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ACRP 10-27 [Final]

Airport Collaborative Decision Making (ACDM) to Manage Adverse Conditions

  Project Data
Funds: $300,000
Research Agency: WSP USA, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Gael LeBris
Effective Date: 7/8/2019
Completion Date: 9/15/2020

ACRP Research Report 229: Airport Collaborative Decision Making (ACDM) to Manage Adverse Conditions has developed an electronic toolbox for airports and their stakeholders for implementation and effective use of CDM to enhance the management of adverse conditions at a variety of types and sizes of airports and aviation systems. The toolbox contains a compendium of implementation practices to apply ACDM principles and tools; it identifies the benefits of ACDM as applied to the mitigation of the continuum of disruptions.
This report presents processes for planning and operating with ACDM, as well as implementing changes. It features tools to assess the impact on existing practices and provides a comprehensive training program framework.  An electronic toolbox was developed and provides information on ACDM and its implementation along with an electronic library on collaborative operations. There are also collaborative tools and templates for information sharing and decision-making purposes, and reference sheets that document a broad range of adverse events with methods on collaboratively addressing these disruptions.
ACDM is the process whereby airports, airlines, and other stakeholders share information to improve policies, planning, and decisions affecting airport operations. It includes those referenced in ACRP Reports 137: Advancing Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) at Airports and ACRP Report 153: IROPS Stakeholder Communication and Coordination. ACDM is also about developing procedures to anticipate, prevent, and mitigate potential problems arising from adverse internal and external conditions.
Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) has been implemented in the United States for many years, and until very recently this program has mainly focused on cooperation and data sharing between FAA and the airlines.  Airports are now at the threshold of becoming fully active partners in CDM. ACRP Report 137 provides guidance to airport practitioners about the value of CDM and how to integrate the process into operations and planning. This project expands on the research presented in ACRP Report 137 with a greater focus on the implementation of ACDM and all aspects related to the continuum of disruptions, such as continuity events, irregular operations (IROPS), emergencies, and incidences.
ACRP Project 10-27 was led by WSP in association with Mosaic ATM, Inc., Faith Group, LLC, along with the Institute for Transportation Research and Education and Worldwide Aviation Solutions.
STATUS: Research Report 229 is published.

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