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NCFRP 25(01) [Final]

Estimating Freight Generation Using Commodity Flow Survey Microdata

  Project Data
Funds: $300,000
Research Agency: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Principal Investigator: Jose Holguin-Veras
Effective Date: 10/24/2012
Completion Date: 12/30/2015
Comments: Published as NCFRP Report 37

   The objective of the research is to estimate freight generation (FG) models using Commodity Flow Survey (CFS) microdata as a function of establishment characteristics (e.g., establishment size, economic activity performed).  The research team will consider estimating models at different levels of geography by industry segment so that models are able to capture the role of geography and economic activity if freight generation patterns.  In order to accomplish the research objective, the research team will conduct the following tasks:

   Task 1.  Data gathering and processing.  Researchers will process the CFS to estimate the total number, weight, and value of shipments sent at the establishment level and link the CFS microdata and the establishments file to study the linkages between freight generation and company characteristics.

   Task 2.  Descriptive analyses.  Researchers will describe and analyze the different dependent and independent variables related to FG.

   Task 3.  Estimate freight generation models.  Researchers will estimate models that express FG as a function of establishment characteristics; explore the implementation of freight trip generation (FTG) models through the application of "cross-walks" between the various employment codes and land use codes; and the estimation of models to convert FG to FTG.

   Task 4.  Model validation.  Using a sample of the CFS microdata, the researchers will conduct model validation, and include the final model(s) in the data base created in NCFRP-25.

   Task 5.  Final report.  Submit a final report that describes the research that was conducted and summarizes the key results.

Published as NCFRP Report 37, Using Commodity Flow Survey Microdata and Other Establishment Data to Estimate the Generation of Freight, Freight Trips, and Service Trips.  The report is also available electronically at http://www.trb.org/Main/Blurbs/175283.aspx



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