Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
TCRP D-01Rail-Corrugation Mitigation in TransitCompleted
TCRP D-02Derailment of Transit Vehicles in Special TrackworkCompleted
TCRP D-03Tunnel Track Reconstruction Methods Using Precast Concrete SystemsCompleted
TCRP D-03ATunnel Track Reconstruction Methods Using Precast Concrete SystemsCompleted
TCRP D-04Visual Impact of Overhead Contact Systems for Electric Transit VehiclesCompleted
TCRP D-05Performance of Direct-Fixation Track StructureCompleted
TCRP D-06Track Design Handbook for Light Rail TransitCompleted
TCRP D-07Joint Rail Transit Research with the Association of American Railroads/Transportation Technology Center, Inc.Active
TCRP D-08Improving Pedestrian Safety at Unsignalized Roadway CrossingsCompleted
TCRP D-09Transit Vehicles and Facilities on Streets and HighwaysFinal
TCRP D-10Audible Signals for Pedestrian Safety in Light Rail Transit EnvironmentsCompletedThe revised final report has been published as TCRP Research Results Digest 84 and Web-Only Document 35.
TCRP D-11Design, Operation, and Safety of At-Grade Crossings of Exclusive BuswaysFinal
TCRP D-12Ground-Borne Noise and Vibration in Buildings Caused by Rail Transit Final
TCRP D-13A Guide for Implementing Bus-On-Shoulder (BOS) SystemsCompleted
TCRP D-14Track Design Handbook For Light Rail Transit, Second EditionCompleted
TCRP D-15Effective Practices for the Protection of Transportation Infrastructure from Cyber IncidentsCompleted
TCRP D-16Improving the Safety and Sustainability of Stray Current Control of DC-Powered Rail Transit SystemsCompleted
TCRP D-17Detecting and Mitigating Low-Level DC Leakage and Fault Currents in Transit SystemsCompleted
TCRP D-18A Transit Agency Guide to Evaluating Secondary Train Detection/Protection Systems in Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) SystemsCompleted
TCRP D-19Detecting and Mitigating Low-Level DC Fault Currents in Transit Systems (Phase II TCRP Project D-17)Active
TCRP D-20Investigation and Mitigation of Insulated Joint Electrical FailurePending
TCRP D-21Planning for the Future of Intermodal Passenger Facilities: Guide and Decision-Making FrameworkActive
TCRP D-22A Frog Design Primer and Research Roadmap Pending
TCRP D-23Manual for Planning and Constructing a Small, Rural, or Tribal Transit FacilityPending
TCRP D-24Determination of Actual Derailment Loads on Transit BridgesPending
TCRP D-25Preparation of a Manuscript for Publication of the Track Design Handbook for Light Rail Transit, 3rd EditionAnticipatedIn development
TCRP D-26Develop a Rational Approach to Performing Rail Structure Interaction Analysis (RSI) and for Using the Results of the Analysis in Transit Bridge DesignAnticipatedIn development