this information to the public, either on airport websites or via other electronic media.  As U.S. airports consider making new or expanding existing capital investments to improve public access, there is increasing interest in the potential for creating a consistent format for quickly and effectively presenting information on viable ground access travel options using Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technology.  In the broadest sense, ITS encompass a range of wireless and wired communications-based information and electronics technologies.  Although many metropolitan areas are developing traveler information systems, few existing systems address ground access requirements specific to airport travelers. 

Airport travelers have become accustomed to attaining necessary information using technology.  In addition, travelers to and from airports, both resident and non-resident, often need real-time information about parking availability, access delays, and alternative travel modes.  Research is needed to provide uniform guidance to assist airports in providing pre-trip planning and real-time information in a consistent or similar format. 

The objectives of this research are to  (1) describe opportunities for using Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technology to help travelers simply, efficiently, and interactively evaluate their airport ground transportation options; and (2) prepare a guidebook for use by airport operators (in cooperation with transportation service providers) to develop and implement ITS solutions specific to their environment.  The guidebook should encompass existing and emerging technologies for presenting useful information, addressing all forms of ground transportation available to travelers to and from the airport.  The guidebook should (1) identify options for providing interactive pre-trip planning using real-time information on ground access services and facilities and (2) provide functional specifications for and a mock-up of a web-based or other technology-based information delivery system for trip planning, adaptable for use at a wide variety of airports with a reasonable degree of commonality.  The guidebook should also include a CD containing a downloadable version of the mockups and an interactive demonstration using a suitable application platform.  The ITS approach should consider how desired traveler information can be provided using a framework similar in content yet customizable by individual airports. 

Status:  The revised final report has been published as ACRP Report 70: Guidebook for Implementing Intelligent Transportation Systems Elements to Improve Airport Traveler Access Information.

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