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ACRP 04-12 [Final]

Integrating Web-Based Emergency Management Collaboration Tools into Airport Operations: A Primer

  Project Data
Funds: $400,000
Research Agency: IEM
Principal Investigator: Don Griffith
Effective Date: 7/15/2011
Completion Date: 7/31/2013

Various in-house and Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software and web-based collaboration, communication and control systems are being utilized as emergency management tools by municipalities and airports. Tools such as “WebEOC,” “E Team,” and others are used to coordinate between on-scene commanders and emergency operations centers for needed resources. While these web-based collaboration tools have proven useful in emergency management, they may also have applicability at airports for other non-routine activities/operations, such as weather events, diversions, and security incidents. As airport communications and emergency response becomes more sophisticated and the use of technology increases, guidelines are needed to help airports evaluate the benefits and costs of implementing or expanding existing web-based communications and controls systems. Research is needed to help airports and municipalities integrate web-based collaboration tools into their day-to-day and emergency management operations, identify the features and functions appropriate for their unique needs, and implement an effective web-based collaboration tool.
The objective of this research is to prepare a guidebook to be used by operations, public safety and security, and information technology staff at airports to evaluate and implement web-based collaboration tools that provide a common operating picture (COP) for both day-to-day operations and full emergency response management. The guidebook will provide the criteria and best management practices for the procurement, design, integration, and operation of a scalable web-based collaboration tool.
The research is published as Report 94.   For additional source material, refer to the contractor's final report

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