Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
ACRP 04-01Aircraft Overrun and Undershoot Analysis for Runway Safety AreasCompletedResults published as ACRP Report 3.
ACRP 04-02Lightning-Warning Systems for Use by AirportsCompleted
ACRP 04-03Guidebook for Approach Light System Hazard Assessment and Mitigation Final
ACRP 04-04Exercising Command-Level Decision Making for Critical Incidents at AirportsCompleted
ACRP 04-04AEvaluating the Airport Emergency Response Operations Simulation (AEROS) ToolCompleted
ACRP 04-04BEmergency Management Training for Airport Critical IncidentsFinal
ACRP 04-05A Guidebook for Airport Safety Management SystemsCompletedResults published as ACRP Report 1.
ACRP 04-06A Guidebook for Addressing Aircraft/Wildlife Hazards at General Aviation AirportsFinal
ACRP 04-07Comparison of Airport Apron Management and Control Programs With and Without Regulatory OversightCompletedResults published in ACRP Report 62 and Research Results Digest 15.
ACRP 04-08Improved Models for Risk Assessment of Runway Safety Areas (RSA)Final
ACRP 04-09Risk Assessment Method to Support Modification of Airfield Separation StandardsFinal
ACRP 04-10Airport-to-Airport Mutual Aid ProgramsFinal
ACRP 04-11Integrating GIS in Emergency Management at AirportsFinal
ACRP 04-12Integrating Web-Based Emergency Management Collaboration Tools into Airport Operations: A PrimerFinal
ACRP 04-13Integrating Community Emergency Response Teams at Airports (A-CERTs)Final
ACRP 04-14Runway Veer-off Location Distribution Risk Assessment ModelFinalThe final version of the tool, user guidelines, and technical report are available at the following link:
ACRP 04-15A Tool for Developing Airport Terminal Incident Response Plans Final
ACRP 04-16 Safety Risk Management for AirportsFinal
ACRP 04-17Applying an SMS Approach to Wildlife Hazard Management Final
ACRP 04-18Runway Protection Zone (RPZ) Risk Assessment ToolFinal
ACRP 04-19Airport Emergency Planning Template: NIMS - Incident Command System ComplianceFinal
ACRP 04-20Design Considerations for Airport EOCsFinal
ACRP 04-21Emergency Communication Models for Persons with Disabilities and Non-English SpeakersFinal
ACRP 04-22Evaluating Compatibility Zoning at General Aviation AirportsFinal
ACRP 04-23Social Media Guidebook for Emergency Management Final
ACRP 04-24Guidelines to Develop an Anti-Human Trafficking Action Plan for AirportsFinal
ACRP 04-25Airports and Communicable Diseases—Preparedness and ResponseActive
ACRP 04-26Uncontrolled Terminal Evacuations: Planning, Response, and RecoveryActive
ACRP 04-27Alternative Methods to Manage Tree Growth Near Airports Final
ACRP 04-28Developing Alternative Aircraft Arresting Systems Active
ACRP 04-29Transportation Emergency Response Appication (TERA): Migration Options Beyond 2020Anticipated
ACRP 04-30Identifying and Developing the Core Capabilities of an Airport Emergency Management ProgramActive
ACRP 04-31Providing Adequate and Balanced Trainer Facilities for Required and Recurrent Training for Airport FirefightersAnticipatedIn development
ACRP 04-32Using Existing and Emerging Technologies to Identify and Mitigate Human Trafficking at AirportsActive
ACRP 04-33Guide for Measuring Financial Benefits of Airport Safety Management SystemsActive
ACRP 04-34A Guide for Building, Maintaining, and Improving ARFF ProgramsPending