Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
NCFRP 01Public and Private Sector Interdependence in Freight Transportation MarketsCompleted
NCFRP 02Impacts of Public Policy on the Freight Transportation SystemFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 6.
NCFRP 03Performance Measures for Freight TransportationFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 10.
NCFRP 04Identifying and Using Low-Cost and Quickly Implementable Ways to Address Freight-System Mobility ConstraintsFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 7.
NCFRP 05Framework and Tools for Estimating Benefits of Specific Freight Network Investment NeedsFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 12
NCFRP 06Freight-Demand Modeling to Support Public-Sector Decision MakingFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 8.
NCFRP 09Institutional Arrangements in the Freight Transportation SystemFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 2.
NCFRP 10Separation of Vehicles---CMV Only LanesActive
NCFRP 11Identification and Evaluation of Freight Demand FactorsFinalReport available at
NCFRP 12Specifications for Freight Transportation Data ArchitectureFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 9.
NCFRP 13Delivering High Productivity Truck CorridorsCompletedCanceled.
NCFRP 14Truck Drayage PracticesFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 11.
NCFRP 15Understanding Urban Goods MovementsFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 14
NCFRP 16Representing Freight in Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas ModelsFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 4.
NCFRP 17North American Marine Highway OperationsFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 5.
NCFRP 17(001)Marine Highway Transport of Toxic Inhalation Hazard (TIH) MaterialsFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 18.
NCFRP 18Synthesis of International Freight ScansCompletedAuthorís draft report available on request.
NCFRP 19Truck Tolling--Understanding Industry Tradeoffs When Using or Avoiding Toll Facilities (Jointly funded as NCHRP Project 19-09)FinalPublished as a web-only document
NCFRP 20Guidebook for Developing Sub-national Commodity Flow DataFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 26.
NCFRP 21Legal Considerations for Assessing Private Data for Freight Transportation PlanningCompletedCanceled.
NCFRP 22Applying Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA) to Freight Project Selection: Lessons from the Corps of EngineersFinalThe contractor's report is available electronically.
NCFRP 23Economic and Transportation Drivers for Siting Freight Intermodal and Warehouse Distribution Facilities FinalPublished as NCFRP Report 13
NCFRP 24Preserving and Protecting Freight Infrastructure and RoutesFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 16
NCFRP 25Freight Trip Generation and Land Use (Jointly Funded as NCHRP 08-80)FinalPublished as NCFRP Report 19/NCHRP Report 739
NCFRP 25(01)Estimating Freight Generation Using Commodity Flow Survey MicrodataFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 37
NCFRP 26Freight Transportation Cost Data Elements FinalCompleted. Published as NCFRP Report 22.
NCFRP 27Promoting Environmental Goals in Freight Transportation through Industry BenchmarkingFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 21.
NCFRP 28Truck Idling Scoping StudyFinalThe contractor's final report is available electronically.
NCFRP 29New Dedicated Revenue Mechanisms for Freight Transportation InvestmentFinal
NCFRP 30Web-Based Screening Tool for Shared-Use Rail CorridorsFinalResearch results have been published as NCFRP Report 27.
NCFRP 31Guidebook for Sharing Freight Transportation DataFinalCompleted. Published as NCFRP Report 25.
NCFRP 32Impact of Smart Growth on Metropolitan Goods MovementFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 24.
NCFRP 33Public-Sector Sustainability Strategies Addressing Supply Chain Air EmissionsFinalCompleted. Published as NCFRP Report 28.
NCFRP 34Evaluating Alternatives for Landside Transport of Ocean ContainersFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 34
NCFRP 35Multimodal Freight Transportation Within the Great Lakes-Saint Lawrence BasinFinalCompleted. Published as NCFRP Report 17.
NCFRP 36(03)Multistate Freight Corridor OrganizationsFinalPublished as web-only Document 2.
NCFRP 36(04)Carbon Footprint of Supply Chains: A Scoping StudyFinalCompleted. Published as NCFRP Web-only Document 5
NCFRP 36(05)Synthesis of Freight Research in Urban Transportation PlanningCompletedCompleted--to be published as NCFRP Report 23
NCFRP 37Making U.S. Ports Resilient as Part of Extended Intermodal Supply ChainsFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 30.
NCFRP 38Improving Freight System Performance in Metropolitan AreasFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 33
NCFRP 39Making Trucks Count: Innovative Strategies for Obtaining Comprehensive Truck Activity DataFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 29.
NCFRP 40Improving Export Freight LogisticsFinalResearch available on request.
NCFRP 41Incorporating Truck Analysis into the Highway Capacity ManualFinal
NCFRP 42Integrating MTS Commerce Data with Multimodal Freight Transportation Performance Measures to Support MTS Maintenance Investment Decision MakingFinalCompleted. Published as NCFRP Report 32.
NCFRP 43Guidebook for Assessing Evolving International Container Chassis Supply ModelsFinalCompleted. Published as NCFRP Report 20.
NCFRP 44Impacts of Policy-Induced Freight Modal ShiftsFinalPublished as NCFRP Research Report 40
NCFRP 45Enhancing Sleep Efficiency on Vessels in the Tug/Towboat/Barge IndustryFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 36
NCFRP 46Benefit-Cost Methodologies for Evaluating Multimodal Freight Corridor InvestmentsFinalCompleted. Published as NCFRP Report 38.
NCFRP 47Freight Transportation Data Architecture: Data Element DictionaryFinalPublished as NCFRP Report 35
NCFRP 48Freight Research to Support MAP-21 ImplementationActiveContract ammended to add FAST requirements and final project reports
NCFRP 49Understanding and Using New Data Sources to Address Urban and Metropolitan Freight ChallengesFinalThe web guide is available at
NCFRP 50Improving Freight Transportation Resilience in Response to Supply Chain DisruptionsFinalPublished as NCFRP Research Report 39.