Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
ACRP 01-53Review and Update of ACRP Administration and Human Resources ProductsAnticipatedIn development
ACRP 02-103Scan of Technologies to Remove Residual PFAS from Airport Firefighting EquipmentAnticipatedIn development
ACRP 02-88Techniques for Modifying NextGen Flight Track Design to Reduce Noise Exposure and AnnoyanceAnticipatedThis project was canceled.
ACRP 03-69Identifying Congestion and Safety Risks Due to Heterogeneous Airport Curbside Activity and Remedial SolutionsAnticipatedIn development
ACRP 03-70Incorporating Emerging Technologies into Airport In-Terminal Concession ProgramsAnticipatedIn development
ACRP 03-71Guidelines for Planning for Future Growth of Electric Vehicles at AirportsAnticipatedIn development
ACRP 03-72Economic Impact of E-Commerce on The Airport IndustryAnticipatedIn development
ACRP 03-73Best Practices in Transitioning to Lead-Free AvGasAnticipatedIn development
ACRP 03-74ACRP WebResource to Support Research into Air Traveler Choice ModelsAnticipatedIn development
ACRP 04-29Transportation Emergency Response Appication (TERA): Migration Options Beyond 2020Anticipated
ACRP 04-30Airport Emergency Management Capabilities DevelopmentAnticipatedIn development
ACRP 04-31Providing Adequate and Balanced Trainer Facilities for Required and Recurrent Training for Airport FirefightersAnticipatedIn development
ACRP 04-32Guidelines for Using Existing and Emerging Technologies to Identify and Mitigate Human Trafficking in AirportsAnticipatedIn development
ACRP 04-33Guide for Measuring Financial Benefits of Airport Safety Management SystemsAnticipatedIn development
ACRP 04-34Best Practices for Building and Improving an Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting ProgramAnticipatedIn development
ACRP 06-09Quantifying and Understanding Women and Minority Airport Employee Populations to Track ProgressAnticipatedIn development
ACRP 07-20Unruly Airport PassengersAnticipatedIn development
ACRP 07-21Understanding Opportunities of Deploying Private Wireless Network at AirportsAnticipatedIn development
ACRP 10-35Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Airport Traffic Count Validation and RecommendationsAnticipatedIn development
ACRP 11-08(20-02)ACRP Insight Event--On-Demand Aviation Services for Passengers and GoodsAnticipated
ACRP 11-09/Topic 01Impact of New Corporate Environmental Standards Impact AirportsAnticipatedIn development
ACRP 11-11Facilitating Implementation of ACRP ProductsAnticipated
BTSCRP BTS-24Multi-Solving Safety Approach - Stepping Away from Silos to Achieve a Safer SystemAnticipatedIn development
BTSCRP BTS-25Economic Evaluations of Roadside Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID) ProgramsAnticipatedIn development
BTSCRP BTS-26Determining the State of Knowledge, Opportunities for Outreach, and Data-driven Tools for Consumer Education of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)AnticipatedIn development
BTSCRP BTS-27Motorcycle Licensing: Evaluation of Current Practices and Recommendations for ImprovementAnticipatedIn development
BTSCRP BTS-28Teen Driving Performance Associated with Distraction, ADHD, and Other Risk FactorsAnticipatedIn development
NCHRP 01-62Impact of Flooding and Inundation on the Resiliency of PavementsAnticipated
NCHRP 03-127(01)Cybersecurity of Traffic Management SystemsAnticipated
NCHRP 03-143Warrants for a Pedestrian Traffic Control Signal and for Other Pedestrian Traffic Control DevicesAnticipated
NCHRP 03-145National Traffic Sensor System Evaluation ProgramAnticipated
NCHRP 03-146Transportation Operations Manual Best Practices GuideAnticipated
NCHRP 03-147LED Applications on Traffic Control DevicesAnticipated
NCHRP 03-148Capabilities, Requirements, Planning, and Preparing to Virtually Operate Traffic Management Systems (TMS).Anticipated
NCHRP 03-149Signal Timing Manual: Development of the Third EditionAnticipated
NCHRP 05-26Development of an Updated Warranting System for Roadway LightingAnticipated
NCHRP 05-27Best Practices for Roundabout and Alternative Intersection/Interchange LightingAnticipated
NCHRP 07-31State DOT Usage of Bicycle and Pedestrian Data: Practices, Sources, Needs, and GapsAnticipated
NCHRP 07-33Evaluate the Benefits of Increasing Clear Zone at Higher Speed/Traffic Volume/Crash LocationsAnticipated
NCHRP 07-34Toward Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Decision Support Systems for TSMO ApplicationsAnticipated
NCHRP 08-144Best Practices in Determining Rural Transit Fleet Size – How to Provide Service for Changing Demographics of Rural Ridership (Right-sizing of Rural Transit Fleets)Anticipated
