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ACRP 04-04B [Final]

Emergency Management Training for Airport Critical Incidents

  Project Data
Funds: $219,000
Research Agency: Emergency Preparedness Solutions
Principal Investigator: Dr. Robin Voetteri-Riecker
Effective Date: 6/8/2016
Completion Date: 10/7/2017

In July 2006, the Airport Cooperative Research Program’s oversight committee selected a project to develop software to train Emergency Operations Center (EOC) staff in their responsibilities. In 2010, the Transit Cooperative Research Program selected a project similar to the ACRP project to develop software to be used by transit operators, and later for the state DOTs through the National Cooperative Highway Research Program. The software produced is now known as the Transportation Emergency Response Application (TERA) (see Special Note C). The scenarios that were developed for the transit and highway programs may have applicability to the airport community. 
In ACRP Project 04-04, scenarios were developed for the airport community to assist in training personnel in their responsibilities in an EOC when responding to hazards identified in FAR Part 139.325. Research is needed to test these scenarios in TERA. 
The objectives of this research were to (1) identify and assess existing scenarios in TERA that can be used for the airport community to exercise those hazards outlined in FAR Part 139.325; (2) update the scenarios as needed; and (3) on-site field test the updated scenarios to validate with the airport community. The learning objectives defined in ACRP Project 04-04 should be used to guide the usability and effectiveness of the scenarios. (See Special Note D.) While there are scenarios developed specifically for the airport community currently in TERA, there are scenarios in TERA that were developed under either the TCRP or the NCHRP project which may prove to be better suited, with appropriate changes, to the airport community. Some of the scenarios may need to be enhanced and updated to achieve the learning objectives identified in ACRP 04-04. Each objective should be conducted in phases and not before obtaining ACRP review and approval of the previous phase before proceeding.
STATUS: This has been published as ACRP Research Report 187:  Transportation Emergency Response Application (TERA) Support Materials for Airport EOC ExercisesThe contractor's final report can also be found here TERA is available online for free (users must register).

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