Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
ACRP 07-01Innovations for Airport Terminal FacilitiesCompletedResults published as ACRP Report 10.
ACRP 07-02Airport Curbside and Terminal-Area Roadway OperationsFinal
ACRP 07-03Developing Improved Civil Aircraft Arresting SystemsFinal
ACRP 07-04Spreadsheet Models for Airport Terminal Planning and DesignFinal
ACRP 07-05Airport Passenger Terminal Planning GuidebookFinal
ACRP 07-06Wayfinding and Signing Guidelines for Airport Terminals and LandsideFinal
ACRP 07-07Evaluating Terminal Renewal versus Replacement OptionsFinal
ACRP 07-08Improving Terminal Design to Increase Revenue Generation Related to Customer SatisfactionFinal
ACRP 07-09Apron Planning and Design Guidebook Final
ACRP 07-10General Aviation Facility PlanningFinalResults published as ACRP Report 113
ACRP 07-11Evaluating Cost-Saving and Energy Reduction Technologies for Escalators and Moving Walks at AirportsFinalResearch complete and published ast ACRP Report 117.
ACRP 07-12Guidebook for Airport Terminal Restroom Planning and DesignFinalComplete. Results published in ACRP Report 130.
ACRP 07-13Enhancing Airport Wayfinding for Aging Travelers and Persons with DisabilitiesFinal
ACRP 07-14Improving Intelligibility of Airport Terminal Public-Address SystemsFinal
ACRP 07-15Airport Passenger Terminal Design Library Final
ACRP 07-15AAirport Passenger Terminal Design Library—UPDATE to ACRP WebResources 2Completed
ACRP 07-16Airport Terminal Ancillary Service Spaces and Restroom Planning and DesignFinal
ACRP 07-17Update to ACRP Report 40: Airport Roadway Analysis and Curbside Congestion Management StrategiesActive
ACRP 07-18Develop Airfield Design Guidelines for Large Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Completed
ACRP 07-19Update to ACRP Report 25: Airport Passenger Terminal Planning and Design Active
ACRP 07-20Reducing and Managing Disruptive and Unruly Behavior in AirportsActive
ACRP 07-21Exploring Cellular-Based Private Wireless Networks for the U.S. Aviation IndustryActive
ACRP 07-22Improving Accessibility and Airport Experience for Neurodivergent Individuals and Individuals with Dementia-Related ConditionsPending
ACRP 07-23Safety, Empowerment, and Dignity: Improving the Airport Journey of Customers Using WheelchairsPending
ACRP 07-24Airport Security Checkpoint Demand Management Using Virtual QueuingPending
ACRP 07-25Value Engineering Applied to AirportsRFPIn development
ACRP 07-26Extended Reality Possibilities in the Airport EnvironmentPending
ACRP 07-27Seismic Resiliency for Horizontal Infrastructure at AirportsAnticipatedIn development