NCHRP 08-150Valuation of Transportation Equity in Active Transportation and Safety InvestmentsAnticipated
NCHRP 08-156Planning for Innovative and Emerging Mobility Futures at Intermodal Passenger FacilitiesAnticipated$200,000 to TCRP D-21
NCHRP 08-163Defining Appropriate Design and Accommodation Thresholds for Active Transportation in a Context-Driven ApproachAnticipated
NCHRP 08-164Institutional Integration of Active TransportationAnticipated
NCHRP 08-165Integrating Active Transportation Data into Transportation Decision-MakingAnticipated
NCHRP 08-166Racial and Economic Disparities in Pedestrian and Bicyclist SafetyAnticipated
NCHRP 08-167A Guide for Creating Effective VisualizationsAnticipated
NCHRP 08-168Analysis and Assessment of the National Performance Management DataAnticipated
NCHRP 08-169Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and Other Indicators to Improve Transportation Asset Management Impact and OutcomesAnticipated
NCHRP 08-170Frameworks, Guidance, and Tools to Support Post-Implementation Evaluation of Transportation ProjectsAnticipated
NCHRP 08-171Institutionalizing Safe Systems and Safety Culture in the Transportation Planning ProcessAnticipated
NCHRP 08-172Benefit Analysis of Private Health Sector Investments in Public/Human TransportationAnticipated
NCHRP 08-173Impacts of E-Commerce on Travel and Land Use PatternsAnticipated
NCHRP 09-67New Materials & Technology Deployment in Asphalt Pavement Structural DesignAnticipated
NCHRP 10-115Guidebook on Progressive Design-Build for Transportation Projects: Project Planning through Project ImplementationAnticipated
NCHRP 10-116Variability in Pavement Materials and ConstructionAnticipated
NCHRP 10-117GFRP Barrier Testing Evaluation and Repair StrategiesAnticipated
NCHRP 10-118Guidance for Efficient Timelines and Incentives/Disincentives for Accelerated Bridge Construction ProjectsAnticipated
NCHRP 10-119Guidance for Implementing Utility Investigations in Alignment with Project DeliveryAnticipated
NCHRP 10-120Guidance for Including Right-Of-Way and Utilities in Value Engineering StudiesAnticipated
NCHRP 10-121Performance-based Specification for the Application of Ground Modification Methods for Bridges, Retaining Structures, and Associated Geotechnical FeaturesAnticipated
NCHRP 10-122Update of the AASHTO Practical Guide to Cost Estimating (PGCE)Anticipated
NCHRP 10-123Quality Assurance and SustainabilityAnticipated
NCHRP 10-124Development of Field Test to Determine Actual Percent Embedment of Chip Seal AggregateAnticipated
NCHRP 10-125Update to the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Construction SpecificationsAnticipated
NCHRP 12-125Earthquake-Induced Bridge DisplacementsAnticipated
NCHRP 14-36(01)AASHTO Guide to Bridge Preservation Actions Implementation WorkshopsAnticipated
NCHRP 15-61AUpdates to the Design Practices Guide for Applying Climate Change Information to Hydrologic and Coastal Design of Transportation InfrastructureAnticipated
NCHRP 15-82Effects of Operating Speed and Posted Speed Limit in Conjunction with Roadway Geometric Design on Safety Performance for High-Speed Rural Highways and FreewaysAnticipated
NCHRP 17-103Developing Multidisciplinary Safety Strategies from Understanding Roadway Fatality Trends During the New MillenniumAnticipated
NCHRP 17-107Work Zone Intrusion Frequency and CharacteristicsAnticipated
NCHRP 17-110Template for gathering and disseminating telemetric data for safety and operational uses by state DOTs (Phase 1: state of the practice survey and synthesis)Anticipated
NCHRP 17-111Speed Management Solutions and Strategies to Improve Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety on Arterial RoadwaysAnticipated
NCHRP 17-112Enhancing Highway Safety Manual Guidance on Pedestrian and Bicyclist Countermeasures (CMF/SPF Development)Anticipated
NCHRP 17-113Incorporating Safe System Approach into the NCHRP 500 SeriesAnticipated
NCHRP 17-114Integrated Strategies for Managing High Travel SpeedsAnticipated
NCHRP 17-115Pedestrian Crosswalk Spacing and Placement Guidance to Improve SafetyAnticipated
NCHRP 17-116Practical Approaches to Quantifying Safe System ConceptsAnticipated
NCHRP 17-117Safety Performance Functions for Horizontal CurvesAnticipated
NCHRP 17-118Understanding the Impacts of Operational Changes on Safety PerformanceAnticipated
NCHRP 17-119Conflict-Based Crash Prediction Method for IntersectionsAnticipated
NCHRP 17-120Improved Method to Link Crash, Emergency Medical Service, and Trauma Registry Data to Expand Safety Data Analyses and Safety Program DevelopmentAnticipatedThis is a combined project with BTSCRP Project BTS-29 with additional $50,000 funding.
NCHRP 17-121Using Advanced Technologies to Reduce Commercial Motor Vehicle Crashes in Work ZonesAnticipated
NCHRP 17-122Evaluation of Trespassing Detection and Warning Systems in the Vicinity of Highway-Rail Grade CrossingsAnticipated
NCHRP 19-21Revenue Generation Models for Electric Vehicles: In-Road and Roadside ChargingAnticipated
NCHRP 19-22Future Equity Impacts of Existing Fuel TaxesAnticipated
NCHRP 19-23New Mobility and the User Fee ConceptAnticipated
NCHRP 20-07/Task 330Waterproofing of Bridge Decks Using Pavement Preservation Products AnticipatedProject cancelled.
NCHRP 20-07/Task 367Analysis of Crash Contributing Factors to Determine Appropriate CountermeasuresAnticipated
NCHRP 20-102(25)Readiness and Effectiveness of Freeway-Based Corridor V2X Applications for Improving Congestion and SafetyAnticipated
NCHRP 20-102(33)Safety of Vulnerable Road Users in a C/AV FutureAnticipated
NCHRP 20-123(08)Scoping Study to Update the AASHTO User and Non-User Benefit Analysis for HighwaysAnticipated
NCHRP 20-123(16)Roadmap for AASHTO Bridge Railing MASH Updates to Support Future Vehicle Fleet TransformationAnticipated
NCHRP 20-123(17)Highway Safety Manual Development and  Research RoadmapAnticipated
NCHRP 20-123(19)Transportation Equity Related Research-A RoadmapAnticipated
NCHRP 20-24(119)Strategic Research in Support of the Connected and Automated Vehicle Executive Leadership TeamAnticipated
NCHRP 20-24(132)Understanding Knowledge Management in Context with Other Organizational PracticesAnticipatedThis research will be conducted as NCHRP Project 23-18.
NCHRP 20-44(41)Deploying Transportation Resilience Practices in State DOTs: ImplementationAnticipated
NCHRP 20-44(43)Implementation of NCHRP Domestic Scan Report 16-02: Leading Landscape Design Practices for Cost-Effective Roadside Water ManagementAnticipated
NCHRP 20-44(44)Implementation of the research results of NCHRP Project 15-61: “Applying Climate Change Information to Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design of Transportation Infrastructure”Anticipated
NCHRP 20-44(45)Supporting state DOT adoption of Knowledge Management practices using the results of NCHRP Report 813 and NCHRP Domestic Scan Report 12-04Anticipated
NCHRP 20-44(46)Implementing the Asset Valuation Guide developed through NCHRP Project 23-06: “A Guide to Computation and Use of System Level Valuation of Transportation Assets”Anticipated
NCHRP 20-44(47)UAS Flight Proficiency Certification Pilot Program for State DOTsAnticipated
NCHRP 20-44(48)Peer Exchanges on Data Management and Governance PracticesAnticipatedIn development
NCHRP 22-57Development of MASH Full-Scale Test Matrices for Additional Roadside Safety DevicesAnticipated
NCHRP 22-58National Guidance for Defining Acceptable Roadside Hardware Field Performance through In-Service Performance Evaluations (ISPEs)Anticipated
NCHRP 23-11Transportation Emergency Management/Security Summit and ExchangeAnticipated
NCHRP 23-13Transportation Research Related to COVID-19AnticipatedIndividual task hyperlinks available below.
NCHRP 23-27Strategies to Strengthen Data-Driven Decision MakingAnticipated
NCHRP 23-29Enterprise Data Warehouse Implementation GuideAnticipated
NCHRP 23-30Knowledge Strategies to support the Research Lifecycle and Application of Research ResultsAnticipated
NCHRP 23-31Lessons Learned from Two Decades of Knowledge ManagementAnticipated
NCHRP 23-32Development of the AASHTO Highway Asset Risk & Resilience Manual: Phase 1Anticipated
NCHRP 23-33Guidance in Planning for Managed Retreat as an Extreme Weather and Climate Adaptation StrategyAnticipated
NCHRP 25-66Update the National REMEL Database Used in FHWA Traffic Noise ModelAnticipated
NCHRP 25-67Cultural Resources Mitigation: What Works and What Doesn’t?Anticipated
NCHRP 25-68Successful Practices in Tracking and Implementing Environmental CommitmentsAnticipated
TCRP A-36ATransportation Emergency Response Application (TERA): Migration Options Beyond 2020Anticipated
TCRP D-20Insulated Joint Failure Investigation MitigationAnticipated
TCRP D-22Evaluating Frog Design to Minimize Noise and Vibration and Improve Life-Cycle CostsAnticipated
TCRP E-14Electric Bus Fire Prevention and Risk ManagementAnticipated
TCRP H-61Resilience and Emergency Repsonse Planning for Zero-Emission FleetsAnticipated